If you’re chasing that feeling you’ve come to the right place, there’s so much to discover on netflix, ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous and back again when the movie from dusk till dawn opened in 1996. Nobody expected it would get a second life as a tv series. Well, maybe one person did robert rodriguez directed from dusk till dawn from a script written by his buddy quinton tarantino, flash forward to 2014 when, from just till dawn the series premiered on rodriguez’s own el rey network. The series follows the gecko brothers, seth and richie, and their increasingly violent, exploits brought about by richie’s short fuse, while the two leads might not have been familiar to people when the show began. The supporting cast was another story boasting names like wilma valderrama don johnson, robert patrick and demi lovato actors from the original film also appear in the series in new roles, including danny trejo and tom zavini. If you’ve seen the original film, you know what you’re in for brutality, violence, snakes and vampires it doesn’t take long to warm up to the two leads playing. The gecko brothers characters originated by tarantino and george clooney in the film asa gonzalez does a fantastic job as well filling in for salma hayek. If you loved the world that rodriguez and tarantino brought you in the original film from dusk till dawn, the series takes you back into that world and immerses you in parts you didn’t originally see filmmakers, josh and benisafti specialise in dizzyingly, fast paced and complicated crime.

Sagas set on the fringes of new york, starring actors, one wouldn’t suspect, just before the duo made the acclaimed uncut gems of adam sandler. They concocted good time an innovative and twisty heist film, headlined by robert pattinson. The twilight star plays connie who forcibly takes his developmentally disabled brother nick out of a therapy session because he needs help robbing a bank. The getaway goes awry and police nab nick connie forever protective of nick then schemes to bust him out of police custody in a hospital where he landed after being attacked by another prisoner. The caper also involves, at various turns a valuable drug stash, an aging long island, amusement park, the criminal underworld and mistaken identity. Victor stiff of tilt magazine calls good time a nerve, wracking crime, adventure loaded with thrills sleazy characters and a distinctly new york flavor. The setting of the frozen ground is anchorage alaska in the mid 1980s, or at least a seedier outskirts and underbelly of the large city rife with drugs and violent crime, it’s a place where teenage runaways tend to disappear forever. After one young woman escapes from the clutches of a person of interest, job weary lawman, jack halcomb connects that case with those of other women whose remains have been found in remote wild areas and whose homicides have gone unsolved for well over a decade. It’S a chilling suspenseful and at times deeply unsettling cat and mouse movie based on the true story of alaskan killer.

Robert hansen made all the more intriguing by john cusack nicolas cage and vanessa hudgins. All playing against type hollywood loves movies about professional killers and with good reason, being paid a lot of money to kill. Another person is a strange, illegal, reprehensible concept, which means there’s. No small amount of drama involved being a hitman is also absurd, and that makes for fertile ground for a hitman comedy like killing gunther. You know it’s, nothing, personal, right, it’s, all business. You want to be king, you have to kill the king and right now. Gunther is king, a mysterious figure named gunther is both the envy and bane of the tightly neared worldwide community of professional killers. He always seems to get the best gigs and makes everyone else in the business. Look bad prompting a ragtag group of hitmen to join together and use their producer skills, as discreet assassins to finally once and for all kill. Gunther. However, gunther is the world’s greatest hitman, so it’s going to be a tough proposition for the likes of skilled killers like blake and sana, revealing, who portrays gunther would spoil the fun but suffice to say it’s some perfect casting in this enjoyable action comedy eight year old, Alton meyer is the adopted son of pastor calvin meyer leader of a rural texas cult, known only as the ranch he’s also got amazing powers like being able to shoot light beams out of his eyes, speak in tongues and intercept satellite transmissions.

The bad news for the special child, the fbi, would love to capture him and limit his unspeakably powerful gifts. Alton goes on the lamb not only from the government, but also from the ranch, thanks to the help of his biological father roy who kidnaps the boy away from the religious group that raced him and tried to harness his abilities. It turns out that those abilities may be even more pronounced than previously thought and speak to earth shattering hidden truths. Midnight special is a dazzling film that takes this mystery and runs with it in profound ways. The movie stardust is appropriately named for a magical substance, that’s stuff for fairy tales, because it feels like an age old bedtime story, it’s actually based on a rollicking adventure novel by neil gaiman. That dates back only to the 1990s, fully realized in cinematic form by an all star cast of charming actors: tristan lives in the small old british village of wall, which juts up against the magical kingdom of stormhold. One day he sees a star fall from the sky and he aims to capture it and present it as a gift to victoria. The woman he loves so is to secure her hand in marriage. Those plans change when he discovers that the star is transformed into an enchanting woman named evan you’re, the star you’re, the star, really tristan, of course, falls in love with evan and also has to help her escape the trio of witches who wish to restore their youth By eating a vain’s heart, as if that wasn’t enough for an eye popping imaginative story with something for everyone, stardust also involves a flying.

Pirate ship helmed by the gregarious captain shakespeare, a battle between the heirs of stormhold and a secret magical heritage in short there’s. Something for everyone, some of the best horror movies, generate their scares by pulling from real life possible terrors lurk everywhere in the world john eric dowdell’s, 2014 effort, as, above so below places its characters. One of the real world’s most chilling places the catacombs beneath paris. The final resting place of countless centuries old human remains. The premise is also familiar, inviting in the possibility of even more effective dread. Archaeologist scarlett marlow thinks that the legendary philosopher’s stone, which can turn metal into gold and grand eternal life, is located somewhere in the catacombs. She assembles a crew to venture deep into the subterranean land of the dead, and not everyone from her team may make it out in the years since its release, as above so below, has kept growing its audience, among found footage, horror, fans and with good reason. He has a wildly different and unpredictable movie that merges together movie genres that often rely so heavily on tropes that they’re overly familiar and predictable in the shadow of the moon is part. Sci, fi movie part mystery and part serial killer story. The film begins in 1988, when philadelphia, police officer, thomas lockhart, his partner and his detective brother in law, desperately tried to find and stop a prolific killer whose victims seem to lose all their blood at once. They find the suspect, but she evades capture by jumping to her apparent death flash forward nine years and the killer is at work again.

Then another nine years and more killings occur. Thomas becomes the obsessed, detective researching the case for decades, as his quest leads him down. The unexpected crime fighting path of time travel in the shadow of the moon is never less than engaging and it’s just about always clever. According to the new york times, science fiction movies don’t have to rely on state of the art special effects or be set on some distant planet. In some far off year. Dialogue, driven sci fi, set in the present day and produced on a moderate budget is possible and it can be spectacular, such as the case with jurassic world director colin trevorrow’s 2012 feature debut safety, not guaranteed. Seattle magazine writer, jeff pitches, an investigative piece about a weird classified ad, seeking a companion to travel through time, you’ll get paid after we get back must bring your own weapons. I have only done this once before. The writer wants enlisting interns, darius and arnold jeff tracks down the supposed time. Traveler grocery store, employee, kenneth and darius poses as an interested time travel companion, hiding her journalistic connections as it turns out. Kenneth is tragically serious about going back in time wanting to head to 2001 to stop the vehicular death of his girlfriend. Amazingly, he may not actually be a crackpot funny, strange and full of heart. Safety not guaranteed is a masterclass in getting a lot of sci fi fern out of a tiny budget. According to the 2016 sci fi horror, thriller, the girl with all the gifts, the future looks bleak for humanity.

What with an aggressive, zombifying fungus that turns the vast majority of people into hungaries, quick and agile, dead, brained flesh eating monsters, those that resisted the fungus, have figured out that children are the future, specifically a small collective of zombie human hybrids who still want to eat People, but are also capable of rational thoughts and civilized behavior among them is melanie apparently immune to the fungus and said for scientific dissection to help create a vaccine. But when the lab holding her is attacked and destroyed by hungary’s, melanie sets off on a journey of identity exploration against a backdrop of destruction and a rapidly devolving civilization. The girl, with all the gifts, manages to deliver on the horror goods while also delivering a very human story and offers something different for fans who think they’ve seen it all from zombie movies. The 2018 sci fi thriller. The endless starts on a high note and somehow keeps building a decade before the events of the film brothers, justin and aaron escaped from camp arcadia, a ufo death cult. As far as justin was concerned, but a silly far out commune to aaron one day, the brothers receive a mysterious cassette in the mail that leads them to consider a return to camp arcadia. Apparently, everyone is still alive, although justin is pretty sure they’re still planning a tragic mass death event to ascend to an alien world. Why do you want to go back Music? You can say goodbye.

Just some closure welcome to back into the camp. Both brothers realize that this particular ufo death cult may have actually been right about extraterrestrial life as it’s. The only explanation for some strange events and discoveries such as a previously undiscovered color and the existence of time loops doom looms large as justin and aaron. Try to figure out just what is going on subtle, inventive and deeply atmospheric. The endless is a masterclass in doing a lot with a little maniac is hard to categorize it’s, a darkly comic, often surreal and lightly dystopian miniseries set in a future world where gadgetry and pharmaceuticals have rapidly progressed. But a 1980s consumer tech flavor permeates the design of day to day life, desperate and guilt, ridden, annie and troubled rich family, black sheep owen, lock down for a heavily controlled psychological drug trial and a mysterious drug company operated by the eccentric. Dr james k, mantelray mantle ray is literally and explicitly in love with machinery and lives in the shadow of his mother, dr greta mantelray, a popular pop psychologist and best selling author, that all fuses with journeys deep into the minds of owen and annie, and sometimes both At once, when their subconscious realities intersect, who live out their deepest fears and insecurities in desperate ways such as an exotic animal heist and the lord of the rings esque fantasy, not only dazzling and challenging maniac is visually stunning, psychologically dense and often surprisingly, emotional. All at once check out one of our newest videos right here, plus even more looper.

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