This should be a special game. Alan there’s certainly a buzz in this stadium in the uh minutes leading up to kickoff. I hope that she doesn’t disappoint. I don’t think it will. We’Ve got a couple of attacking sides here, he’s one i know allen’s keeping an eye on here. He’S got to be full of confidence. He was banging him in for fun in his last game for shanghai, this is their team. We’Ve got it down as a 4, 3 3 yeah it’s a system that the netherlands used to use all the time. I think really. They invented it and plenty of countries have adopted it since, if it works, it’s it’s really tough to handle, and as for the opposition, this is their starting 11.. The system that we think they’re gon na go with is four five one that one striker will need. A bit of support yeah, you do not want him to be left isolated, otherwise this formation will not work. Thank you. Enjoy the game what’s this game going to bring us we’ll, find out very shortly now won’t. We because the game is underway, oscar attacking play here. They could open up the opposition now put in from the wide area and there was danger, but he’s cleared it a tough guy to dispossess isn’t it odile akmadov. They can be quick on the break now intercepted here, Applause hulk and he gives it back to it and out of it now we have a corner to come by that deflection and then it goes.

The keeper goes for a punch chance for the cross Applause, nothing wrong with the industry of the team that little bit of inspiration lacking that they need to get their noses in front excellent work with the tackle and that rich Applause real promise about that. Put up. Until that challenge it’s a good pass in behind the defenders not able to take full advantage of a good position and the referee is given the free kick, and this will be a goal kick now for hulk. It goes out wide again here’s a chance to just stretch the opposition with a bit of width, oscar oscar well that’s over the top of the defender and one to chase. Oh here they are still probing away, but poor play at the end of a promising move. Intercepted well, oscar Applause it’s, a good example of his strength, that’s, a turnover in play now for hulk. The hosts had more than enough of the ball today. I think they’ll feel disappointed by their own performance. So far. Certainly, the manager down there is quite animated trying to get them going trying to push them on now. He’S switched the point of attack here, good support, running on either side, good vision and now to rich and in the shot go bounce back off the post. Some players arriving in the middle now, Applause really trying to use the full width of the pitch here to make some progress, good position for the cross, guiding the pass through oscar looking for teammates in the middle brilliant, defending it saved a certain goal.

He was almost wheeling away to celebrate that swung in from the corner that’s a decent header, but not quite good enough. Well, they got it tighter to him because he’s a really good header of the ball. He showed it there well we’re halfway through and we haven’t. Yet got a goal to bring to you nil, nil at half time. Well, hulk has done his running, but he’s not had many touches of the ball and, of course, he’s a potential match winner, but he’s not showing that at the moment yeah. You can only say it must get better from a quality player to have this few touches he’s really, unlike him, referee, just checking everything is in order and he blows for the second half to start Applause. Good vision here has to score and there it is the opening goal. Oh, they have taken the lead here: that’s amazing, no one’s, giving them a chance. Really no they’ve hung in there in this match and fair play to them. They’Ve taken the one chance, one of the few chances that they had Applause and that has opened the scoring one nil here now for hulk and they’re looking good when they get the ball out wide. As they’ve done here. Hulk no cross good block and he’s dealt with it that dangerous moment let’s, look at it again. Yeah and he’s just hammered it home hasn’t. He inside the box and gave the keeper no chance in goes the corner.

I see a substitute coming on for the away team here. Well, no surprise at this stage in the game that the managers are thinking about making changes. In fact, both managers are here and we will get a substitution apiece. The hosts of controlled possession here so far, but you can see the manager down there he’s less than happy. Obviously his team’s losing that’s bad enough, but no real sign so far that they’re going to get back into this because they’re just not able to find a way through that defense and make the keeper work oscar and pull it back here to set up a chance. Good defending no problem in the end. Well, it will be a throw in he’s got support in the center. Oh, very easy for the goalkeeper. There, Applause oscar mirome, no time to panic, there’s still time to change this game. I think this is going to be kitchen sink time. Martin now plenty long balls into the box trying to get on those knockdowns, a just a quick check on the clock and there are 20 minutes to go that’s good, passing probing. It is a defensive plan. Now, there’s, no doubt about it, is there ellen? Well, i know in some parts of the world they call this tactic lock up shot. We know it more as park in the boss, but it’s. The same end result just try and see this one out defensively Applause, fenentinio interception, Applause.

Well, you can’t knock these fans they’re doing everything possible to get behind their team here. Well, the atmosphere is improving. Now now the home team need to improve they’re still in with a shout out. Yeah time is running out, it’s now or never. I think they’ve got to lift the game he’s going to make a change now now the countdown is to 10 minutes left moving. It nicely and productively here can go in from here. He’S got some strength, hasn’t he to shield the ball like that. Does he want to cross it now? He could it’s a brave effort really in amongst the players to get the header in, but off target way off target yeah, not his best effort, that’s for sure the quality of the cross deserved a better finish allen. I almost think he thought he’d scored before the ball actually came for him. He was too casual could whip it. In from here, Applause headed back across goal could have done better with the cross into the goalkeeper’s reach. Applause and it’s come to an end. Now, as the referee blows the whistle for the last time well, given their status in the match allen, clearly underdogs they’ll be pretty happy with the way they played. I think so. Yeah they can take a lot from this performance.