This really should be a belter of a game league. Cheers derek, yes, excited about this one interesting matchup. For me, we should get a good game here. Hopefully this is the lineup for the home team. Well, as a team, they do have their stylistic preference and it really is all about trying to put the opposition under pressure, making sure that they don’t compose themselves lee. Do you expect to see more of that in this game yeah pretty much? They love to press eye don’t, they it’s their preferred style of play, winning the ball high up the pitch. It certainly benefits their strikers, they’re very good at it. Let’S have a look at the initial 11 for the visitors. If you like, wingers you’ll love this league yeah, absolutely i love to watch a winger play, especially with pace and power. The central striker will stay more or less in front of the goal. The support will be provided by the three central midfield players. The back four is pretty conventional, but the full bats will be asked to support from behind. Thank you enjoy the game and the match is underway. Applause and here’s batista they’ve regained possession. Will he play it in and deliver towards the back post and easy meet for the keeper? Given that Applause drop it is to be a throw in? I just couldn’t keep the ball bastions no spillage from the goalkeeper routine Applause they’re, certainly allowing their opponents to come on to them.

Applause still pushing for that girl. That would see them forge ahead. It looks promising might be able to produce from this position. The defender got the last touch, that’ll be a corner played into the center of the box. Punching it clear Applause. The cross is on it’s, been whipped towards the near first, oh it’s, off the post Applause. I must say no shortage of space punched into the penalty area. Splendid save from the keeper danger averted yeah. He didn’t have long to react to that, but you have to praise his reflexes there. So over it comes. This looks promising. Derrick the visitors dominate in possession it’s been really impressive. They really have put the pressure on you feel their play deserves a goal, but will they get one and he takes it on terrific block there? Four attempts at a pass really giving them the gift of possession. Well, visionary passing Applause, wonderful chance! Well, he saw the whites of the keepers eyes and the whites of his outstretched gloves. Great goalkeeping. Well he’s denied a certain goal. There great reflexes from the keeper corner kick played over well, not quite he could pick out a teammate still pushing for the goal that would put them ahead, but not forcing it a chance now with the corner, so the corner played into the box. He has been deemed to be offside not by much lee brilliant, brilliant officiating. That is look at that spot on and three minutes will be added on for stoppages of three minutes, and so it is the first half story has been rated really tense battle so far and now the second half is underway, it’s with achievembong, oh stylish ball.

What can they do now? He’S got space a chance to whip it in clearing the lines, and so it will be a corner now and now the delivery, real danger and teammates to play it too. Well, quite simply, the cross was too close to the keeper and here’s jonathan at chiang pong foiling them effectively. Nothing in it derek. Is there just testing each other out, tactically it’s fascinating, who will buckle first superbly read and executed half an hour remaining then now do they mean business on this occasion and you don’t want to lose possession there. He continues to make hay Applause reddit superbly, to take back possession Applause really sitting deep. Now that could be problematic keeping the ball moving and he has been ruled offside here. Can’T have been by an awful lot – i’m, not so sure, but the linesman’s got a better view than i have substitution time, as is, and that puts them in position. Applause and here’s batista Applause still on level terms. Moving the ball nicely now they couldn’t take advantage of the position. They were in not much time to make up his mind bastions low trajectory ball there and threading it forward again. It is at long last they’ve broken the deadlock. Well, it’s been so close. This game tactics have played a part now they’re going to have to change the tactics and see what happens Applause well. The pass makes the goal derrick good finish. Yes, but the ball through was brilliant slide.

Rule pass slightly different vantage point in terms of the goal that was scored one nil, then there might very well be late excitement, five minutes left and the margin just won. You’Ve got to keep the ball a bit better than that Applause. Well, they’re. On the scent of something positive, they’ve regained possession, surely it wasn’t far away from the target league? No, it was decent, really really decent chance for the lad. They’Ll keep pushing away to try and get that equaliser. The electronic board has been held aloft. Two additional minutes here now: raphael silva teammates in the middle and the referee says that is all for Applause today.