The sun is out, and football has a special place on this most idyllic of days, a fixture ahead of us to which we’ve all been looking forward. Also very very long, and it means so very, very much the scene could not be more beautiful. The pitch looks, terrific. The players are ready to get started and we cannot wait for a contest that lies ahead. Applause and this must be amongst the favored arenas of supporters all over the world. It really does have a very special feel for it, so jim beglin. What is your interpretation of the way they appear to be lining up? Well, if flexibility doesn’t have an influence on this system, we truly are looking at an approach that is quite negative, but at least there is good scope to turn a seemingly deep line, defense into a more dangerous attacking outfit. This system will allow plenty of attacking numbers without necessarily compromising on that discipline. So off we go, then, who do you think this turns on jim yeah, paulinho he’s, just a bundle of energy pace and power peter, and he never seems to stop running he’s great at breaking up opposition attacks in midfield, but he doesn’t just boot it away. After doing so, he gets his head up drives forward and then looks to pick out the right pass. Yeah i’m inclined to agree Applause hoist it forward. Talisca he’s made sure that that won’t get through hampshire rondon pushes to get on the end of it.

Applause, that’s, a throw Applause, one view: evergrande i’ve pushed both fullbacks into quite advanced positions here, yeah that’s that’s interesting. So what are they attempting to do? Well, it’s it’s, a bold attempt, in my opinion, to occupy the opposition in a way they’re not either expecting especially adventurous early on Applause. Oh that’s neat tries one Applause, so massive leap and it’s hoisted clear what an adventurous run from a defender he’s, making good use of his strength. There just refuses to be out muscled Applause, he’s gone for goal, no he’s missed it. Well, i think a little eagerness just got the better of him. He may have been thinking about backpage headlines there and it’s prayed forward tries to get it forward quickly. Applause cuts it out. Half an hour played now looks to bypass the midfield very well to intervene. Applause forward it goes and it’s rondon gets wrestled off the ball. Talisca spreads it towards the left, talisca still waiting for the first goal. Oh well intercepted really alert; oh real danger here, he’s through and all alone Applause. That could be a big one Applause. That really is quite fabulous all his own doing. I think he just thought about trying his look from out there, but why bother where you can warm your way through the defense like that it’s it’s, terrific play to to get through and score deadlock broken it’s one nil yeah. This is also a chance to see what happens to their level of concentration from here.

Kalista Applause, Applause, defending of the desperate variety rondon brings it forward. Oh, they can break here and it’s rondon Applause, yeah he’s failed him. There Applause the ref’s been lenient here. He’Ll get too many more chances, so that will be the last act of the first half, and here we are if they go for half time. The breakthrough did indeed come in the first half, but there has only been that Applause gonzo a lead, that’s fully justified for me. They’Ve shown some excellent counter attacking now some it’s paying dividends, leading one nil at the break already up and running for the second half. Well, it’s been tight, peter but i’m expecting things to to open up. Now we get some free flowing football good challenge. He just stood firm Applause, hampshire across the field. It goes hampshire Applause Applause place it out to the wing lovely bit of skill. There still just the single goal between the sides out to the left. It goes so jim. What are you thinking? Well, peter, if they’re attempting to see out the game with such a narrow advantage, there’s room for trouble uh, i just think they’re sending out the wrong message. This could backfire looking to go deep Applause trying to bully, but no yeah, quick thinking and the right choice for me, but that was difficult to get right hoist it forward. Applause. The breakthrough came in the final moments of the first period and it’s. One nil and it’s paulinho loses his balance and loses the ball.

Guangzhou have a free, kick Applause. Well, you might think he got off lightly. It is just a verbal warning: Applause, Applause uh. It looks a foul yep referee’s, given Applause it more than happy to take the muscular approach. Applause, talisca that’s, a foul three kicks been given: Applause; Applause; there’s a real appetite from them to finally put this game to bed, but will they Applause looks to clip it forward? Making another change here. Yeah he’s run himself into the ground, hasn’t he and it’s it’s. Good to see that the crowd appreciate his efforts because he has put in a real honest shift still just that single goal, and we are nearly done forward. It goes, i think, that’s offside. Yes, it is Applause, just brushed off the ball there, the referee’s awarded a free kick. Some players have clearly taken issue here, and things are threatening to boil over cleared away away from immediate danger, just a few more moments for them to hang on gorgeous control there into the box. One view evergreen have a simple task to find something sustained now and keep the pressure off. Applause tries to get it forward quickly and that’s been leave it clear. They seem to have lost their sense of direction uh. It should be higher up the pitch and that’s it terrific contest it really might have tipped either way. The margins were tiny, just a goal in it, but that was enough. The final thoughts jim well a result which owed much to grind and graf peter, not the prettiest of wins, but a very professional performance.