Every reason to believe this will be exciting yeah. Thank you, derek always my favorite time of the week spending time with you at games wish you’ll be in for a belter here with these two Applause. Oh here is the lineup for the hosts. Today, how would you sum up this formation lee? Oh five, two three, three, four, three lots of numbers, but the most important thing is the fullbacks. They need to supply support to their center backs in defensive mode, but going forward. They have to supply some sort of support to the wide players who will try and provide the service for the lone striker. This is how the visitors will set up today, it’s almost interesting to try to sum up a team’s style of play, their approach, and there are many who think that it’s overly conservative in this case. What do you think lee? Well, derek it’s, not my preferred way of playing that’s for sure, but horses for courses it’s fine until you concede do they have a plan b. If that happens i’m, not too sure thank you enjoy the game. Applause and this head to head confrontation is underway and across the touchline, so a throw in here atkinson and susa on the ball. It’S jamie mclaren nation’s enough build up. Can they carve out a chance alessandro diamante, and the emphasis is on creativity. Applause prepare to take on the shots and the goalkeeper will see that as part of doing his job, atrona will ensue corner kick played over not the result from the set piece they were looking for.

It looks promising in position here to protect the ball and he takes it on a case of foiling the opposition by whatever means Applause corner kick played in the end product, just wasn’t there, Applause and given away they’re, certainly allowing their opponents to come on to them. It’S with kone Applause burgess: can they get in behind them and space for the cross. At times they make passing look easy Applause, burgess electing to cross into the center and the danger clear Applause bearing craig noon? Has it jameson? Well, he went strongly into the challenge and the result is a throw in Applause still pushing for that goal. That would see them forge ahead, Applause, surely, and a goal. It is the opener in this game. Well, keep it tight that’s. What both managers would have been insane, but now the opening goals gone in tactics have got to change. Well, look at this again, it’s all about being in the right place at the right time and from that sort of reigns is only one winner. Slightly different vantage point in terms of the goal that was scored one nil, then not a good pass. It’S jamie, mclaren, well very effective goalkeeping to touch it over and the referee has given the corner. So maybe scope here for them to add to their lead. Applause played into the center of the box nodded straight down the throat of the goalkeeper right behind it. The only way you can score there goes either side of the keeper Applause diamante.

The hosts have had the lion’s share of possession. After that, it’s been a little bit disappointing. Creativity in midfield is a little bit off. Certainly too slow it’s got to be. That was a magical save. It was so. The corner played into the box punch happy the keeper and scope for the cross bristol, not fantastic. Defending let’s see if it helps the opposition, there will be a minimum of three minutes atkinson. The first half here comes to an end Applause and this head to head confrontation is underway, prepare to take on the shots. Applause and the goalkeeper will see that as part of doing his job acrona will ensue and he takes it on a case of foiling the opposition by whatever means plenty to consider based on what we’ve seen so far as the second half begins. Jameson Applause on the ball Applause, and that increases the advantage to two just what they wanted and just what they deserve. Well, it’s good build up, but there’s one player standing in front of the goal and it falls to him and he’s not going to miss from there. Let’S have another view of that goal. Setting off perhaps a little bit too much here. Well, a second goal for them here: great vision to switch the play derbyshire moving into the advanced position. Applause, craig noon. Has it bettenger an attack full of promise, extremely sloppy in possession kone, alessandro, diamante and now josh, risden and we’re inside the final 30 minutes? Read it superbly, it has to be denied by the bar back in play here and cleared behind, for what is going to be a corner.

Kick there has been plenty of limbering up from substitutes, and now both sides will make personnel switches over it comes, but he was being very closely marked. But the header not on the target, no just off target and the thing is the defender did his job and he just couldn’t quite get enough of his head on it. Jameson berengare craig noon. Has it possession lost intercepted? Well, just listen to this. You can really sense the frustration around the stadium they’ve been poor today, far below their usual standards, they’re just allowing their opponents too much time on the ball. They have to press more Applause, better gliding through the gears good use of the ball, but can they trouble the defense it’s jamie mclaren suicide, but a shocking pass really alessandro diamante coney, getting forward wonderful chance, straightforward! Take atkinson well that’s a great advantage to any side when you’re as comfortable on the ball as they are they’ve, given it away and it’s a case of just five minutes. Left alessandro diamante won it back. We’Ve had the official word. There will be a minimum of two added minutes. They’Ve decided that now is the time to go to the bench. Applause griffiths that’s it.