The sun is out, and football has a special place on this most idyllic of days, a fixture ahead of us to which we’ve all been looking forward. For so very very long – and it means so very, very much the scene could not be more beautiful. The pitch looks, terrific. The players are ready to get started and we cannot wait for the contest that lies ahead. Certainly, this is a very, very impressive venue. Quite a sight to behold looking down the list of names, it does look jim as though it’s going to be a 5 3 2. Well, if flexibility doesn’t have an influence on this system, we truly are looking at an approach that is quite negative, but at least there is good scope to turn a seemingly deep line, defense into a more dangerous attacking outfit. This system will allow plenty of attacking numbers without necessarily compromising on that Applause discipline. So off we go then hoist it forward back into the middle Applause. Great strength too strong for his opponent, looking to break out here, finds himself eased off the ball Applause, regardless of the outcome. It is good to see someone running at the defense like that. Spartak moscow are playing with a pleasing width here, especially that front line. Is it working for you, um it’s, not movement, for the sake of it and yes, it is working for me there’s, a purpose to to create space he’s, put away, oh super tackle, they were outnumbered and under the cost that had to be spot on, and it Was gone for it it’s off target and by quite a way forward, it goes gets it back.

That’S just very well played he can’t hurt you with his back to go and he didn’t go for the back heel. Applause, a really tidy, interchange Applause! Oh just lacked a decent finish: it was more possible than probable and the outcome backed it up. Peter Applause tries to get it forward quickly. Defenses got rid of that. Try as they might they just couldn’t, get into an attacking area, tries to locate someone up front Applause and it’s paid forward Applause, good football all round there hoist it forward. Applause locks it in gently and it’s got through who’s going to get that tried to play it through. Uh was too timid to make it through the defense. It’Ll be noted and improved upon i’m sure dumps it into the area and he’s there to clear it out to the flank, whipped it again defending of the desperate variety spartak moscow get it back again. Some good work on the right flank now: what’s next Applause, that’s a good block, but at the expense of a corner Applause cleared away, played out to the right Applause, it’s going to be another corner. I think and that’s been leave it clear. This is gone. That’S a foul, the referee brings the first half to a close, so another team has broken through, but certainly not for the want of trying interesting game up to now, but still goals goals at this stage, but certainly not devoid of action. It is lille here at halftime that gets things going for the second half at least there’s, always a plus side to a scoreless.

Half defenses are doing what they should and it’s going to take good imagination to break the deadlock. Here is on the back foot Applause. It’S gone for a throw in oh now, some movement on the bench, and we are going to see a change Applause behind for a corner. Kick Applause, knocks it away ford. It goes Applause, it’s, a game that needs a bit of life, injected shapes to search. Applause. Look i’m sure he’ll deny it peter, but the keeper didn’t have that covered Applause. Spartak moscow making another change here he could have been in just needed a better final ball. Look. The game is full of ifs and buts. If only the the pass could have completed its journey to get it forward quickly and he’s there to make a great save well, that was high class goalkeeping there to back up his his high class weight it’s being played forward. Oh good interception, they’re guilty of lacking inventiveness here, it’s all broken down: Applause and it’s paid forward Applause, not long left and still we await the breakthrough. Applause half an hour god in the second half battles to win it back. Concentration levels are very good, and so is the commitment. This game could yet yield a winner Applause. A really good feat from him turns and goes back Applause out to the right played into the middle. I can get that clear. They’Ve got it back as soon as they gave it away.

Lovely feat: don’t have many options and time he’s gone for goal. Well, even for him that may have been a touch ambitious forward. It goes spartak. Moscow have to get it into the box and quickly so that’s it. It is all over. Well, it looked nil from a fair way out little craft or dial or penetration. Defense is largely untroubled, it’s goals.