There is a barely a cloud evident the world and his wife have gone to great lengths to be here for a match of great consequence and massive interest in these parts. Barely a breath of wind, so the football has no excuses for not being at its very best. The teams i know are pumped for this. They are fantastic scenes in the stands. There is a great sense of drama here, a great sense of excitement and expectation Applause. So what a stage for the players to take two here ahead of such an important game? How are you reading this formation, jim becklin? Well, most teams that use this system peter will work it in a way where yes, they’ll, have a 4, 5 1 shape off the ball, and ideally, a 4 3 3 shape on it. We often see that 4 1 4 1 shape too, and that has an obvious flexibility about it: it’s a it’s, a popular managerial selection because of that it’s just extremely flexible, with all the numbers i’ve mentioned just joining us, we are already on the way Applause how’s. It go Applause. His reputation is better than what we’ve just seen. Applause tries to get it forward quickly. Applause leans it across brakes on here; Applause, oh, that is asking for trouble. He’S got away great leap, oh just couldn’t turn it in. I have to commend the wing plate, but i have to condemn the defending they’ve got to stop the cross Applause, dembele Applause, guanxi, r, f, still without an attempt on target cuts, it out Applause over to the left, towering header.

No, that was a slick move and there were several options in the box to uh to pick Applause out Applause, good challenge. He just stood firm Applause and it’s played forward zahavi looking to get on the end of this gets into a dangerous position and he’s made sure that that won’t get through hoist it forward and that’ll be the final action of the first half. So another team has broken through Music, an interesting game up to now, but still goals and a grossing half but we’re Applause, but we’re already into the second period, so deadlock still as the second half Applause begins. Applause to produce the effort very, very tidy with running with the ball, can they build on it that had to be more accurate Applause, still no question that’s a foul and it’s the belly out of shots? Oh shame that was nicely worked. Well, there are a few pockets of space that are being exploited and they need filling and fast Applause. It’S a loose ball, neither side really getting hold of the ball. Well, the defense got the better of him this time, but i’m sure he’ll go again forward. It goes chance, timely intervention, Applause, referee’s, given a throw shanghai shanur, can make their change now with a break in play. Shooting chance, oh just lacked a decent finish. Do i really need to tell you peter that he has to do better, especially from there tries to get it forward quickly? That’S just very well played he can’t hurt you with his back to goal and he didn’t go for the back heel.

Applause really well taken goal, listen i’ve experienced that both for and against, and you won’t have to guess which one i preferred Applause was there ever any doubt: yeah that’s, brilliant from him such a calm, finish just pick your spot don’t think about what the keeper is Going to do concentrate on what you have to do. Applause deadlock, broken it’s, one nil; oh, it was a long time coming, but i think it’s fully merited they’ve applied themselves extremely well. Some good work on the right flank now: what’s next Applause, he’s coming hard, keep calm and carry on that’s. The job in a nutshell now well waited it’s a brilliant interception. Oh it’s gone in Applause, well that wasn’t in the script and you have to feel for him. Peter it’s ended in some embarrassment. Applause Applause have turned to their bench and we’re, going to have a substitution. Yeah he’s run himself into the ground hasn’t. He and it’s it’s good to see that the crowd appreciate his efforts because he has put in a real honest shift: guanxi r, f, some help from lady luck. There. They all count the belly here’s the cross he’s going after it Applause and it’s paid forward, and that is it. The referee has seen enough when you are an f playing victory here and on balance they were worth it.