Seaform. Shame goes with her it’s these two to make the early pace here and that it’s war, warren’s showtime parkour to the outside and down toward the inside is carpe vinum. Who’S away running in fifth position: break of another two to red lark, then it’s gity to the outside another two lengths back and miss extras down toward the inside of nesh blush and then california kook at the back of the pack, so it’s laura’s light who waits? No longer here under able city, oh and laura’s, light is going to take the lead and open up the lead by a length and a half parkour is second on the outside. Aquasi form. Shame is third: they went 24.26 for the first quarter mile, then warren’s showtime on the outside carpe venom is fifth and racing. Five lengths off the lead two back to red lark giti is next to the outside by two and a half and then nash blonde, and this california kook at the back of the pack, 48.14 was the half mile for laura’s light. Who leads the field up? The back stretch in front by a length and a half to parkour in second aquasi form shane third on the inside warren showtime is fourth alongside of her and then it’s carpe venom in behind them red mark to the outside, miss extra’s saving. All the ground. She’S got seven lengths to make up nesh blanches, alongside of her kitties out there, three wide in california kook around the far turn laura’s light is the one to beat warren showtime up into second she’s a length behind, as they come to the top of the stretch.

Red larcast third parkour is fourth here’s warren showtime to the front taking over the lead here. Red lark’s gon na run with her laura’s light, has given way that nash blanche and california kook flying from the back of the pack but it’s red lark, red lark. In the delmar oaks over california, coke warren’s showtime was third and nez. Planche was fourth, seven. Red lark was first number two california kook was second number four warren showtime was third number.