Recording i’m doing this video at 7 15 and we still have one more selection to go, which runs in the finale outline filled with uh. Two other flock, i think, that’s, how you pronounce it probably a pronunciation there, but i think he’s got solid claims, but fingers crossed he can do the business for us, but away from that, it’s been a really good day for us today, we’ve come out of two Winners, our long shot won at uh muscle, broadway’s smart last. She dug really deep for ian jardine and andrew mullen. Now we did put the horse up at seven to one. Each way. Last night was very well fancied in the market there were a couple of non runners as well, which meant you would have got a a raw four on that. If you did take the early price, but uh she’s still nevertheless won that a nice price. She was a really game winner and i just think the soft ground really made the difference this time. You know she showed that she still had some mobility on her first two starts this season and she was able to do the job today. So she was a good winner there. Ocean wind as well, was another winner for us seven. I know eleven. Four we put that up, uh um last night again was very well fancied. I just never really fancied john john locke. I just think he didn’t have an extra turn of gear and i shouldn’t win.

I just thought it had a little bit more class about him and it was a good ride by jack mitchell because he got outpaced at one point uh in the during the race and he got him into a good position. Uh and – and that really definitely helped him, because if he’d probably been held up, he might have just been lacked for a turn of gear, because i think he’s gon na need a slightly further up and trip. But the fact that um jack mitchell got him uh towards the front of the field was a really good move and i don’t think he would have won the race um if he’d made that move uh there so jack mitchell, uh, definitely um got praise in there. A lot i know a lot of jockeys, especially from punters as well always um get their fetched or get their criticism, but i i just think um jack jack mitchell there you, you have to take note that that was a very, very good ride. I thought an ocean wind and it’d be interesting to see what he does. I think he should go for a race like this cesaro, which i think he’s got bags of untapped potential and be interesting to see what the handicapper gives him. The only disappointment on the day at the time of recording was uncle dick, who happened to be my nap for eve. Johnson horton again was well fancied. You know you’ve been strong in the market all day, but in the end he just didn’t like the track and and charlie bishop was very animated.

Very early on it was a very disappointing run i’m, not sure if i would back him again. Maybe i could forgive him the run, but he’s still got a lot to learn, um to be honest with you, and maybe the mark of 65 was maybe a little bit high from looking back on it now, even though he did have strong form claims and he Did catch the eye last time so on the fence with uncle dick moving forward but yeah he was a very frustrating nap there, but we still have been doing well with the naps in august. We’Re still uh nicely up and fingers crossed. It was just a blip and we can get back on it tomorrow, but we’ll get straight into the tips uh for tomorrow and we’ve got three tips tomorrow that are coming thick and fast. They all run within an hour of each other and we’re gon na go to beverly for our first tip uh for the next best, with a horse that we’ve put up on his last two starts, and that is the shepherd who’s. The james bond villain, funnily enough. In casino royale, i’d, say it’s, probably uh the best bomb film ever made. Let me know what your favorite bond film is and uh, and we can maybe have a little bit of a debate about it in the comments box below, but le chief chifron. The horse, not the banker from casino royale um, is trained by david, o’meara and daniel’s head hope is, but for the ride tomorrow.

Now this horse has got some good, solid form. This season he’s already a jewel winner this year, uh winning at beverly. On his first appearance of the season, he then went to hamilton where he put in a nice display and he still ran really credibly. Last time out, behind an improver of michael bell’s called the bottom bay. He went on to win again at the course, so that piece of form is looking not too badly. He is going to probably um face a few um, more decent rivals than he’s done so far in his career uh, but offer mark of 83 offer for low weight getting away from some of his rivals and getting that three year old allowance. I feel i still think he has untapped potential and there should be some ease in the ground as well, which i do think helps him. I think he likes a little bit off cut in the ground and i just think there’s a lot in this horse’s favor. Tomorrow we still haven’t got to the bottom of him and i think off the mark of 83. He still has a little bit more to come off that mark. So the shepherd is going to be my next best tomorrow and fingers crossed. He can continue his promising form this season. We then go for a bit of jump in action tomorrow at sedgefield in the 325 of a horse called two blondes for champion jockey brian hughes and donald mccain.

Who’S got a great relationship. Um, for is the trainer of this source now um this. This horse is actually gon na, be my long shot tomorrow and currently back him at six to one. I know that’s not the biggest long shot i’ve ever put up and i don’t normally put long shots up at these kind of prices, but he’s gon na be my biggest priced selection tomorrow, he’s my only each way pick as well. I didn’t really fancy it’s having a really big double figure price like i often do, but i think two blondes is a little bit of an outsider in this field and should be a lot shorter. Now he’s um, like i said, he’s trained by donald, mccain and he’s, been doing all right, but he had a winner at banger the other day and i think sometimes there’s always this can be always a little bit of value, and i think this horse is here Now this horse has been running on the flat for a lot of his career. He used to be with mick, shannon and then has been running a couple of times for don mccain on the flat, but then ran over hurdles last time at several, and i thought that was a highly encouraging effort. Um that day, where the formers worked out quite well, jamaica for charlie longstone went on to win again at several. He does have to, or this horse does have to re face the second place horse from that race, uh with fergal o’brien’s runner, but uh.

I think that they sort of had excuses that day, two blondes um the horse lost her lost, a shoe, which i think sometimes can uh be uh, one of those things that just go under the radar and it’s always something worth checking if your horse ran bad Because i know remember caravan of hope like i said he lost a shoe at wolverhampton and it’s, something that can can often be a reason why a horse might run disappointing, but yeah. Two two blondes um lost a shoe last time out after running well for a really long way and really did travel into the race nicely and didn’t find anything really in the closing stages. And i i think that was the reason. Why also as well. This horse is going to be getting a four year old allowance tomorrow, so it’s actually going to be receiving a lot of weight from some of its rivals, and i think that this horse of a mark of 105 might look a little bit high for it. But i think still has a lot of untapped potential over the over the obstacles. So for me, two blondes tomorrow, i just think there’s a nice little each way back there with the eight runners. Hopefully the eight runners do remain. There could be some non runners tomorrow. Actually, because of ground and etc, and that, but for me, two blondes i’d be disappointed. If the horse couldn’t go close and that’s gon na be my long shot.

We then only have to wait five minutes for the nap which runs in the beverly bullet. The listed sprint race, which is uh, normally beverly’s, one of their feature, races of the year and i’m, going to go with keep busy. As my nap here for jason hart and john quinn, john quinn, uh he’s yeah i’ve been quiet of late, but they did have. Obviously, a really good winner in say: foreigner uh when he won to york on saturday in the city of york state, i think that’s, the name of the race, but the group two. He won him, but yeah. This horse keep busy he’s done really well for connections. John quinn as well has got a good reputation with his sprinters with the likes of their astronaut in recent years, and this is um on liberty, beach as well, but this horse uh keep busy she’s been really progressive. This season got lots of good form and normally a lot of their best form comes when there’s cat in the ground and the current um going at beverly is soft. There could be a little bit of rain around as well uh in the afternoon tomorrow. So if that does continue to to uh rain there uh tomorrow, i think it’s gon na help her and i i think she’s got a good chance getting the three year old and philly alliance. Uh her form behind art power looks pretty good. Okay, i know art power didn’t do much for it in the nun thought, but before that the formline stack up quite well.

She won a nice conditions. Race on soft ground at haydock. She’S got lots of good form this season and for me i just think she’s a very likable favorite tomorrow and i wouldn’t want to oppose her and i think, with a good draw and still too if she can get into a good position. She is dangerous tomorrow and she could still have a little bit more improvement to come so three to one. She can be my nap. Not the most original selection but i’d be disappointed if she can go very close, so there’s three tips for tomorrow’s horse racing. If you haven’t done so already, please make sure you hit the subscribe button for more videos here on my youtube channel. You can also follow me on twitter as well, where my handle is at luckyloader15 and if you want to check out my website for a full portfolio of my work. If you want to know a little bit more about myself, go to my website, which is www, dot, chrisley racing dot, co uk please scan responsibly.