Don’T. Look at me like that: okay, it is hot bamboo uh and i thought they were bringing in uh breakfast buns and they fooled me because they were surprising me with ice cream. They’Re like we wanted to keep it quiet so they’re like no. We have breakfast buns for you, uh bow buns, but that’s, not true, but you guys do have this breakfast right here. What are these so right here we got spam masubi. Yes, basically what this is it’s a hawaiian, snack, typical, sticky rice on the bottom spam. On top wrapped in the seaweed with teriyaki sauce – and we got different variations this time, so we got the regular spam we’re used to. We got tofu bacon and egg chicken katsu and a teriyaki chicken version as well. So wait: okay, which one is this that’s a spam one? This is a spam i’m gon na eat that one yeah right now i grew up on spam. I went to visit my brother, who was at school in atlanta and i was there for like a month. I don’t know how that happened: uh i think over the summer, something and guess what they ate every day: spams damn spam and rice and look at this guy now. Look at that. That’S awesome, that’s, spam and rice right. There, kids it can. I you know: what can someone get me a promotion with spam because i love spam – i guess family here is that.

Can i do that? Okay, let me see that really all right. Let me just i know we got our gloves on. Let me just do this so which, which camera? What tell me where, where are we gon na, go three all right? Three here we go ready. Spam is what i grew up on all right. There we go preston ice cream time, all right, all right, let’s get to dessert. First, i got a couple for you to look at here so that’s what we’re going to make ice cream bao, so ice cream, bao yeah – and these are the same. This is the same like same though same dough. We just deep fry with a little bit of caramelized in there and then get a big old fat scoop on there, big old love it big fat, scoop and you’re using vanilla right. I am using vanilla and then you’re letting me use, which one am i using green green tea yep. So you just want a big old fat scoop. Yes, sir, so you know i make cookies the other day and they were kind of like they have that scoop. That’S pretty good is that a pretty little too big? Is that too big, no we’ll just throw it too big toppings all right, and then we do our toppings sprinkles. You know so i love this, and this is all because it is national ice cream going on yeah. So we just kind of like throw the sprinkles on there like look at that bam bam there we go.

What do we have here? What’S, this all right, so these are hello, pandas little green tea, um chocolate. What do you call them? Hello? Panda? Because if you look at it, it’s got a panda on there. Oh, it does can’t see that i’m saying i don’t know. If you can see it. Doesn’T have a panda someone zoom in on that one so enzo. Can you see which one we’re going to zoom in on there? Is there? Oh look, you can see it look at that that’s, cute yeah, and so we just put a couple of these in here. Yeah, so i just stuff a couple of those in here and what are they they’re, they’re top they’re jelly beans or what are they? No so it’s a basically a chocolate, green tea, chocolate, green tea, chocolate matcha in there, so a little matcha a little kick with it. How many of these things are we supposed to put in there as much as you want? You can fill up the whole thing. Look at that it’s, the only big guy got a whole. You know you know what a big guy you know why? Because you know what you got it because president, he throw the level bam. You say it right there, sam okay, so this is spam. Sponsors out here i know we need some spam. Let me see i’m gon na be okay, so spam, it’s gon na be good all right, um, where oh, you did this here, yeah, so that’s a little chocolate, wafer i’ll put one of those in there and just stick it in like yep or just on the Side, let’s put it on the side kind of so it’s easier to eat when you go for it, but yeah just like that yeah, because you know what i hate when it’s like sticking out and you poke your eye out.

Yes, it does so all right and then you take this. Did i do the right slap it on top and make sure it’s, nice and tight there? It is that’s how you make an ice cream right there. Ice cream bao smells a little melted now because there it is so arizona, but i know arizona we’re getting there. Uh let’s talk about these right here. These buns have been very popular. How you guys been doing everything going good good, so we’re still open. You know, thursday, through sunday, 12 to eight every day, except for uh, thursday and sunday 12 to seven open for takeout and all that, but yeah still going. We got teriyaki chicken. Here i got ground pork, guys barbecue porks, so here’s. What inside looks that is that’s? A ground pork bun here let’s see what the chicken looks like wow. Look at that love. It delicious right there and what i like too, is that there you can get these little um steamers. These are so much fun, and this is like kind of fun for the kids to do because they can steam their own little one yep, they don’t put one on each steamer and just steam. It at home takes like 20 minutes to heat it up. That’S it let’s talk about the drinks too, that you guys have, because these are kind of interesting. Of course, all right, so i got a couple new ones. I want to show you this is a strawberry, pink, drink right here, so i put strawberry popping boba in there and it’s kind of like a sweet strawberry flavor.

If you like, milky drinks too, yes, coconut milk in here all right, this one’s similar, so that one is a peach tea. So i got peach boba in there. Little peach, flavor, coconut milk, so it’s also a nice little peach milk tea. So we got tai tea over here, which i’m sure you’re familiar with. Everybody knows that one yeah – this is arizona sunset, so this is my favorite personally yeah it’s green tea with strawberry boba and a little bit of strawberry syrup and it’s more of a refreshing drink. So i don’t put any milk in it: love it love it all right so again remind people where you’re located yeah we’re on 980 east pecos, all right on pecos mcqueen in chandler and i’m gon na go and tell it’s secret right now, ten dollar lunch special What’S that quickly tell them about ten dollars so come down. We got a ten dollar lunch special going on. You get a steam bun three pot stickers, a side, salad and a drink for you isn’t, it just fun to say preston. Is it the hot buns? Do you like the hot buns better than steam, buns yeah, hot buns that’s, my buns, but the buns? Your buns are hot, your buns that’s, a great commercial. His buns are hot and steamy and remember hey spam.