How many licks does it take to get to the center what’s up? Gg family grub girls are back it’s your first time here. Thank you for stopping by and if you haven’t yet please make sure you subscribe. You stay notified, leave comments and keep watching us i’m, jeff and i’m crazy and it’s me guys: don’t notice, the new hair don’t, you love her hair lisa don’t get used to it, ain’t nothing! Her i’m married guys, um. We are gon na head over to asia. Today and we’re gon na try a new trend that’s going on over there, but apparently you add a little vanilla ice cream with some spicy chili crisp and it’s the hottest trend and it’s supposed to taste delicious all right. What do you think? What do you think? I think i got you both win i’m gon na say it’s gon na be pleasantly. It looks like such an odd combination, oh baby, so look how cute first of all these come already ready in a cone from the asian market. These asians, they just know what’s up now. The question is: do i eat it in this cone or do i push it up? Because how do i get the chrome? Are you struggling too yeah? I feel like i’m, going to break your cone. I know how did you do it? You just got. I guess you eat it from here. I just squeezed it a little bit, yeah just don’t, be afraid, don’t be afraid, little technical difficulties here.

Oh my you tasting before no i’m just trying to get it out. That’S what she said all right, so they’re, vanilla, soft serve. These are so like great. These are super cute, convenient, so convenient okay. So now we got this spicy chili crisp and what you do is drizzle it all over the ice cream and then eat up all right. So let me open this up. I don’t want to get any oil Music. I got it, i got it guys. I got it all right. Excuse me: go ahead, flip your hair girl get out of here. Okay, sorry um, all right, so i will start. Do the honor? Oh look at that oil, and this is the exact same one. This is the exact same one. Yes, what about this one? What about this? Why is it this one’s that girl wow, that was nice, all right, now, i’m, a little nervous, but you need to put. I know i was just you know doing for the gram that’s right. Do it up, do it? Oh, my gosh guys what are these big nuts in here there’s nuts in here, yo that’s, probably garlic or something? Oh, my gosh. How could this be delicious? Okay, guys that’s plenty for me all right: we’re gon na you’re gon na no i’m gon na pass you this it’s your turn now here’s mine, guys, oh so excited yeah, it’s thick in there i told you it’s the onion crisp, oh gosh, i don’t know.

I think it’s gon na, i think we’re gon na love it. Oh my god, i think you’re gon na love it it’s. So messy. I feel, like my hair, looks like the salsa today. Your hair looks great tell her how guys comment on her hair. What do you guys think we got curly straight and wavy? Oh my gosh. This is my natural hair guys. I know i look like sacagawea. I love it. I have some straight hair, so it’s really good go. You haven’t had it with the ice cream, yet you’re. Just tasting the spice, you know you’re gon na, like that part all right guys. So this is the new trend if it’s not new, comment down below. If this was like two years ago, and it just hit florida it’s new to us it’s new to us so it’s, vanilla, ice cream with spicy chili crisp all right, guys. First, bite cheers: cheers, cheers, get the tip let’s all get a bite of the tip, okay, so interesting. What the is that sorry? That’S, a no for me that’s a hard. No. For me, i kind of like it like it’s, really interesting. You like it. I don’t love it i mean no, i don’t hate it. I don’t love it chrissy likes it, the guys, that’s weird. That was not where i thought that was going. What do you taste guys? I’M. Sorry, that was not good. Oh god there’s a lot of sweetness from the ice cream.

Oh my gosh ill. Sorry, i’m, not disrespecting, but i can’t i don’t like the combo, not bad. You have a crunchy element, not the crunchiest one that i like. I like you get. First, you get the like the spicy chili flavor, then the sweetness comes in and then like and then the crunch and then it balances out. I think i’m, almost done team. Salty, no bueno. I don’t, like it all it’s, not a dessert that i’m gon na be like yo let’s, have that i don’t get these two combos together and i i love sweet and salty, but i don’t know about this sweet and spicy, oh god, and all the spices ruined. My cone, oh man, i thought i was gon na – eat the cone hell, no it’s nasty. You want this cold, oh it’s, so kind! Well, overall guys you guys can continue. The sauce is great. Yeah, though, eat that with some dumplings, i thought i was gon na hate it. I don’t hate it uh yeah, oh there’s, some things you know like if i was at someone’s house, and they gave me this. I could finish it no problem. Some things like you want to like throw with like in a piece of paper towel or something. This is not one of them. You can eat this. I take it. You’D want to put it in a paper towel. I vomited it up. I couldn’t even swallow it. That was nearly it was that bad for you, no bueno, no way no for team salty, no way no glow it’s.

Like me, i’m like no, like i don’t love it. I have so much oil. Can i have a napkin it’s interesting. I i’m, you know whoever started this trend kudos to you, i mean i don’t get it. I don’t, like it i’d, rather put this on some shrimp, dumplings, yeah, definitely or a broth like a broth. Oh, like a soup guys, if you um, want to try this, and let me know if your palettes are a little different, because team sweet is enjoying this. Of course, she is you guys just have to go to the asian market and get this spicy chili crisp. My my tongue is a little like numb for real, so that was a quick taste test for me. I could not do another bite i’d rather eat something spicy i couldn’t even put sprinkles to it. I think you know what it is. What sprinkles that you have? We don’t need to tell the people what’s in my pocket. What was that what’s in your pocket? Well, gosh it’s, so greasy Laughter. Well, i thought it wasn’t going to be this bad, but the texture of those nuts in my mouth were those nuts. No, they were like garlic. This is garlic chips, yeah, no that’s; something else: look glow, that’s, garlic chip; no those look like nuts little beans, beans or nuts. What does it say? It’S soybean? Where does it say that chili it’s soybean fermented soybeans that’s, where it is that’s where it is fermented don’t like that? Word that’s a no for me, but if you want to try it again and let us know what you think just get the spicy chili crisp and any soft serve vanilla ice cream.

I wouldn’t try it i mean it was. It was um. How do i say this? It wasn’t bad, but like it wasn’t i’m, not sure the ones who say like mmm. This is so good. I do like the sauce that chili sauce, though i can see that i can. I can have it i’m, also one that does not like um. Like my savory things, i don’t like them sweet. Well, i guess the highlight of this video with my hair is so stupid. All our hairs we’re having a great hair day, guys um yeah this ice cream. I got to say: can you try this or if you have tried this? Let us know in the comments, if you like it, maybe we should have added something else i don’t know. I copied this exactly as i’ve seen. This is what we see. This is the exact brand, the exact bottle, and they said even soft services it’s just like not not even like. Why did it even go there Laughter hard pass for the grub girls hard pass. All right, well um, that was our taste test on the new asian trend of the soft serve with chili oil and we’re going to have to say a polite. No, i know but um that’s it for this video it’s, a short one guys. We will see you next video it’s, a quickie. Sometimes we don’t have all day. You just need a little quickie, and should we mention it’s like oh, my god, what what am? I sure? Oh no, i was just saying it’s a late night.

Oh it’s, a late night session, guys put your candles on and watch us for, quickie um. I did want to mention at the end of the month we will be having our next live. Um. The last week of july, so i’ll put it on your calendar and get ready because the gruff girls are going live. I think i was like if there was a restaurant that had like everything spicy on the menu, then this is like fitting right i’m, not ordering it for the end of the meal. No, what else? What dessert could you think i’m? Not eating dessert there we’re going somewhere else. Listen you have to no. I don’t. You do it’s a it’s a like a five course dinner. I won’t eat it. I took a bite and i said: do that at a restaurant i paid for it all right. Team salty’s starting to sweat, so this hair ain’t gon na last any longer.