So it does make a difference for that shea gilges alexander, unable to convert Applause just past the nine minute mark tucker bothered by paul as his house house, inside contact, no whistle and adam’s clears house playing banged up missed the final three games of the seating round. As dildos alexander can’t put it down Applause to assert their dominance in the paint this is robert covington acquired in that trade early february 14, 12 players, Applause, alexander already, 12. Three point: attempts from the rockets so can oklahoma city get their offense going just 13 points. Applause, let them to know i got fouled and he did get fouled and he wants them to know that it happened so that they’re looking closer next time and they make sure on the next three. If it happened, oklahoma city bench schroeder gave him such a shot. In the arm off the bench, can he do it again tonight with their offensive struggle shots down to one boy? Contact there you can live with is the step back three. Obviously, you don’t want to foul him and you don’t want to allow him to get down the paint and break down your defense where he creates so much habit, no and what’s hard on the step back for players. You have to be disciplined because, as he creates the space, the defender wants to close that space, take it away and right now it is a shooting clinic by the rockets, as this now is their largest lead of this opening half 21 opening game of this best Of seven series, houston and oklahoma city, pardon that patented step and he’s a little bit short, no russell westbrook for the rockets strain right quadriceps if you’ve just popped on with us stay today.

You have to remember, though, okc the best comeback team in the league with 17 comeback win so watching the guys walk onto the floor. They still look lead so here’s. What happens when you hit a lot of threes, which houston does and they did in the first half, is now everybody on oklahoma, city’s team is so concerned about giving their guy another 12 point differential, covington the driving kick that play stolen by paul here. Come the thunder – and this will be a reaching foul against harding, but again that appeared to be some frustration coming out of robert covington that his money’s worth shot clock at seven. This is shay gil. Just alexander he’s had the sweet stroke. This is alexander, eric gordon attacking the basket has been phenomenal and virtually every drive has been to his right hand, keeping the ball in front of them they’re helping each other, because they know these guards are good off the dribble. I like what they’re doing shea gil, just alexander just has not added tonight’s statements. Are there in the gaps making it tough to get to the rim as harden knocks down another four, eight straight for houston largest lead of the night until that three little misdirection by gilges alexander movement, back inside to gilgis, alexander salem state clarence, big house games an Absolute icon in the coaching world so great to see those sneakers on chris paul tonight, uh, but james harden at billy, said he does a better job of compartmentalizing than anybody.