Double digits. Do you feel like you’re in control of the series? Uh? No, you know we played uh. We played well uh. We didn’t shoot the ball particularly well tonight, but i think defensively especially in that second half we did an unbelievable job of just gearing in on what they like to do and uh correcting our uh. You know our mishaps in that first half dan loki, hey james uh, to take you away from the series real quickly sunday would be kobe’s 43rd birthday, i believe um. Obviously he looms so large in in this year, for the people who know him so much other stuff has gone on, but i’m just curious kind of. How much do you think about your friendship with him and what has he meant to you kind of after his passing? How much do you think about him and what do you think he would have made of the situation you guys are in now in the bubble and all the competition uh all the time? I think his his presence is just alone because uh you know he made you feel him um. You know, obviously when he spoke um, but just his impact. Obviously, on the court you know he was impacting so many people uh with the game of basketball, um his competitive nature, his spirit just everything is it was unbelievable, so i think about him, a lot man and just uh. You know. Obviously we all miss him.

You know what he’s done for individually. He was like a role model to me, man. Obviously i look up to him as a basketball player. When i was younger, you know you know growing up in la and then, as i got, you know as he got older on his way out of the league, he kind of became a real mentor uh. You know outside of basketball and in the business aspect in the business world, um and so that’s kind of you know where our relationship really grew. Thank you james yesterday, when mike was talking to us. He he talked about heart, will and character, and a bunch of things like that. How much of this of winning on a night you guys aren’t, hitting threes, just comes down to those things. We actually talk about that before the game. You know we’re not making shots, we got to find ways to win and you know i keep saying that it’s going to be on a defensive end and that first half we gave ourselves a chance defensively to not be shooting the ball well, but only down six Points, and so we made shots and continue to just push our pace and do what we do, that the game was going to eventually turn around for us, and it did in that second half. So does this bode well for a team that wants to make a deep playoff, run and and more yeah, because obviously it’s a bonus when we’re making shots? You know our swag is, you know way crazier, but i think our spike is even better when we’re, not because we got to guard and defend and uh.

You know be on the page be able to be on the same page defensively um. You know our antennas go up even more when we’re not making shots. Thank you james what’s. It like there early in the first or the fourth quarter, rather where uh you’re on the bench and and uh your guys are able to go on that big run. I think it was 15 0 run unbelievable man that’s. That was a game right there. You know the guys just took it upon themselves to guard and uh. You know we felt in the sense of oklahoma city was getting tired and we just we kept pressing the pressing gas on them. You know and uh. You know that was that was again game, changer right there for us uh. You know hugh shout out to d house and jeff tuck. You know all the guys i was in and that uh in that fourth quarter, gordon uh made some made some big plays defensively and then made some big shots. Taylor brooks hey james, so obviously you are a guy in the league that is very hard to defend so much so that charles barkley said that you were the best one on one. You know player that he had seen. Did you see that what was your response to it and why do you think he feels that way about your game? Uh? No, i haven’t seen it. I haven’t seen it but uh.

I just work so hard on my craft. You know uh day in and day out, you know i can’t get tired of it of the work that i put in you know, and obviously no nights like tonight is it’s great for me. You know it humbles me um, because i know that i can do so much more and, if i’m not making shots – and i got to find other ways to impact the game but uh more times than not i’m going to be making shots and i’m going to Get to my spot, so i just got to keep putting the work in keep chipping away and uh. You know. Hopefully i have better games: hey james when you’re in isolation and they’re, throwing all these defenses at you and overloading you it’s all about making reads um. How would you would you say you guys are as in sync as you’ve been all year yeah, especially you know. I think we only had maybe 10 or 12 games something like that when we, after we traded for uh verkhov, you know so we never really got a chance to catch a rhythm um. But this you know, practices and and kind of training him and the eight regular season games gave us an opportunity to kind of you know, fill out what we had. You know on both ends of the floor. So as far as our spacing uh, who set screens and things like that, it’s something that we really dialed in on and um, you know it’s paid off for us matt muesl mike said earlier: hey without fans.

We have to generate our own enthusiasm. That seems to be working very well. Could you comment on the enthusiasm that you share for one another? We feed off each other, and you know you know throughout the entire game in front of me from the jump ball, we got to give each other encouragement and energy and i think, even when things aren’t going well, we kind of keep giving each other that boost Of confidence uh, you know because our shots are going to fall and defensively we’re going to be active, so uh, courage and confidence goes a long way. You know, so we just try to spread that amongst ourselves, uh amongst our you know, teammates and coaches and uh. They give they feed us back to us, so it goes a long way, especially here with other fans. Terence harris, hey james how’s, it going what’s up hey what is it? What has it been like for you to watch some of the guys that are quote unquote role players really be able to step up in these first two games, and just what does that mean to you? As as one of the you know, one of the leaders of this team to see those kind of performances coming from so many different directions – uh we’ve all seen it throughout the course of you know, playoffs and and as you get deeper you need. You know you need your team, you know you need guys to play well, you need guys to make big shots, make big plays uh defensively and offensively, and just tonight was a start.

You know and it’s been that way. You know guys have been making plays and been playing pretty well tonight. We just uh, you know i wasn’t playing well, so you know i didn’t shoot the ball. Well, so uh, you know it just looked like it was. It was. It was more highlighted, but guys and my teammates have been playing well all year. You know they’ve been after it um and you know tonight was a huge for us. We’Ll take two more andres lopez. Thank you, uh james. We were looking at russell westbrook on the sidelines, all in all, not to take away from the great effort that you guys put in, but how much of today’s victory? Do you attribute to the energy you get from russell on the sidelines and his involvement in the game? I mean it was our whole team, like i said before we feed off each other. So you know obviously russell gave us that energy, but our entire bench was, you know, was excited and turned up. You know, especially when we went on that, run uh, and they saw us they saw us excited, so they looking at us and we’re, giving them that confidence and their energy. They just gon na keep you out there and doing what they’re doing so. It was a beautiful sight to see and uh, like i said before, we all give each other that confidence and that and that uh that courage to go out there and just be ourselves.

The last one, simon only james uh, two games, then you’ve gotten good, scoring contributions from daniel house eric gordon jeff, green and others is this kind of what you want when you’re missing russ yeah. This is that yeah, even with russ back. This is what’s gon na have to happen for us to um. You know we, our offense is so spread out. You know you got driving lanes and you got you know we have shooters. You know on the floor so uh guys any given night guys are going to be able to. You, know, step up and make big shots make big plays, and it was a few guys last game. It was a few guys tonight and it’s going to need to be a few guys, every single game for us to have a chance. Thank you.