The thunder are four for 19 from behind the arc covington fires and that one’s true, you can play them so differently, forcing guys to shoot shots that you want them to take and not commit on the defensive end. Galinari he’s been their best weapons behind the arc. He hits another one that’s. His third cannot paul good catch looking for help that was tipped by covington, the culinary with a shot flake and he hits another one back and forth. They go to pick it up really at the half court line. He’S not scared to check harder outside, which means he’s, not scared. To fall. He’Ll get crossed over or get scored, cool galinari is feeling it right now, average, nearly 19 a game this year. Applause all the way around the horn again house got it another three pointed down down to a house. This time paul offensive foul schroeder took the charge close that gap close the door now ball inside and chris paul takes it to the rack turnover. Then swiped away did green schroeder is on the break away and that’s gon na be houston ball daniel house right with him step for step. This is right on schedule. Harden for three he’s got it just crept over the front of the rim. Who’D have thought, as harden goes to the hole to score who the thoughts – oh yeah, look for houston to get up 20 more threes, they average 52.. You see they’re 30, now great still right there getting in the way, but okc has a way of locking games up make you feel like you’re running in mud, one minute mark of this third quarter: oklahoma city, trying to force a game, seven paul and maisley nothing.

There finds torn does he got the hot hand? Oh dork, coming alive here with back to back three point: lead at the half find themselves down two and it’s poked away from behind noelle and a foul on houston Applause, that’ll be on gordon without that play by noelle in the long reach and that’ll. Take us to the end: yes, here’s, jeff green for three and that stops a 10 0 oklahoma city run oklahoma city by three in the ball: fancy dribbling there by paul shoots up and over green and he’s, got it before you just knew it. He had all that rhythm when he gets into that pity. Pat patty cake more you can’t do anything. He has so many moves the hands up the in and out and, most importantly, he can knock down. The jumper westbrook misses on the layup rockets are going to need more from russell westbrook he’s, seen much of him in the second half again paul working on green, oh chris, paul Music westbrook on the drive westbrook had the luxury of playing him only 24 minutes. In that game, didn’t need him much. In the fourth quarter, paul working with schroeder he’s got gork down in the corner. They leave him open he’s hit a couple of threes already now he swapped places with beasley. Three pointer is good. The left, hander hardened now with door on him shot clock ticks down to five there’s tucker a little bit of a scramble here, shot clock to one covington, just gets it off and scores in this or through the third into the fourth Applause.

There goes paisley on the drive kicks it to paul wide open for three that let’s go. Chris Applause really can’t find his rhythm, gordon can’t, get the bounce there’s covington, with the offensive board on the putback gordon kicks it. Tucker open for three that’s good turnovers for okc 18 for houston, covington for three that one’s true there’s, a 16 3 oklahoma city run. Now the rockets are an 8 0 rub themselves and the lead with the ball, gordon, on the drive working on gil, just alexander and scott Music that’s, a good call, i know – maybe chris paul didn’t see it that way, it’s a fast motion, but that is a Great call and tucker one of the best, in my opinion, him and lilia silva at getting charges and the tech is paul with the air punch and got dinged by kevin scott, sending harden to the free throw line for the team. That is a pivotal moment. Perhaps, as we come to the finish line in this game, so hardin’s made technical foul shot makes it a six point. Houston lead with the ball 419 remaining in regulation under hold serve right there on the miss by harden see if they have an answer. Oklahoma city down six scaling had the hot hand in that third quarter and the ball is bumped by tucker. He is furious. James harden trying to calm him down and keep those arms down. You see chris paul looking at chris paul going to say that’s attack, but he looked and said: well, he didn’t brush he didn’t air punch.

Him season was right now houston, locked in on their pick and roll defense. Everyone getting to the paint paul for three. Oh, a big shot for chris paul thunder down three shot: clock ticks to eight covington on paul paul’s had a big half as well played a ton of minutes now. Another three pointer is up: oh chris paul. What a big shot for chris paul again. Another made three for paul Applause. There goes harden, runs into a wall of galinari turnover, paul jumps, the lane costly turn over there. Oklahoma city can take the lead here to still cut it and be aware on the houston, defensive cutters. Paul gets by covington all the way in hit hard, no whistle ends up in the hands of westbrook westbrook pushes westbrook gives it up, gordon for three it’s short and it’s schroeder, away from the pack he’ll. Just alexander throws it off of gordon that’ll, be oklahoma city ball rockets can take the lead westbrook working on galinari, another bad pass. Nice save by tucker back in the hands of westbrook paul, is on him and he knocks it out of his hands to steal by paul turn over westwood paul gives it up. Gilda’S alexander gives it up adams. What defense houston closed him down? Didn’T they for houston to get back with the big seven footer and get this on the other end. That shows you why houston is a whole new, different team back and converged like that before and that started with hardin and gordon getting back into play.

Here’S schroeder, Music Applause westbrook has been turning the ball over. You want somebody that can space the floor shoot and get a little bit more respect. Defense, laying off of westbrook daring him to shoot the shot. Westbrook will shoot an air ball for westbrook saved by harden and it hits galinari houston ball. Chris paul wants to look at that. He feels that hard and honored that, but look at this play right here, he’s gon na say: oh no he’s clean. He was in bounds, look it’s the extra effort it’s the hustle tonight, of both teams – terrific play tied at 141 7 remaining in regulation here and almost a turnover here is hardened shot. Clock ticks got ta get one up as the tiger runs out and it’s kalinari, who runs it down. Applause golden opportunity here for oklahoma city, nine seconds separating shot clock in game clock chris paul wants coming to norman. He wants the larger one that’s why he just asked schroeder to come home and give Applause 26 points and has not missed from the line. He’S four for four tonight give him 27. paul calmly, knocks him both down oklahoma city by two, the rockets with the shot clock off and a turnover as russell westbrook. Another giveaway, wow westbrook struggling here in the fourth he’s, turned it over a lot tonight that’s. His sixth turnover of the game – and this one comes at the worst time for houston. I just don’t know why harden doesn’t have the ball.

I i get it, but you have two different gears: the air ball by harden uh, the badge i mean the air ball by westbrook, the bad layup hardest had the ball in the last three plays, and you figure a quick foul is coming. They let it play, and now a hard foul by westbrook galinari will go to the line. To put this one away, oklahoma city’s been one of the great stories in the nba all year: Applause aspirations, Applause, Music, got it two possession game, the buzzer sounds and oklahoma city survives for a game. Seven. The story continues for the thunder and what was thought might be a rebuild year. No sir, they forced a game. Seven all time records each with six wins a piece.