Maybe doesn’t apply quite as much pressure. This is jay crowder now to bam. Adebayo turns and shoots and it’s tapped up and in by jimmy butler robinson tied for third in the league in made threes fourth best in accuracy, just an incredible second season that he had, that is adetokunbo that’s, his tenth three against them, 10 for 16. Now, against milwaukee crowder, coming over in early february that trade that uh brought in from memphis as brook lopez, who has been rejuvenated here at the bubble, gon na, be a big part of this series who shoots it better from three yemi’s from deep. Both of these teams can hit times where it becomes a real problem. Lopez again, he’s been a different player, since this team got here. Yelling such an emotional week for the bucks and just everything about this nba restart, has felt different butler turned back. That is that all league defense as middleton fills up a three 30 minutes a game and we saw games in the first round in the playoffs, where budenholzer used 11 guys in the first quarter, 6 30 to play it’s a five point lead for the bucks. Here’S dragach lobbing inside to butler good position, and he goes glass beautiful feed by druggage. Miami is five of eight from the field. The bucks are nine for 14. hot shooting at both ends, dragons with a three point: jack here’s, george hill. Getting the start tonight. If you’ve just joined us for eric bledsoe a late scratch with a hamstring injury, this will be a block inside and they’re gon na count.

The basket milwaukee has built the league’s best defense over two years by taking away the paint and jimmy butler gets to the rim. There that’s rare one, seven and four in that stretch butler left it a little bit short rebound buying at the boombo. Here he comes up the floor, weaving through traffic and stuffs it with his left hand, tyler hero walks, a tight rope on the baseline swatted by williams. Bucks want to push carver spots up transition, three splash fight for the rebound it’s loose, look at evancenzo save but it’s, taken by none draggage bill in the lane and lays it up and in steven chen. So three seconds lopez finally recognizes that’s a three got it and barely beats the clock. What a stroke by lopez milwaukee has gone 10 deep, already, it’s dry get your leaning back just so skillful offensively nice catch by iguodala robinson into the corner. None shot clock down to three, none beautifully done high arcing shot and that cuts to milwaukee lead to seven. That was good d by milwaukee. They ran guys off the three point line three times forcing the heat to make extra plays, but the heat able to do it a little run out, iguodala known to fans as big john. He played for the boston celtics when they won the championship in 65 and 66. He also announced games for turner, sports and wednesday would have been john thompson’s 79th birthday stan your memories of this gentleman well, certainly a great coach, but i had the opportunity to work with patrick ewing.

That would be something special by the way free, throw shooting numbers. You saw there. Yanis is two of six at the free throw line and druggage told you led miami in scoring in the opening round. Sweep of indiana scored better than 22 per game was right in butler’s chest. Well, you’re not going to back wes matthews down very easily. He is a very physical defender. Middleton has the answer at the other end and drag it’s rather and play resumes here comes dragache inside beautiful set up as he drops a dime to butler returned in game. Four, of course, had that coveted diagnosis who was late to arrive had to leave covert again matter, so he’s been playing catch up as middleton pretty left handed bank team walked out even closer after the events of this week. None inside well played by d vincenzo, but none hits nonetheless middleton 19. A piece crowders pass intercepted by middleton off the theft to the rim banks it down. Milwaukee is out of fouls five seconds: olynyk that’s, a three got it seven, three pointer by miami three point: shots will be open. Both of these teams want to protect the paint at all costs, as we see right here and threes are going to be open, crowded, not that time. Here’S the open floor size is up, adebayo fires, a three and sticks. It and draggage kind of turning the clock back. There’S been a 20 point score in his career multiple times as yannis who’s had the hot hand for miami middleton 19 in the first half rises and sticks.

It milwaukee bucks have led by as many as 11. drag it’s the drive and kick butler left open, got it and we are tied and for the teams, they’re gon na, be here into the finals talking about into october butler vicious, so george hill, now with seven His first three pointer of the night for the bucks butler taking on contact and a chance at three for the heat and for the teams they’re gon na, be here into the finals. Talking about into october butler vicious. This milwaukee team on the year led the league giving up only 38 points. A game in the paint mike budenholzer will not be happy with that defense. What a shot by george hill, so george hill, now with seven his first three pointer of the night for the bucks butler taking on contact and a chance at three for the heat first lead from miami, since they were up 12 to 10. At the nine minute mark of the opening quarter, kyle korver Applause, miami resets dragach misses adebayo, and it is good list absolutely one of the most feared shooters in my entire time in the league, because he’s a guy who you can have under control for a long Period, you know so much of the talk about miami has been how great their young players are and they are, and they’ve had a great year good hands by korver carver on a three got. It three point, marksman well that’s.

What you’ve got to do with jimmy butler you’ve got to make him make shots over the top of you without fouling it williams going full extension and he’s fouled done a very good job with that. So far here in game, one giannis again on the take banks it in boy he had to improvise he’s got 18 points. You can finish that play butler the little hesitation boy. That was a thing of beauty by butler he’s got 27 points to lead all scorers. As well as our good buddies, steve smith, here’s dragach on the drive outside out of bio, shot, clock down to two he’ll shoot a long two and he sticks it mike buttonholes are upset, wants a timeout. 60 wins: a year ago, 56, here in 2020, middleton finds his spot, elevates it’s good it’s, a one point game last basket by middleton. His first points, by the way, since the eight minute mark of the third quarter, butler sizes, him up and hits they’ve, had success out of timeouts, getting the bell to add a bio and getting cuts butler deep three and he buries it. What a night for butler six to shoot, butler sizes up hill – and he hits again – he is putting miami on his back. Jimmy butler has taken over biggest lead for the heat lopez on a three badly needed bucket for the bucks side. Draggage contested three no and look at adebayo extra possession hero open, got it Applause, he’s gon na just play this possession straight; no traps, no fouls just trying to get a stop there’s still a lot of time.

Butler again. He has been magnificent, 18 and 10, but he’s one assist away from a triple double that’s. The furthest thing from his mind here is butler inside and he just keeps on coming defensively, particularly in the second half miami down by as many as 11 and milwaukee will lose game bias that i think the miami heat are the eastern conference’s dark horse and i Think they are just a dark horse that can outrun the milwaukee bucks in a six or seven game series and here’s.