This series three games to two game. Six of this western conference quarter final series: uh the houston rockets, a five and a half point favorite here in game: six, the total 226 between the rockets and thunder um. When you look at it, the houston rockets certainly just dismantled, took apart the oklahoma city thunder in game five. Whatever term you want to use uh, they were just magnificent and what was surprising to see was the houston rockets showed for one of the few times? This is not a team that is a defensive, uh juggernaut by any stretch. This is not one of those lockdown shutdown, airtight, defensive, basketball teams, they’ve and it’s been this way for years with houston, but boy. They showed it uh in game. Five uh in the uh 114 to 80 beat down over the oklahoma city thunder. It was some really good defense that they played in that game. They really harassed the guards of the oklahoma city thunder they really got after as well. Danilo galinari shea gilges alexander in particular those two players shot a combined two for 13 in the loss in game, five for the oklahoma city, thunder houston’s defense stepped up and they actually had a very good game plan. Believe i can’t believe i’m saying this about the houston rockets, who have not been like, i say much in terms of defense over the years, but they actually made sure that they got out and had extra bodies uh to throw out there.

Whenever chris paul had the ball or gallinari or shea gilges alexander those three guys in particular, schroeder, even who’s, also one of the bigger counted upon scorers for the thunder whenever they had the ball, it was you know what let’s force them out of their hands and What they would do is they would goad lugen’s dort into all of these wide open uncontested shot opportunities and they would dare him to to uh, take the shot and lieu against dort for some reason in game five decided, you know what i’m this offensive dynamo when Really: i’m not i’m, a terrible offensive player i’m going to take the shot anyway, uh, just because it’s wide open just because it’s wide open doesn’t mean you should be taking the shot, not when you’re a good offensive, not when you’re, not a good offensive player and You’Re not a great jump, shooter and that’s, not lugen, stewart’s game. His game is to be out there on the perimeter defensively. You know try to chase james harden off the three point line eric gordon all of those sharp shooters that’s, where your strength is that’s, where your asset is to this basketball team it’s, not taking these bad crazy shots that have no prayer of going in and he Fell victim to this little trap that the houston rockets laid out there in game five. They late, they put the cheese down. Lou gets darts the mouse going after that cheese fell into the trap and was just taking these bad shots.

I know you’re wide open but you’re wide open for a reason. They don’t think you can make the shot and you prove them right. You couldn’t make the shots, i mean, and it got to the point where you, if you’re billy donovan you had to think to yourself man, i i need this guy out on the court for defensive purposes, but he’s killing me here offensively. I mean three for 16 from the floor for lou genster logan store shouldn’t be taking 16 shots. I’M. Sorry, you know you should not be taking 16 shots in a basketball game. That’S too many for a guy that’s, not even a good offensive player. It’S unacceptable. In my opinion, over nine from three point range, yet here he is jacking up one bad shot after another in game five. As someone who had a piece of oklahoma city in the over in game five, you can tell i’m a little frustrated and angry seeing that um. But you know unacceptable. I mean you, you re have to realize what your strengths are as a player. What your weaknesses are as a player and making shots is not your strength, luke and stewart. You got ta, somehow get rid of the ball or pass it off, find another open man, you shouldn’t be taking those shots and he took way too damn many of them in game five, but give the rockets credit. They had a good defensive game plan and it played out perfectly to fruition in game five.

Now i expect the thunder to make some adjustments and look. The thunder have talked about a smaller lineup they’ve, stuck with it they’re trying to increase the pace, increase the tempo and look a lot of their key players. Aren’T gon na have the kind of offensive brutal showings that they had in game. Five, i mean shay gil. Just alexander four points: two of eight you know you would think, take the over that he’s gon na be better than that uh in game six, especially with okc’s season, on the line same with danilo galinari. Are you kidding me 1.0 for five? You know we know. He’S, better than that you’d expect him to play better chris paul and dennis schroeder uh and maybe uh basley off the bench they’re about the only three guys that gave the thunder anything decent, offensively uh in game. Five. On the flip side, you look at houston and, and they scored 114 points in game five in the win they shot 43 as a team which really isn’t all that great it’s. All right, you know, it’s a solid shooting day as a team, but it’s not like they lit the baskets on fire uh. They were pretty good from three point range 19 to 48 40, but there’s still room for growth for the rockets. At the offensive end of the court, you know when you look at it. Hard was good. 31 points was a really good game for eric gordon and i’m, telling you with russell westbrook back it’s, not necessarily look automatically for russell westbrook props.

Look for eric gordon total points props over, because that guy seems to get more open with russell westbrook on the floor and hit more threes when russell westbrook’s guiding the offense and running that offense uh for the rockets so and sure enough. You know his player prop. I think was 16 and a half points in game five. He ends up clearing that uh total number of points, so it’s just something to keep in mind that eric gordon is probably someone you want to look at from a prop standpoint, so the bottom line is houston, scored. 114. They probably they didn’t, even shoot the ball. You know as good as i’ve seen them in the past i’ve seen games where houston’s gotten into the 50s mid 50s in terms of field goal percentage. They were only 43 in game five, even though they had 114 points, so i think there’s room for growth. You know i can’t trust this oklahoma city defense. You know the first game with russell westbrook back and russell westbrook didn’t even do a whole lot in terms of his own offense. He only had seven points and three for 13 shooting was on the minutes. Restriction at 23 minutes in the game. You know you would think he’s gon na make a bigger offensive impact here in game. Six uh play more minutes, possibly, but certainly shoot the ball better and having a game under his belt now should help him a lot.

Quite a bit so the way i look at it is. We had a very, very odd, bizarre, weird game that had really really horrible shooting horrible offense, especially from oklahoma city in the first quarter, really sunk any chance of that game going over the total. The total closed at 228 and a half it ended up with 194 points. It stayed well under let’s. Keep in mind, though, prior to that three of the four games in this series had gone over the total. This total now is down a little bit to 226. um. I think we’re gon na get back to high scoring basketball, houston’s fast paced team, houston with russell westbrook now playing his second game back. This offense should be even more fluid, in my opinion, should be even more in rhythm. When you look at it for oklahoma city they’re, they have to improve, shooting the ball offensively from where what they did in game five. They have to there’s nowhere to go, but up for this team, especially for shea gilges, alexander danilo galinari, who just had terrible games, i think you’ve got to think long and hard if you’re, billy donovan be careful with the minutes. You give dort and make sure you know he has not taken all those shots. You got to drill it through his head man. If they somehow leave you open and you’ve got a wide open shot and the ball in your hands. Don’T take it.

Man get rid of it, find another teammate do something you can’t take those bad shots, you’re, just not a good offensive player. Sorry you’re! Not you know. You got to tell them that here and i think they’ll send the message to lou against dort uh what he should be doing when he has the basketball and it’s not taking a bad shot it’s anything, but that that’s what he should be doing uh, but anyway, Oklahoma city, you should expect them uh to shoot. The ball bet like 29 of 92 32 shooting in game five that’s dreadful, especially when the two previous games before that they were pretty good offensively as a team. How about 7 of 46 and 15 that’s right? 15? 7 of 46 from three point range for oklahoma city in game: five that has nowhere to go, but up you’re gon na get pace. Oklahoma, city’s preached smaller lineup pushed the pace at every opportunity. He’S even heard it in one of the donovan interviews during the game that tnt likes to do you know we got to play fast. We got to speed things up. I think they try to get back to that. I think houston, you know offensively. They figured some things out against oklahoma city that last game and westbrook now with a game under his belt, should be even better. I like this game over the total i’m staying off the side, i’m off the oklahoma city train, i think there’s a decent chance.

Houston closes this out in six games. I don’t think they want to wait around uh and deal with a potential game. Seven. You know we already saw. You know the clippers take care of dallas in a game. Six we’ve saw the lakers put away portland uh over the weekend, there’s some teams wanting to get the job done and finish off. These series there’s only been one game: seven so far and that’s denver, utah so i’m, not on oklahoma city i’m. Not laying the points with houston either, but i know i’ve been slanted slanting toward okc for much of this series. I will not be backing the thunder here in game six, but i will be backing the over here in this game. I think we get back to a higher scoring game and again with an elimination game if, for some reason, oklahoma, city’s down, you know five six seven points in the last minute. You could get excessive fouling uh. We have seen that from time to time. Even more so here in the bubble, they’re like college teams, they’re fouling down 10, with, like 20 seconds left can’t, even rule that out of the equation, if you’re, if okc, is trailing late in this game, so i think we get houston getting their offense wrapped up. They showed signs of it in game, five, with still room for improvement yet and oklahoma city’s gon na improve offensively because they have nowhere to go but up at that end of the floor after the debacle of game.

Five so, for my odds, hq nba betting preview, video best bet for monday august 31st, we’re gon na go with houston oklahoma city over 226 that’s going to be my best bet for monday august 31st. I’M. Ian cameron. Thank you for watching a reminder to check out every day for great sports betting content, as well as the odds hq youtube channel for live sports betting shows and daily videos to help you make some money and beat the books i’ll be back with you tomorrow.