It is sunday morning and i’m here to bring you the positivity i’m here to bring you the energy for chelsea versus manchester united fa cup. Semi final, the oldest competition in our sports history. It’S, an fa cup semi at wembley against manchester united it’s being played in july, but we’ve all come to terms now with the way that this year has been and football it like the whole football is back thing it’s kind of over now, to be honest, because The season is nearly flipping over, it feels like it’s, only just began because of the massive break in the middle, but this is a massive massive game and it is the start of a week that will define the near future and maybe even the long term future. As well of frank, lampard’s, chelsea we’re talking about the potential to set up a final against arsenal for redemption for that final in 2017, which saw me as the thumbnail with tears streaming down my face on the fa’s official youtube channel. So i don’t really want to repeat that one again and we probably won’t be able to go to the matches anyway. So at this point in time it will be me in my bedroom in bali for the foreseeable future before we get into this match preview. I want to ask you to subscribe to gbfc. I do match previews on the morning of every single game day, so make sure you subscribe for that hit the like button.

If you’re excited and i’ve seen some comments across the recent videos, particularly the one that i posted last two days ago, with yann, where we discussed this man united game in a little bit of detail, some people are saying, like we don’t care about this one. We don’t care about the fa cup and i’m. Sorry, i cannot agree with you and, if i say anything in this video today about giving 110 and we end up losing this one and then against liverpool, and i look a bit stupid. I don’t really care to be quite honest. I, as a football fan, understand the importance of the fa cup. I see what it means to the older generation, where the fa cup probably had a little bit more of a glorified prowess compared to what it does now because of the money in football. Yes, the champions league should be chelsea’s number one priority because of the money that it brings to the club because of how it sets chelsea in terms of their stature in world football, to be competing in europe’s number. One competition, however, i’m, always very excited about doing. Well, in the fa cup it’s a competition that means a lot to chelsea it’s, a competition. That means a lot of football in general, not just english football. The fa cup has a beauty about it. There’S been this poetic essence to the fa cup over the years. Where there’s been teams that maybe you would never have dreamed of winning it end up winning it such as wigan a few seasons ago, and every time you step foot onto the hallowed turf of wembley stadium, you know you’re there for a special reason.

Apart from when spurs, are building new stadiums and we go there and just have a lovely little marcus alonso double to take three points away whenever you play at wembley, you know that there is something huge at stake as a result of what happens when you walk Off of that grass and chelsea against a man united team – oh let’s, be honest, they’re, our bogey team they’re, the team that we just can’t seem to crack under frank lampard we’ve played them three times already. This is match number four, and it is time for redemption. Not just for that, but to set up that final against arsenal after arsenal beat manchester city two nil in a very confident michael arteta performance. Good mentions for david luiz, who had a great game of bamiyan with a double. It would just be beautiful to see chelsea in that final again in frank’s first season, when we think about like what frank has done this year. The way that he’s bought these young players through who’s messaging me you’re gon na, have to leave me alone. I’M. Busy frank has brought in these young players we’ve seen like a new chelsea dna being choreographed under frank lampard we’ve got the hashtag it’s a chelsea thing. The fa cup is as much of a chelsea thing as anything and remember we should. Hopefully i mean i think we will be but wearing the special fa cup kit that we’ve got, which is also one of the most beautiful chelsea kits i’ve ever seen.

So with that being said, this game against united. There are so many small caveats, and so many big things that we could just quash all of a sudden if we win this one and we manage to get top four united fans they’re not really going to have a leg to stand on when it comes to This whole we’ve beaten you three flipping times thing this season. This is massive for chelsea and i think that, even though some people are saying, we’ve got liverpool away up next to anfield in what is really a game that we should be looking to win with the current scenario with the top four. If we don’t win, it might not necessarily be in our hands to finish in the champions league, so i totally get where everyone’s coming from with, like we could rest pull us. It could rest this player that player we’ve got to be careful about injuries and all of this stuff, but i’m more than happy to go into this one blind saying i want to win the fa cup as much as anything else so for this match preview we’re Going to build my team, i know that there will be some questions about it. There will be questions about formation. There will be questions about you know you either believe in the fa. Couple you don’t i’m, one of those guys who do so, starting with the back line i’m gon na go with three center backs for this game.

Now for kyotomori. You remember that game against liverpool. Earlier this season, liverpool attacked with a lot of pace and even though chelsea lost that game kyotomori’s performance that early in the season, when we just seen him break into the team, was one of the standouts from the match mo salah. Didn’T really have much to do because of tomorrow’s pace and agility to keep up with him to show him to the right side, and i feel as though, with manchester united’s attack. Having so much pace, you’ve got rashford martial. I think that these guys could cause chelsea problems, and i think that tamori will be able to support the left wing back we’ll get into him in the moment and i’ve gone with zuma. Who could be a big player for us? Winning those aerial battles in the middle and we’ve also got azpilicueta who’s, arguably been the best chelsea defender since the premier league restart. So a back four technically with three centre backs with kepper in goal: i’ve decided to put kepper in there he’s the number one i do believe in all of this, like you have a cup team and you play willy, but just got the belief that this could Be a big big game for kepper to really make a statement as chelsea’s number one goalkeeper. So that is my defense and i think you can probably guess what the wing backs are for now: it’s marcus alonso and our boy reecy james, again, there’s, always that story that we bring it back to with that special day where marcus alonso turned up at wembley.

I mean i actually turned up at wembley with one of the worst hangovers of my life, the day that marcus alonso whipped that free kick over the wall, past the flailing arms of hugo laurice, and then he puts it through his legs for a second chelsea waltz Away from wembley with another fine victory, marcus alonso scoring a double, and i don’t know why. Okay, i just got a feeling that this is marcus, alonso’s game. He scored against manchester united before and i just can’t get it out of my head. I woke up this morning in that lovely bed behind myself and i thought it’s sunday, it’s cup semi final day, it’s marcus alonso’s day. He runs down the wing for me. Scores two at wembley i’ve just got a sneak feeling, and i know that when i have these sneak feelings, sometimes they do come true, sometimes they don’t but like i want to see it happen. I think that tactically chelsea have looked good against the big teams. This season, when we’ve gone with three at the back using the wing back system, it also allows us to get the best out of marcus alonso, going forward with tomorrow’s pace and we’ve, not seen him in the chelsea side recently. But he was on the bench for that game against norwich tomorrow’s pace could be key, and i think that azpilicueta complimenting rhys james means that there’s less defensive onus, maybe on rhys james for this one, and we can see him trying to give united problems down the Left united haven’t got any luke shaw for this game, so it’ll be interesting to see what they do defensively and i think that we need to try and utilize rhys james’s ability to get forward with azpilicueta, covering him in this game against united.

So, to give some respect to this manchester united team, since bruno fernandez has come into the man united team in january. They’Ve looked very good if anything they’ve been probably one of the best teams in the premier league. Since you know the corona restart they’ve had a couple of wobbles, but united have looked good, they’ve been scoring freely and the way that they’ve beaten chelsea this season in the three matches, they’ve beaten us it’s very often been counter attacking football, where chelsea haven’t actually played That bad but united have been incredibly clinical we’ve seen that the four goals they scored at old trafford how we lost that game, four nil is still beyond me to this very day. It was just a few individual errors, not taking any chances and then it’s a four nil score line, putting chelsea in the relegation zone, the carabao cup game. I mean flipping it like that. Free kick it’s a little bit mind blowing and then at stanford bridge it was a poor performance, but the way that all those games went it’s kind of different now for chelsea, because united don’t necessarily have to be so. They don’t have to counter attack as much. They can actually attack with a lot more free flow and ability, with fernandez and pogba, linking up so well together, rashford and martial being in such good form. I think, with the formation that i’ve chosen, it could kind of play back into chelsea’s hands a little bit.

So, as for the midfield, too, i’ve decided to go with mason mount with the press to try and win the ball back for chelsea high up in the manchester united half and i’ve gone with the player of the season. I think in recent weeks, we’ve seen christian pulisic really stake in a late claim to be chelsea’s player of the season. I give him the young player of the season and i would say that matteo kovich has still been that guy and i think that his industry and his ability to transition the ball for chelsea with dribbling out from the back. I think this could be a huge one for matteo kovacich. I mentioned in the video with yann that, if bruno fernandez is the bomb, i thought that n’golo kante would be the defuser for chelsea in this game. Sadly, ngolo kante still has a hamstring injury, which means he won’t be ready for this game against united. So the biggest thing for me was how did chelsea combat this very strong manchester united midfield, and the best thing i could come up with was a kovachich mason mount partnership, and i think it gives chelsea a little bit going back and it also gives chelsea something Going forward and then the attacking three that we’re going to roll with today christie and pull us sick people have said resting because we’ve got liverpool coming up, as i’ve said in this video already countless times not buying into that it’s, a must win game.

In my opinion, i want to win the flipping cup. Pull asic on the left, he’s been absolutely brilliant. Recently, olivier giroud is the striker for this one we’ve already seen him. Do it in fa cup, semi finals for chelsea and boy. Do i want to see olivier giroud, yet again in a cup final in a blue shirt against his former club arsenal? It would just be brilliant in frank’s, debut season and give credit to olivier giroud. He was kind of the forgotten man. He didn’t really have a sniff but six goals recently in his last eight starts in the prem or his last eight games in the prem or whatever it is it’s. A great return from olivier giroud and he’s got to start this one again for me. I think that in the big games we know that we can utilize girou’s ability to hold up the ball. We can always rely on him for a goal and with alonzo’s industry going forward and the same with reecy james, i think it’s a recipe for chances that olivier giroud can take against this united defense and i’ve gone with willian on the right hand, side of the Attack, i was thinking like maybe hudson or dory rest willian for the game against liverpool, but then i’m also thinking start willian and rest hudson odoi for the game against liverpool and let hudson and dory, try and run at that liverpool. Defense have not been as good since they won the title, so that is my starting 11 on the screen right now.

Let me know what yours is in the comments down below. This is a huge one cup semi final. I want to win this there’s. Nothing else. I’M thinking about liverpool’s gon na be next and we’ll. Think about that after this game, the idea of frank lampard with this young chelsea team, haven’t, beaten, liverpool, leicester, man, united and then arsenal. If it happens, it will be one of the best chelsea fa cup. Wins that i can remember in my lifetime, it’s been a tough road to the final we’ve, got one more game and then we’re there against our london rivals. It just sounds so perfect. It’S gon na be tough respect to united they’re, a very, very good team. I’Ve said it all season, particularly now, but i think we can win with this team on the screen. Let me know your thoughts down below my prediction: i’m. Not gon na dwell on it. For too long, but you guys know i’m, the optimist here on gbfc, i love to bring the positivity chelsea to united one and, of course we all know how they’ll score penalty it’s, a no brainer they’ll get at least one, maybe even five, but anyway. Thank you. Guys for watching subscribe to gbfc if you’re new around here and haven’t already and as always, if you didn’t know, got a series called six things that we learn, which is a tiered series after every single match, where we review and rate chelsea’s performance so stay tuned For that one after the game, this is massive.

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