Thank you for clicking on this video. Please make sure you subscribe if you haven’t and let’s get right into the video, so the first thing you’re be needing is cooked oats or two helps increase the size of your pots and the size of your heaps you’ve also been kneading milk and also condensed milk. Milk in general helps increase your size down there. You also been eating honey. Honey is very thin to increase your portland and also we add boyd egg, and also at the car door, which is an energy buda, a Mazel buda when it comes to the glutes and, lastly, your bananas, so nice to start off I’m going to prep my fruits. So now I’ll be peeling the banana and when I’m done peeling it I will slice it into little chunks, including the avocado and the egg Music Music Music, because I cannot eat all the vaca dough. I will just slice it into twig for house and use one half for my meal, so this is what the fruits and the egg look like. I slice them into little chunks, and this is so beautiful and healthy at the same time, so now I’m, bringing my cooked oats and I’ll be adding honey to it, so guys I’ll just be taking 1 tablespoon of honey and adding to the oats Music Applause. Music. Applause, Music, so guys National Boy had to add, is my milk Music, so that is for finishing touches I’m going to add my banana I’m going to add, avocado, pear and also my egg should ice.

My boys food with a lot of goodies, and this is a healthy breakfast to grow your both size. So I will also be including the milk drink, and this is a healthy, great fast, indeed increase your both size to increase your hips and also burn belly fat. Music, so guys this video is in respect to the last video I did on how to increase your bod size and your hips. I blended everything together, but in this one I’m showing you how you can also have it without blending, because obviously I couldn’t stand or I can’t stand blending egg into an avocado banana an oat. So I decided to try this other way. It works both ways. You can choose to do it the blending process and take it as a smoothie or you can decide to take it as a whole meal, like this it’s all going to wake. The target is just to increase your both size and your hips without belly, fat or extra fat on your body, and this is what this meal is going to give you a quick disclaimer, please exercise patience. While doing this, you should see results in 14 days. Don’T come to my comment section and say: it’s a lies not working. This is medically proven that this works and improves the both sides, so you have to give it patient and also include other things, to help build your pots like walking out and other things. I know that can build your butt, but this is definitely going to give you a big boat, so you have to apply patience.

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