Do you ice cream? Hmm? No! I don’t really think I like ice cream because I love ice cream. Of course you love ice cream who doesn’t, okay but Lucas. The real test is, we are gon na play some ice cream, rapidfire, alright, okay, I get 30 seconds on the clock. We’Ll just see how much you like ice cream, okay, ready, okay, ready, let’s get 30 seconds. Oh sprinkles, chocolate zipper, no dip! What chocolate chip soft serve or frozen yogurt, saucer, chocolate or vanilla, vanilla, mint, chocolate chip, yes or no? Yes, sir caramel sauce go go back both both but chocolate, popsicle or ice cream sandwich go hurry, ice cream sandwich. I just do that. Okay hold on um Lucas. Yes, did you know that Sian I mean sometimes ice cream is an amazing thing, but it also has to do with its science. I know I did because everything in the world actually is because of science, so it’s so cool, and we actually have Charlotte the scientists that show us how to make icecream. He TVO kids I’ve been spending a lot of time outside in my backyard at the Sun. Right but it’s, starting to get really hot. My favorite way to cool down in the summer is with ice cream and speaking of ice cream. I have a really cool experiment to show all of you for this experiment: you’re going to need your ice cream mix, which is made up of vanilla, cream and sugar, along with some salt, some eggs and two plastic bags.

This mix doesn’t quite look like ice cream. Does it can move and flow inside this bag, but I just can usually stays in the same shape, Wow that’s, because this mix is still a liquid liquids, take the shape of the container that they’re in and they can flow spread and spill. If I want to make ice cream, I need to turn this mix into a solid, solid stay in the same shape unless we act upon them to change it like scooping the ice cream out of a container the process of going from a liquid to a solid Is called freezing in order to freeze your ice cream mix, you’re going to need to put your ice and your salt into the big plastic bag and then put the little plastic bag of ice cream mix inside and seal it up really tight and you’re going to Shake I’ve been shaking this around for a couple of months and I think it’s that ready to go I’m going to use my amendment to take out my little plastic bag of ice cream really carefully and we’re, going to see what observations we can make. At the end, so, as you can see, this ice cream mix is now solid. It holds its shape when I squish the bag. Well, TPL, kids. I did so much fun making ice cream with you today, we’ve successfully turned our liquid ice cream mix into solid ice cream it’s gone through a change of the states of matter called freezing.

I hope you all see how cool science can be, especially when it’s this hot, outside I’m, going to go and dry. My ice cream well, I’ll, see you all later: okay, that’s, so cool, okay, Lucas here’s, the game, it’s called ice cream, flavor ice cream faker. I name something you have to tell me if it’s, a fake or real, get ready let’s. Do it chunky monkey it’s real? Yes, a flavor, moose poop, Oh real, no fake, yeah, it’s fake fish, food, real! It is oops on the moon boots, a a moon thanks! Babe it’s real it’s, so real everything, but the kitchen sink. Okay, real joy, baby go hey, hey you’re, right, it’s, fake pumpkin cheesecake. I don’t know about that one. I bet it’s real bleep.