We are tottenham tv here, happy new week to you all on this monday morning, one week until the amazon documentary the first three episodes of the amazon documentary are released and if you are not excited, i don’t know what you are doing, because i for one cannot Wait to see these motivational jose mourinho talks cannot wait to see the goings on in the back in the back end of tottenham hotspur and the everything that goes on, that you don’t see on camera, which we will get to see on camera this time. I am very excited for this documentary, but today is a tottenham update video. We have got a few updates to bring with you a few transfer updates and a few other things to talk about and let’s start off with tottenham academy product jonathan dinzayi. He has made the dreaded trip from tottenham to arsenal on the cross that north london divide, as announced on the arsenal official or website this morning, denzel has moved to the north london outfit on a free transfer, a player who failed to make the grader under 23 Level at tottenham, who failed to make even one first team appearance for tottenham hotspur. The defender has made the dreaded move over to the scummy to the scummy red side of north london. Um, look it’s, never nice to see an academy product leave the club, but if you don’t make the grade, you don’t make the grade, and that is uh all i can say on that one uh let’s move on to talk about republic of ireland manager.

Stephen kenny has named his first squad since taking the job in april this year. Um the boys in green will face bulgaria and finland in a double header in the uefa nations league in september, and one of our own, troy parrot has been called up to the squad for the second time in his career. Obviously he has just made his loan move over to millwall for the year and uh. This is going to be great news for him. It is great for him to have this opportunity to be such a young age and to be in and around his national team, albeit he probably won’t start, but it is great for him to have that kind of experience to be in and amongst his national team. The first team – we all saw the videos over the weekend of him smashing in the goals for milwaukee in his training sessions, and i for one, cannot wait to see him banging the goals in the championship week and week out, like i said in our previous video, We will be bringing you updates on troy, parra and ollie skip on their respective loan moves week in week out, but yeah. That is great news for troy, parrott and great news for ireland as they seem to have a great strike on their hands um. So let me know in the comments section below what do you think of troy, parrott being called up to the iris squad for the second time in his career um.

Now what i want to talk about is a couple of players who i was really impressed with. After seeing them in the ipswich friendly uh, the first one i want to talk about is ryan sessenyon, because i, for one have been laying into him this season, just because i felt that he needs to be doing a lot more with the quality that he has. I felt that in the championship for fulham he was absolutely brilliant, but he was very young 16 years of age and then he came up to the premier league didn’t. Do it for me: he really didn’t. Do it. Fuller went straight back down and then we signed him for 25 million. Jose mourinho has all been one for singing his praises constantly to be honest, but in a special i don’t think we’ve seen him um putting a good performance really. I know we scored that goal in munich, uh huh and look what munich have gone out to do: scored more goals against munich, then cristiano ronaldo, llano, messi, neymar. All those players, this season ryan sestan, knows how to put the ball in the net. A past emmanuel neuer but jokes aside, look ryan, cessnian i’ve always said he lacks the confidence to take on his man um every time he’s been playing with spurs and he looks like a bit of a kid playing in a man’s game and – and he looks like He needs to bulk up, and that is the thing he has done over this summer.

That is the one thing. A lot of people have noticed in the ipswich game is how he looks a bit more stockier in his upper body, and i think that it’s only good news from ryan cessna on you saw against ipswich in a pre season friendly. Yes, it is only league one opposition. Yes, it is only a pre season friendly, but it is positive signs. That is the positive signs we like to see from ryan sestion. He looks more bulky he was taking on his man. He scored a goal in the first few minutes and looks like the confidence is growing with ryan and that is lovely to see it really is and – and i think he can stake that claim for the left wing role. I think obviously he’s not going to reach the heights a few minutes on this season, but he is going to with the games we have coming thick and fast in the europa league, the fa cup, the league cup. He is going to get the chance to play. He definitely is going to get the chance to play uh the way i see on the left hand, side of the attack you’re going to have ryan sesnon and human son vying for that position and, on the right hand, side you’re going to have berguin and lucas Vying for that position i think it’s only good news for ryan cessna and i was very very impressed with his performance against it.

Switch i’ll say it again. It was only a pre season and you can’t read too much into it, but the positive signs are there and you can only play what’s put in front of you at the end of the day. Let’S be honest, um, so that’s, good news on ryan zesty and, let me know in the comment section below, were you impressed with ryan? Do you think he can stake a claim in the first team this season if he continues to bulk up and continues to show that confidence that he showed against ipswich? He played 90 minutes and i thought he was very good which moves us on to another player who hasn’t really pulled up trees since coming to spurs jetson fernandez when he came to spurs he had the reputation of being a center. Well, he thought that his pest position is a center mid. He thought he was unjust of him being thrown out on the right hand, side for benfica. He didn’t think that was his best position since coming to spurs he’s also had limited chances at center mid and he’s probably had more chances on the right or on the left of the midfield, as opposed to his favorite center mid. But this friendly, he played at right back and it was his first time. He’S ever played a matchup right back and i thought he was sensational. If i was going to give him a rating out of 10 – probably an eight.

Yes, he was untested defensively, but going forward, i thought he provided a real outlet on that right hand, side yeah, his crossing ability, didn’t, look that great, but i think that will come over time. I think it was a very similar performance. Well, not really because serge aurier, he always has those defensive lapses, but he wasn’t really tested defensively. So if you look at the attacking performances of serge aurier over the past couple of months last few months of the season, you’d see he got up really well. Couldn’T. Really put a ball in the box, his crossing wasn’t, really that great and i think, jedson put in a very similar performance and i think, if you’re saying that’s, judson’s first performance at right back you’re only going to get better, i think. Well, personally, i think i think that when you’re looking at the spur squad and you’re looking at our right back options, judson fernandez is definitely one to consider after seeing that performance. But look, let me just stress this again: yes, it is only a preseason and yes, it is only against league one ipswich and they did not pose any threat whatsoever um going forward, so to take it with a little bit of a pinch of salt, but i Am excited to see what he can produce there we’ve got him on loan for the remainder of this season for the whole season, as opposed to just half of last season, so i’m really hoping he can stake.

That claim to the right back position. I mentioned in the last video how serge aurier is close to the exit door at tottenham hotspur, and if he does leave, we need to get two in, but with this news of jensen fernandez, maybe we only need one um. So that can only be good news, uh definitely for daniel levy and maybe to concentrate on some targets anywhere other in other places, maybe in the sub striker position, maybe in the center back position. Um but look, let me know in the comment section below: what did you make out of judson fernandez is? Am i reading too much into it into a preseason friendly, or did he actually look very impressive there? Let me know in the comment section below now: let’s talk about some transfer news and tottenham are in talks with benfica. Apparently, according to a number of reports, over signing midfielder pizzi, the 31 year old um he’s been firing in the goals. The last two seasons by benfica um, and if this does, if this is one that gets over the line, i imagine it’s one which meant that tongki undone belle, which will probably uh, leave the club, which is because there are reports from tong hyun don belle. That he’s had a falling out with steven bergwein stephen bergwein had some ferocious comments against uh undone ballet reportedly, so we don’t know actually how true this is. But i thought just don’t shoot the messenger, basically um and with those reports it is expected that jose mourinho will accelerate tongki and don belle’s exit from the club.

I i for one do not agree with it. I don’t know how true it is, but um look just take it with a bit a pinch of salt because it’s just rumors from not very reliable sources, but they do say there is no smoke without fire. So there you have it. That is the rumors about pizzi tongue, on belly steven bergwein let’s move on to serge. Apparently, the race is hotting up as soon as i broke that news that about ac milan being in london over the weekend. No news have come out of that, but what has come out on sky sports is bayer. Leverkusen are now rivaling ac balance at the signing of serge aurier uh. Does this have any implications of the leon bailly uh transfer rumors, who knows but by levicus, are now fighting ac milan for the signature of serge aurier, so that can only mean one thing: a nice bidding war for daniel levy to get his hands stuck into um. So look with the move of jedson fernandez playing at right back on the weekend, uh we’ll see what happens with that. Moving on tottenham have been handed a boost to the hopes of signing david brooks after the bournemouth insisted. They wouldn’t stand in the way of the player that wanted to leave, but we’re, not the only team interested in him and manchester united are apparently interested in him as well um. So let me know in the comment section below is david brooks a player that you’ll be looking at to sign for spurs for me, i’m.

Not so sure i don’t think is the kind of position that we’re looking for, but i wouldn’t say no, because i think that we need a big squad to go into this season with the games coming thick and fast. Last but not least, the player i want to talk about is ibrahim. Sangare of toulouse, toulouse, recently relegated from the top division in france and, according to french journalist muhammad tubashita, has spurs, have expressed an interest in the toulouse midfielder this guy. He ranks up in the stats big time in the french league. I know toulouse did get relegated, but he seems like a very, very exciting prospect: 22 years old um. Apparently he will cost between 15 and 20 million. But again, i think this one is only one to look at if tongki undone belly is to leave, so i for one. I think it would be a great signing sangare, but do i want tongki to leave? I don’t think so because i think tongi and don belle is going to be one of the best midfielders in the world one day um, but anyway, there you have it that is transfer news. None of it is really uh concrete information in the transfers. None of it it’s just rumors at this stage, so take everything i’ve said over regarding the transfers with a pinch of salt uh. But apart from that, we have spoken about troy, parrott being called up to ireland, jonathan denzel, making the dreaded move from tottenham to arsenal.

I don’t know who would want to do that sesamon and jetson chat, and also a few um transfer news about no concrete information. So all the transfer rumors are just rumors at this stage, so do not shoot the messenger. That is your tottenham update today.