Dr stella emmanuel, a primary care physician from houston in a video from the press conference can be seen saying i personally treated over 350 patients with kava 19. patients who have diabetes high blood pressure, asthma, old people, my oldest patient is 92. I have put them on hydroxychloroquine, zinc and xy3 max and they are all well. She added. I have not lost one patient, fake studies in fake pharma companies say it doesn’t work, nobody needs to drive from this virus, it has a cure and it called hydroxychloroquine. You don’t need mask and you don’t need people to be locked down. It should be noted that the who has discontinued hydroxychloroquine trials into tackling kava 19 after initial results showed that hydroxychloroquine produced little or no reduction in the mortality of hospitalized covered 19 patients when compared to standard of care. This snippet of doctor emanuel was widely shared on twitter and people started questioning why americans are kept away from this information. A twitter user said six thousand doctors surveyed across the world all said hash hydroxychloroquine works in covid patients.

Multiple studies in france found it effective, and yet here in america it is being suppressed to keep deaths high, so the economy can be shut down ahead of the election it’s sick, some user called her fearless and said she needs to be protected. Another supporter tweeted president at real donald trump, was right about hydroxychloroquine. Dr stella emanuel said nobody needs to get sick.

This virus has a cure. She explains how it not only works as a cure, but can also be used to prevent covet infection. One user said the suppression of hash hydroxychloroquine by fosse and the democrats to perpetuate kava deaths, to hurt trump tom fitton, president of judicial watch tweeted the suppression of hydroxychloroquine, to hurt that real donald trump is a scandal that may have caused and could cause countless deaths. There was immense support for this doctor she’s, a fearless warrior for the truth: dot, dot, dot, dot, dot, debunking the left wing narrative on hash hydroxychloroquine. That is why they want to attack her so fiercely. Keep up the good fight. Dr stella said one supporter dot in another video clip tweeted by alpha omega energy. The same doctor can be seen demanding urine samples of all the talking heads of cnn and dr anthony fosse, because, according to her, all of them are taking hydroxychloroquine.according to a report published in the atlantic. In april, french doctors published a provocative observation in the microbiology journal. In the absence of a known treatment for covet 19, the doctors had taken to experimentation with a potent drug known as hydroxychloroquine.

For decades, the drug has been used to treat malaria, which is caused by a parasite, not a virus. In six patients with kavit 19, the doctors combined hydroxychloroquine, with azithromycin known to many as z pack, an antibiotic that kills bacteria, not viruses and reported that after six days of this regimen, all six people tested negative for the virus.

The report states that dr anthony fosse was not among the impressed the day the study came out, fosse the leading infectious disease expert, advising the white house’s coronavirus task force downplayed the findings as anecdotal. It further states that it is unclear how hydroxychloroquine would work to treat kava 19, but the drug is one of many now being urgently studied for the treatment of the disease. While there was immense support in favor of emmanuel, there were those with opposing views as well. One of the critics said i’m, a nicu doctor who ran two different high volume, echoes here in nj at the height of the pandemic. Here we tried hydroxychloroquine in the aku setting here i never saw it work once not sure what the data will show. At the end of all this, but my experience is, it was not effective. Another said, as a physician medical worker, you take an oath of do no harm. Every single one of these doctors came out without a mask on that is literally against an md’s code of ethics. Another concurred, a primary care physician is not an expert on epidemiology.

They take of primary care so far, no specialists.