We use disinfectant to treat covert 19., but what is the evidence for hydroxychloroquine? Does it work? Is it harmful, etc, etc? Well, firstly, a trial that’s recently been published in the lancet of just under a hundred thousand people showed that it really didn’t have any major efficacy. It wasn’t now we’ve got there’s a few issues here that we have to look at it, wasn’t a randomized controlled trial, but they did take people with covert 19, who were at a similar level of sickness as the other people, and they found that in the people Who weren’t given hydroxychloroquine when they got sick with cover 19? There was about a nine percent death rate, so these are sick people with covert 19, not just across the board the general public. In the people given hydroxychloroquine, there was an 18 death rate, so double the death rate. There was also some suggestion that hydroxychloroquine works with another antibiotic, which is strange because it’s a virus and viruses don’t respond to antibiotics, but this antibiotic called azithromycin was combined with hydroxychloroquine and in this particular study there was a 24 death rate, so it certainly doesn’t appear That hydroxychloroquine had any benefit and potentially some detriment but what’s the issue here. The issue is that we’re, using hydroxychloroquine in sicker, older people who are very sick with the virus, and it may be in those people who possibly have underlying cardiovascular disease, that you bring out all those cardiac problems and make them worse a with the virus and be With the treatment because in hydroxychloroquine’s defense it’s been used for years in people younger people with rheumatoid arthritis sle as an immune suppressant with some very good efficacy and minimal side effects, so there is an issue with hydroxychloroquine.

At the moment. I certainly wouldn’t suggest it as a treatment, but there is another antiretroviral agent called rem deservier, which is an intravenous agent it’s, not not a pill like hydroxychloroquine and that’s been studied and recently a study published in the new england journal of medicine on 1059 people, and This was a sort of a randomized controlled trial, although it was an open label trial, so people knew that they were or were not getting treatment, but very again, equivalent sick people and if it found that people given rim deserve had a an 11 day recovery time. As opposed to the people not giving it with a 15 day recovery time, the death rate was about seven percent in the people given rem deserve and twelve percent of the people not given giving rendezvous and i’ve got to say about a quarter of the people. In both groups had significant side effects anyhow, even though the control group wasn’t given red deserve, they were given other treatments and they responded badly. Now the message as far as i’m concerned with this is don’t. Wait till the person gets extremely ill if you’re going to use any of these treatments, whether it be hydroxychloroquine, hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin, and preferably rem deserve start hard and start early. Because i make the analogy here with a condition we all know about shingles, which is that painful skin condition where you get a rash and it’s caused by the reactivation of the the herpes zoster or the chickenpox virus, with that, if you don’t start the treatment early It’S completely ineffective, so i’m, not sure why a lot of these trials have waited till people became very ill and the final treatment for the coronavirus or covert 19 i wanted to discuss was what we call convalescent plasma therapy where they actually take the antibodies for people From people who have recovered from covert 19 and they inject those antibodies into into patients who are sick with the disease, now there’s been very, very small, limited trials, typically in china, where the disease started, and these trials showed in just a trial of 10 people compared With very sick people who weren’t given the convalescent plasma, so not a randomized controlled trial showed a significant improvement in the people, given the convalescent plasma.

So the point is here: although i believe vaccination is the big deal for the management of covert 19, there are some promising therapies that are available so watch this space, we’ll, wait and see what happens over the next few months.