Thank you so much for watching guys, and i hope you continue to stay tuned because today is gon na, be a very fun interesting and observation and appreciation of ice cream date guys it is national ice cream day. We’Re gon na do an ice cream challenge and babe. Are you ready, blindfolded? I don’t need my eyes. Oh y’all heard that he said he doesn’t need his eyes when he got his taste buds we’ll, see about that because he don’t know the flavors okay. He don’t know the flavor. Okay, we’ll see all right guys in three two one so fan fam. This is our opponent and contestant number one is, or i should say, ice cream number one and it looks like and ice cream number two and it looks like Music ice cream number three and it looks like voila very frozen we’re gon na work with this and Last but not least, ice cream number four and it looks like Music, Music shane. How are you feeling do you have any last words Music by the way guys this is a vegan ice cream palette, Music, so i’m supposed to guess that it’s like chocolate, truffle twisted right, so they have like dancing here’s the rule to the game. So guys you got one point to guess: each flavor and you get two extra points. If you can guess the brand of the ice cream or the store huh bragging rights, i love you. It doesn’t Music.

How many fingers tell me okay. This is where this first spoon is gon na be so this is the first container. This is the first ice cream. Try that ice Music cream, which way is a spoon. I hope you really can’t, see anything yes, yeah i smell pistachio, you smell pistachio Music. I mean it’s good it’s, a good amount, Music, yeah it’s a lot Music here, i’ll! Do it for you there you go. What flavor do you think it is Music? I don’t know this favorite what’s that flavor this is chocolate. Uh huh peanut butter pretzel, and this is ben and jerry all right. You said chocolate, pretzel, Music, all right! This is your final. Take guess that ice cream, yeah peanut butter, Music, vanilla, all right that was his guess and what’s the brand Music all right on to the next one. Thank you very much, hey babe! What do you like about the water? So you could get that flavor out your mouth or we go to the next one and i’m good to go to the next one alrighty all right and the second one is right here. So here i’ll put on this one for you, since you can’t, um, see and here’s the spoon there’s a spoon and try it there’s a container Music, oh he’s, being strategic he’s smelling it cocky. Is that your final answer, shane it’s, coffee, okay, put it down? Would you like some water, i’m good, you’re, good, okay, we’ll, go to the next one awesome so now here’s the spoon it’s right here on your right.

Some type of cream Music, like almost like marshmallow, like there’s brownies don’t, have ice cream. Yes, you have ice Music, cream, difficult all right go one more time. I should have put a timer that’s, a good idea for next time. I can you can’t, pin it it’s like a buttercream but there’s, nothing in it, it’s so plain! Well, there’s! Definitely something in it that’s about as much as i can say. I got something in it now. What what’s in it is that your final answer babe? This is Music yeah brownie. You know this has uh, maybe vanilla bean and brownie all right. So your final answer is vanilla bean and brownie buttercream in the background, buttercream and brownie all right that’s. It final answer buttercream and brownie and what’s the brand. Do you know the brands that’s messed up when you find out what the brand is you’re going to be? Like oh shoot, great value, hey don’t don’t get gross. No i mean great value is good. We use great job so i’m. Just saying all right. Would you like some water babe or you still think, you’re a taste of steel i’m straight straight? Okay? Okay, i know. Last but not least, i’m gon na put on the spoon for you baby grab it here. He goes again with the strategy peanut butter. Again again, oh that’s, right what’d, you guess the same one. The first one is that your final guess, yeah that’s the same exact one: okay babe.

Are you ready to get unblindfolded? Yes, my eye hitches? Are you ready one, two, three Music, so you said peanut butter, twice yeah. It was your favorite coconut, seven layer of bread and jerry ice cream. Did it have peanut butter? No, i really thought you were gon na get this. It didn’t have peanut butter in there. Are you sure, i’m positive? It says coconut fudge, chunks, walnuts, swirls of graham cracker – that could be what threw it off the nuts and stuff, though it tastes good that’s, my favorite. This is his favorite guys, his favorite dairy, free ice cream, the coconut seven layer by and jerry’s guys by the way. This is not a sponsored video. I don’t, i can’t believe you didn’t get it but it’s. Okay, here you are that’s right. The only other one says it tastes like peanut butter, though, and when you’re blindfolded. I think that you have all these flavor ideas: Music. Apparently this one tastes like peanut butter, it’s, coconut, guys, it’s coconut. It has coconut fudge, chunks, walnuts, swirls, graham crackers and caramel that’s. Uh ben jerry’s: we love that one. This is all dairy free, not big question with any of these. Can you tell that they weren’t dairy free, like did it make a big difference to you? They all taste better than uh dairy ice cream. I agree. It’S amazing, like this it’s like the next level of ice cream literally, and the reason why, like we’re, not 100, vegan, i’m, so sorry, that’s, charlie charlie, please we’re, recording like we’re, not 100 vegan.

I am pescatarian but i’m doing this, like one month, vegan cleanse um and i’m telling you guys that why i prefer dairy free, like vegan ice cream over regular ice cream, even when i’m not doing anything. Vegan is because dairy tends to cause inflammation or even more inflammation on some people depends how your body reacts to it and also it has less fat and it causes less inflammation so that’s, why i love dairy free ice cream and it’s. So good, like shane, said you can’t really tell the difference so the next one babe you got it right, the next one. You got it right yep, but you did get your point for the ben and jerry’s comment. So there’s one point for that and what was your other guess? The chocolate? So you there is fudge chunks, so you got the point for the fudge chunks. You got the point for the ben and jerry’s, so you got two points for the first round for the first ice cream guys. So we hope you enjoyed this video as much as shaheen enjoyed trying these flavors and our pulse notification shout out goes to giant tonic, giant sonic. Thank you so much for being a fine line fan and for watching living.