Coming a day after the yannick and gawkway trade to the vikings, the jaguars are showing that they are moving on from talent, but they clearly think that they’re comfortable with the running backs that they have in that room. Leonard fournette rushed for a thousand yards twice in the three seasons that he was there, but clearly jacksonville ready to move on and thinks that it’s better ha. They tried to trade him and couldn’t, so this is the best option for them. At this point um i want to go to booger here mike t i’m coming to you in a minute on some other things, but but booger that’s, an lsu guy you’re, an lsu guy. I know you must know leonard and he came into the nfl about as hyped as any running back. I can remember in a long time and that’s inclu, inclusive of zeke elliott and anybody. What is your reaction to this news this morning? Well, green is just shocked and you’re right. He came in with a lot of accolades and you know he came in as kind of that power back not really known much as a guy could catch the ball in the backfield, but he worked on that. But this just screams of a bigger issue: there’s something going on in that jacksonville front office in between them and leonard fournette. Otherwise, why would you release fournette at this point? I get it. I think jacksonville is trying to move on they’re going to tank for trevor.

Whatever you want to call it they’re getting rid of talent, whether that’s, smart or not, i don’t, know mike tannenbaum. You can comment on that. I just know in the national football league, you have to have talent to win and it seems like so long ago when the jacksonville jaguars had a lead in foxborough against the patriots. They had the number one defense in the national football league and they were doing that with blake bortles. They had a formula now think about the irony of that greenie. Now, on this day, you released leonard fournette, a guy who you took over desean watson, who you took over patrick mahomes and jacksonville is still needing a quarterback. So i i just think that that jacksonville front office needs to figure out exactly what they want to do and who they want to be greeny, but, as an lsu tiger, it’s very, very shocking that a guy that’s, still a very productive running back in this league – Is now on the street mike t? What is your reaction to this and, in particular the idea that on consecutive days, they send away in gaque and now fournette? I agree with booger uh it’s, really a sad day when you look at all the talent that has left that organization over the last couple of years from cleous campbell, jalen ramsey yanukong. Yesterday, now fournette there’s a lot of speculation in the league that dabo sweeney, who has been on the short list of multiple head.

Coaching searches, could be a coach that teams want to talk about, and this would really be the perfect storm ingredient here’s. Why he’s immensely popular in that area of the country and if he could go with trevor lawrence from clemson right down the road of jacksonville, with all those picks and all those cat that cap room that’s the ideal situation – and i know when talking to a number Of nfl general managers, they see dabo swinney in the same old of a p carol. A high energy guy, pete carroll’s been a head coach in both college and the pros, if dabo, sweetie and that’s a big, if if he was going to do it, this is the perfect situation, because, in light of moving on from leonard fournette now they just don’t Have a lot of makers: they have dj shark, they have la vista chanal, who they took in the second round, but i think the bigger story coming out of this is if sweeney would ever go. This is the perfect storm to do it with following this season. That’S, a really interesting thought: we’ll see what develops if anything there but tim hasselbach. Let me come back to you if you’re a player on that team – and you have seen all these guys go out the door we’re two weeks from the season and on consecutive days and gawkway is gone and fournette and all the other names. What are you thinking in that locker room, yeah, you’re, ridiculously frustrated, because you know there’s a good chance that you have an overall pick, which means you have a terrible season ahead of you.

I would just say this: i i think this kind of reeks of um. You know maybe some type of conflict prior to the releasing of latin fournette, and i say that and when you look at the history of fournette um, you know in terms of you know not off the field trouble, but but whether it’s unhappy with a contract situation Or an injury situation speaking out against the team, you know you trade away, one of your best players and now, all of a sudden, you know it could lead to another conflict because it really doesn’t make any sense to boogers point to release leonard fournette right now. You were paying him the last year of his rookie deal, um he’s, you know, obviously more than capable back and then you look at the rest of their roster at the running back position. Chris thompson is a 5 895 pound back other than chris thompson um. They have about 200 yards of career. Rushing yards left on that roster. It makes zero sense whatsoever to let go of leonard fournette right now, unless there was some type of uh conflict that happened between yesterday and today, i’ll leave it there for the moment again leonard fournette waived by the jaguars less than two weeks before the season begins. Thank you for watching espn on youtube for live streaming.