If this is the first time, you’re stumbling across chat sports make sure you click that big red button that says subscribe, because we do videos like this all the time, so let’s break down the news that woke me up this morning. The jags move on from the former number four overall pick in the 2017 nfl draft. When you look at that draft that is going to go down, i believe, is one of the worst, at least in my lifetime trubisky at two leonard fournette at four all before. Well, yeah, you know him patrick mahomes, so jacksonville they’ve been chopping him for a long time. He’S been unhappy. The coaches they’re saying they’re trying to clean up the place. I don’t know if they’re cleaning it up or just making it more dirty. Y’All can tell me, but for the fact that this player, who has been the main focal point of that offense they’re moving on from him. I do think that believe that tells us a lot about what the jags are doing. They say they’re cleaning up, maybe that they’re just tanking and one of the other reasons why i’m saying they could be tanking is because this is the running back depth chart. Now you have chris thompson as your rb1. You have armstead and then yeah a bunch of other guys that i don’t believe too many people are going to recognize after today’s video i’m going to break down the teams that need a running back the most in the nfl at number.

One it’s going to be the jacksonville jaguars, so let’s take a look now at some of fournette’s stats because he has been at least productive. The career 666 carries that does scare me a little bit. However, he is coming off a career year, but let me just say this when a running back likes leonard fournette, even though he’s coming off his career here, i don’t know if nfl teams are going to be willing to throw a whole bunch of money at him. Just because he’s a high overall pick he’s a good running back, but is he actually this, like top fledged running back, that we’re, seeing a lot of nfl teams go out and chase the fact that he was in the final year of his contract i’m? Very surprised that they did end up cutting him. I knew that they ultimately weren’t happy with the situation but moving on from leonard. It did surprise me a little bit so here’s the tweet that well woke me up this morning from me and rappaport got a text from another coach. This uh am on the jags doug, trying to clean up the place with the up and down history with running back under fournette jacksonville moves on. He was new four million in salary after the team declined his fifth year option here’s another tweet from rap sheep. The jaguars voided running back leonard fournette’s, 4.2 million guarantees following his suspension, but that process is now involved in a grievance, so it won’t be settled immediately, though the hopes it comes off the books eventually.

So, if you’re looking for the latest breaking news, if you want free nfl analysis, all you got to do is click that big red button here at chat sports. We do free videos daily around the nfl and oh yeah, for those of you that are watching this. On monday tom and i we are going to be going, live 6 p.m. Eastern time, 3 p.m. Pacific we do live, shows every monday and wednesday. So make sure you click that sub button and you don’t miss. Anything here are some. If you will honorable mentions for leonard fournette, because there’s gon na be teams at least poking the bear there’s gon na be teams at least looking to add him to their team. The miami dolphins, i think, the detroit lions with all the question marks around carry on johnson, the tennessee titans have derrick henry. But besides him, maybe you could add an rb2. The arizona cardinals, kenyon drake’s been walking around in a walking poop. He said it’s not that big of a deal, but i mean come on you’re walking around the walking boot and then christian mccaffrey. If you’re looking for just another death behind him, maybe go out and get him so fill in the blank here. I’M gon na make this the pin comment on today’s video. What does that mean? It’S gon na be the very very top comment as soon as you click into this video so fill in the blank leonard fournette will sign with the blank in 2020.

it’s time now to get into the top five teams that could be interested in signing fournette. The los angeles chargers then i’m, a big fan of austin eckler and i know the hype around some of their other running backs has been there, but they did lose melvin gordon. You have to rod taylor, you have justin herbert. This should be a run for his football team, especially with the defense that they have so eckler. He got paid four years: 26 million justin jackson. A lot have been hyped it’s been coming out of him from camp. Also joe kelly. The hype around him has been growing as well. My only concern with jackson, kelly and honestly, even eckler. None of these running backs have really ever been able to show a heavy heavy workload and yes, eckler had 90 catchers last year. I also believe that had a lot to do with the current offense, so i got two things to talk about real quick about this special deal. First, if you go to jazzports.com nfl jersey, you can get jerseys as low nice, nike nfl jerseys for as low as 72.99. The other thing that i love about our offer jersey insurance. So you know let’s just say: you’re a jags fan. You have a leonard fournette jersey and then he gets released. Well, guess: what with jersey insurance, if you go to chatsports.com, nfl jersey and get one of ours if a player is traded, if a player for some reason is cut, you can get a new one for free.

But again i will put that comment in the description or i’ll put the link in the comments, and i will put the link down in the description number. Four, the buffalo bills. Devin singletary, is good. He is a good running back. He was one of my breakout candidates, but is he a true number one running back that question to me is still up in the air and i believe the buffalo bills are still wondering the same thing, because that’s, the only reason why you go out and draft Zack moss, who is a running back that i liked a lot coming out of utah, but he also has some knee injuries as well: tj yeldon. Maybe he can rejoin with his old teammate leonard fournette. This needs to be a run. First, football team can josh allen. Take that next step they need to lean on their defense, singletary leonard fournette. That is a one two punch that i would like to see let’s now top three. This is for me the top three teams. This is another tier for the tambay buccaneers. We made a video i’ll say two months ago about probably three months ago now, where’s time been about teams that could potentially trade for leonard fournette, when all those rumors were going on. We had the tampa bay buccaneers at number one. Then they go out. They sign lesean mccoy, but let’s not get it twisted. The buccaneers are not tied to mccoy.

If they want to move on from lashawn they can. They also drafted the running back vaughn out of vanderbilt, who pretty solid player. Ronald jones is coming off a better year. It’S also hard to do worse than what he did as a rookie, but still getting better. If you were to ask me mitch, who’s the best running back ronald jones with sean mccoy, vaughn or leonard fournette, i am still going to pick leonard fournette, and this is a going to be a football team that you could see run a lot of two tight End sets why not and go out and get a running back like fournette, who i will say this did have 76 catches last season, so you guys want to play a game. I know i want to play a game madden big time game so on a scale from zero to 100. What would leonard, fournette’s player skill level be so zero being? He is the worst player in the nfl, a hundred being he’s, the goat, so scroll on down. Let me know i’m gon na give them like an 82 percent number two, the chicago bears and my leonard fournette destinations – and this is a move that i actually would love a lot. Unfortunately, dave and montgomery got carted off the field. Good news. It was only a groin strain. The initial report was, he was going to be out two to four weeks and i’m, a big fan of montgomery i’m, a big fan of a lot of players that come out of iowa state shout out to producer brett.

But three konami is just a pass catching running back. I know they like cordell patterson, he’s, a fun fun player, but i don’t honestly trust cordell, patterson and surrey cohen, to be my top two backs if montgomery comes back and he’s fully healthy. I love that. But a groin injury does scare the heck out of me and if you’re the bears, you need to keep the football out of mitch. Trubisky and i know nick foles won a super bowl, but i mean come on. This is the team that needs to run the football played, solid defense to get back on top of that nfc north. The number one team for leonard fournette, i’m gon na go with the philadelphia eagles love me some miles sanders and i know the hype train around sanders has been there but he’s been week to week with a lower battery body injury for about too many weeks. In my opinion, the eagles they lack depth behind sanders and they’ve shown interest in other free agent running backs. Remember there was some interest in lashawn. Mccoy they’ve also shown a little bit of interest in a running back like devonta freeman. The reason why i think they showed interest in freeman was because he was no doubt the top free agent running back now, that’s a different conversation. Now you have leonard fournette, who is on the market and for a team that’s been dealing with so many injuries. They just lost dillard, you know carson wentz just got banged up.

This is going to be a football team that needs to continue to get better and i do think lender. Fournette makes him better. So what would you change about my top five list? Right i mean even my honorable mention: is there a team that i have too high? Is there a team? I have too low here at chat sports? We are an interactive youtube channel, so if you have made it this far in the video, i think that means i’m doing something right drop me a like and comment below what you would change about my list.