I got the alert adam schefter tweet notifications are on because it’s that time of the year right now with the nfl season only 10 days away, an emergency meeting as it’s been not even 10 minutes, since leonard fournette was just cut released by the jacksonville jaguars, and This will be having massive fantasy implications, not only for obviously the jacksonville jaguars backfield of rockwell armstrong, chris thompson and potentially devon and zebo, especially in dynasty formats. But what is going to happen now with wherever leonard fernett goes that’s going to be a mystery until we have that news, but let’s just cover what is going to happen, because i don’t think he’ll be out there too long on these markets. He’S, not the oldest of running backs, of course, where he currently is, but we knew that they did not pick up his fifth year option, and this was going to be his final year in jacksonville because of them doing that. The former first round pick your team gets to exercise that fifth option on you or not, and they said we don’t want it. So, in that case, it means that this was going to be his final year here now at this point in the season 10 days until the season started, i thought leonard fournette was sure thing to make the roster right i’m not going to say i am shocked By this decision, based on the implications that they knew, they don’t want him passed this year, but i would say that i am surprised – and i had leonard fournette as many people probably did as a top 20 running back this season in fantasy formats.

He is currently getting pulled off of the supreme draft guide rankings, all the information you can find down below in the description, but this is some pretty huge news. You can see the things last year, he went to a deserted island to work on his conditioning and pass catching ability, and he showed that last year, coming out with a hundred targets last year. Second, in routes run only behind christian mccaffrey and honestly people are going to scream up and down that he was not efficient last year, but he was eighth and yards created last year running behind a terrible offensive line. So i think he was set up to fail to be honest with you in this offense, and i think a lot of this has to do with the overall head case that he probably is the fact that the offense or the the entire league in this team In general is probably starting to realize that spending a high first round pick on a player in leonard fournette and having that cap hit again for a fifth year on your roster is probably not the best idea, and i have up spot track right now in 2020. He was going to be a hit right now, a cap hit of 8.6 million. This is a fully guaranteed salary, there’s, no offsets there’s a fifth year option that was declined so they’re just saying we don’t want you at this point, whether it’s a head case, or we just want to get a year ahead of seeing what we have in our Fifth round pick last year in why call armstrong like the future is not chris thompson right now, chris thompson’s role goes from being like in my rankings, a 60th overall running back in ppr formats or somewhere around there to now jumping up a good amount is he’s Going to have just now that third down role pretty much locked up at this point, there was starting to be some speculation, and i saw it in beat writers saying that chris thompson was on the field in the red zone, the most more than let him forget.

So i said ah that’s weird, but you know guy hasn’t been in the league, maybe he’s getting his extra episode. Maybe it’s just beat writers over speculating or the internet playing this up more than it actually is maybe there’s now something to that. Maybe chris thompson is going to be more of an enhanced more than just a third down back, but also being used in the red zone on more than just third down he’s. Yet to be seen, of course, but we’re going to find out. But it’s going to be radical armstrong taking the lead. So this is what you get out of the leonardo closely on him: he’s, obviously not a top 20 running back anymore we’re going to have to see where he lands and at this point, he’s probably going to land in some sort of running back by committee. I don’t know if the bears are going to do it. It seems like david montgomery’s. Injury is not that extreme. I don’t think they’re going to do it. I wouldn’t be shocked. If adam gay says we don’t need le’veon bell anymore. Let’S go get the guy who kind of looks like him, but it’s a year younger and is going to be in similar contract situations and leonard fournette let’s go get him right. I want to be shocked that that happens. I would be maybe surprised, but not shocked, but that’s what you have at this point: i’m, not going to speculate on where he lands, because i think that’s just a waste of your time and a waste of my time.

If he gets signed in the next week or so we’ll do a video on that we’ll cover that right now so hit the like and the subscribe button just for doing this breaking news video, whether you’re watching it minutes after it goes up, which will probably be An hour before the hour an hour after this news drops, whatever it might be, it ends up being a cap. Hit of 8.6 million dollars is what leonard for net would have cost this team this year, but it is a fully guaranteed salary. Now what’s going to be a benefit, is it’s. A 4.1 million base salary the bonuses for this year right the signing bonus. The bonus breakdown was 4.4 million dollars. So this is a lot of money going out the door right now. The cash is going to be a 4.2 million hit it’s a dead cap of 4.4 million, so he’s an expensive player right. He was an early round running back pick. He was drafted very early on. He signed a four year. 27.1 million dollar deal. He is now gone so i’m, going to zoom in on the backfield competition, as i list off some of these names that a lot of you, if you’re just casual players, probably don’t, actually know all that much of these names on here. So the first one is going to be rockwell, i’m, sharing divine azibo and chris thompson. Now you probably know chris thompson’s name, because he was a former washington redskin he’s, a player who’s been in the league for a while.

Now he is going to be 30 years old, very, very soon, he’s, 29.9 years of age right now so he’s, a player that just has not been efficient and has not been able to stay healthy, the last couple of seasons. Now you saw him in 2019 and he played 11 games in 2019.. He did see 6.5 yards per touch, but it wasn’t enough. It wasn’t enough of a sample, since he only ended up seeing last year, 42 receptions and only 37k raised to really amount towards anything. But well, chris thompson is going to have a much more elevated role in this offense. Now he’s going to be probably now around the rb40 type of range rb45 range in my rankings, because he’s just going to be that involved in everything in camp from his past. Catching abilities to his own usage and how they’re hyping him up seems to be that he is firmly ahead of the divine ozigbo, the undrafted free agent, that the saints ended up, dropping and cutting who’s 24 years old right now to find his ego, who played in One game last year and saw nine carries and he actually did see five targets, so he had a pretty nice usage in that final game of the season last year. I believe that was in week, 17 against the indianapolis colts nine carries 50 total yards. He actually created eight yards and invaded five tackles on his own vine. His ego is a former nebraska running back.

He was there for four years, his breakout age wasn’t until he was actually 21 years old his last year there, which is never a good sign for a running back and he never ended up actually seeing a huge workload, so divine zego, who seems to now be Like the third running back, maybe the second ground and pound running back behind rival armshed, but in terms of priority behind chris thompson as well. The third running back on this team, the most carriers he saw in college, was 155.. The most receptions he did see was 23. anytime. You see a college running back, seeing over 20 receptions it’s at least worth pointing out a 9.4 target share, so divine in the zego can catch the ball right. He ended up seeing 23 receptions on 38 targets for over 200 yards and a 9.4 target share his final year in 2018 at nebraska. That was the only year that he did it. He kind of changed his game a little bit because he had no receptions. The years before that he had a 3.9 target share, a percent target share and a two percent target share is three previous years. Those are very bad numbers, so you saw his final year. He finally started to break out, but it’s really going to be this man on the screen right now who will get the bulk of the work he’s 24 years old he’s at a temple? He never was great at temple, so it’s going to be interesting.

They also have james robinson on this roster, at least the last time i checked as of like 20 minutes ago. They have james washington on this roster, so i wouldn’t be shocked to see james washington take over, but i think rykel armstrong is going to get the first crack at this. He saw 15 of the opportunities last year he saw 35 carries look. He never really had an opportunity, because leonard fernett was on the field like the second highest opportunity share in the nfl behind only christian mccaffrey, so he ended up seeing last year. Just the total touches of 49 total touches, including his 14 receptions and 35, carries just 15 percent of the opportunity shared last year and if you’re talking about snapchat percentage, he was lucky if he was cracking over 20 of the snapshot outside of week 17, where fernette Wasn’T playing, he saw 65 percent of the workload in week 17. You get to see a nice little sample of where i call armstrong. You get to see. 10 carries five receptions on nine targets, so 15 total touches for 85 total yards and a touchdown. He ends up as the rb14. He flashes the pass catching ability that he was able to have and when he was in temple he did have his best year, probably in 2016, in 13 games he has 156 attempts. It ties the second most that he had during his college career. He ended up only having five receptions, though that year in college he was never catching the ball.

These were his receptions in college and temple. Now it could always be a product and a factor of the offense that he’s in, but from 2015 to 2018 four years these were his receptions totals two five fourteen and eight his target totals were four six nineteen and fourteen, and his overall target shares were point. Nine percent that’s less than one percent. One point: five percent four point: two percent and three point: two percent now that’s, not good but leonard, did run a ton of routes like i said second most in the league 32 per game last year, 32.2 to be exact. So if rykel armstrong is going to take on a little bit more of the passing route responsibilities on first and second down and chris thompson is the guy on third downs, it will open up a lot more opportunities for him again. That could have just been a product of the temple scheme. He was never a great great running back in college, though i mean his junior year. He only averaged 3.9 yards per carry, he barely cracked 600 yards on 156 carries and then in his final year there. He did see 5.2 yards per carry, but for college you’re, looking for guys in the six and seven range to really be standouts that’s why he ends up falling to the fifth round. But i do believe that royal armstrong is going to have the first opportunity here. Now there’s obviously uncertainty.

If they’re going to sign somebody else, if they’re going to give james robinson an actual opportunity or divine zebo to compete in a backfield by committee with ryquil armstrong. So i don’t want to be jumping up and down and everybody jumps up and down – and now says: oh, my god, rykel armstrong is now the rb20 in rankings. He should be the rb20. No, no he’s, not gon na, be ahead of cam acres. He’S, not gon. Na be ahead of guys that actually have opportunity or even kareem hunt for me, he’s, probably gon na start to slide into the range of those backups or of those maybe shaky rb’s that are going to start the air as as running back ones like your marlon. Max, like you, carry on johnson’s right, michael armstrong, probably slides into like the rb 35 range. As i pull up my rankings on my other screen again, then the supreme draft guy linked down below, if i bought my ppr rankings right now, i’ve yet to adjust – and i will adjust later today but right around, like rb 35 for me – is going to be Jordan, howard that’s, probably where i’m going to start to slide in rykel armstrong a little bit ahead of that right, like my rb 30 right now, is going to be a guy like rahim, most start right, that’s a similar backfield there’s, a couple of guys getting the Ball so i’m, probably going to start to slide them in around the turret cones, the philip lindsey’s, the tevin coleman’s, the jordan howard’s, probably right around there.

So right now to start without any other information. My quick reaction that this news just broke a half hour ago, is that obviously leonard comes out of the rankings until he gets signed, i’ll, probably put leonard fournette somewhere down into like the 40 or 50 range, just assuming that he gets signed and he’s going to Be in a backfield by committee, with whatever team. At this point, i really don’t even know what this to take stabs on the team that i’ll probably be going to i’m just hoping i’m praying it’s, not the philadelphia eagles, because i would just ruin everything that i want to do with miles sanders. I don’t think it will be, but we’ll end up seeing. I also would not be shocked if it goes to the new england patriots, then you can just blow up everything in that backfield outside of probably james white still for his passing down responsibilities. But we’ll wait on that news for leonard fournette i’m, going to move up and add to my rankings divine zebo and probably move him into the upper 60s. Chris thompson will probably go into that 40 range. Chris thompson will probably start to move into the range of like where i have right now. The duke johnson type players around like rb40, the tony pollards latavius murrays, the keyshawn vons they’re, all around rb40 to rb45. In my rankings, rykol armstrong will be somewhere around the rb 35 range mixed in between the jordan howards, the tevin colemans and the zack mosses those types of players for now again, if you’re watching this four days from now and there’s news and reports that comes out That says, we want michael armstrong to be our three down back and get all the opportunity in the world.

Then he’s probably going to move up for me to somewhere around, like my rb 30 range, where it’s the james white it’s, the ronald jones it’s, serene most starts ranges right. We need to get a little bit more clarity on this role, a little bit more hearing from the coaches that actually are going to talk about why he was released. I just wanted to give you my first raw reaction to what was happening here. Rykol armstrong is probably going to be the man stepping in he’s, probably going to be somewhere around the top 35 running back now right around there. In my rankings, chris thompson goes to being like a top 45 to a top 40 running back in my rankings. Finest ego and james robinson will now actually crack into my rankings and be top 75 backs right around the end of that range like in the in the 65 to 75 range. I’Ll probably put them in until we get more news and it’s wait and see on what happens with leonard fournette at this point again it’s a bad offensive line, they’re running behind it’s supposed to be a really bad defense, so negative game scripts are in store. So we can’t get too excited, especially since there’s uncertainty here, but it is a huge deal for fantasy when a top 20 and a lot of people right around the top 15 running back in london for net is just cut 10 days before the season.

It is not exactly like what happened last year when the show mccoy was cut but it’s very similar in terms of veteran running backs that were projected to be the rb ones, probably be somewhere around top 20 top 25 running backs are now gone, we’re going to See what happens with lesham mccoy? It took only a day for him to sign with the chiefs. Not even last year and andy reid we’ll see what happens with leonard by the time you’re actually watching. This maybe it’s tomorrow leonard, might actually have a new team and i’ll be sure to touch on it in future videos. I appreciate it right now for tuning into this one. That is how i’m just going to adjust my rankings and how i think everything plays out. I will make a future video on what happens with leonard net, where he signs and how it’s going to affect the rankings even more, but as of right now, if you’re drafting right now, today and leonard is still not signed. He is somebody that i’m not going to be taking ahead of like antonio gibson’s or zack mosses. At this point, you just have to wait and see where he ends up falling like it could be pretty bad it’s 10 days before the season starts. If teams feel good about their running back rooms with so many good rookie running backs, i mean i can count six to eight rookie running backs that are making impacts right now in their camp and that people actually want to use what a very strong rookie running Back class that just came out five guys that were probably first round picks five years ago.

If you talk about swift and acres and dobbins, and all these players right, taylor and clyde, edward solaire it’s going to be really interesting to see who pulls the trigger on him who actually needs him. Since dave and montgomery avoided a big injury, i could always see the patriots making a play for these types of players. I do think leonard will be picked up somewhere at this point, it’s just going to determine who really wants to take either that hit and or who needs to help with the running back position, because a lot of teams know that them third and fourth round rookies. Can get the deal done now for you or they’re undrafted free agents? If you’re talking about raheem mostar and damian williams in the super bowl last year, can get it done for you, the pretty crazy news, pretty shocking news, the biggest news that we’ve had of the offseason right now up there with like rob, gronkowski and tom brady retiring And tom brady going to a different team. Thank you for tuning in. Please do hit that like button. If you would hit the big old subscribe button, that’s popping up right now and if you have any questions or if you have any concerns or you have any kind of ideas and want to add any more analysis to this video. This was just a first reaction. Right off the hip, no real thoughts or plans go into it, as all my other videos has a lot of plans going into it.

Just first reactions what’s going to happen right now and where i’m going to adjust my rankings, you can, let me know any of the additional analysis that you want to add down below in the description. Thank you so much everybody, my name’s sal vetry. I got all the fantasy football content that you can need on this youtube channel and my supreme draft guy, which is linked down below for just 10 dollar ruski’s for the next week. If you want to dominate your draft, i highly recommend grabbing that one. A lot of people having positive feedback already a lot of people a couple dozen people got it yesterday and all i’ve heard back is positive feedback like button subscribe, you all rock.