Here are those details and don’t worry we’ll break down the whole trade here in just a second, the seahawks, of course, get jamal adams and a 2022 fourth round pick the jets. Meanwhile, they get safety. Bradley mcdougall, who seattle didn’t need anymore. Two first round picks one. This year, one next year in 2022 and a 20 21 third round pick a massive haul. The seahawks are giving up for one of, if not the best young safety in the nfl it’s, a huge trade for seattle, and my first of several questions on today’s show for you guys, we’ll get to here in just a little bit. But first hey, you know what is this the me type y for yes or type n for no get your votes for me in the comments section. As a note, we are not in the studio today i’m coming at you guys from pasta downey today i have a little round of golf, but we got the news for you guys here. A massive edition get those votes votes in y for yes, n for no, i think it certainly helps. I mean this is one of the best young safeties one of the best young players in the nfl. Now you pair him with bobby wagner and that back seven that linebacker strong safety duo, that’s impressive, now we’re gon na break down this more in depth here in just a second but first seahawks fans.

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So hit that big red button and subscribe today we got more videos coming your guys as well. I’M sure we’ll talk more about jamal adams. So if you don’t want to miss out anything that we’re doing here for our fastest growing channel in history, at chat sports hit that big red button and subscribe today, all right more on atoms, going from the jets to the seattle seahawks, a huge addition for seattle. This comes on the heels of jamal adams. Well, once again making it clear he did not want to be a member of the new york jets. He wasn’t happy that seattle was not paying him. He wasn’t happy with head coach, adam gates, he’s made that very, very clear, so he goes from the jets to the seattle sea also get that little logo change for you guys. This also comes in the heels of adam’s tweeting about owner woody johnson after well. Johnson was accused of sexist and racist comments as part of his british ambassador job with the trump administration and then on friday, adam say that gates is not the right guy to lead the organization. The jets want to win. He was doing everything possible to get out. The jets were not going to trade him unless they got a haul, and seattle was willing to provide that now. I still have concerns, and i know many of you do as well about the cornerback situation for the seattle sea, especially with britain dunbar.

Oh, we don’t know if he’s gon na play this year or not, but that safety duo jamal adams quandary digs if it’s, not the best safety duo in the nfl it’s one of the best i’m a huge digs fan. He can be your free safety. Now you got jamal adams too. If someone tells you he’s, just a box safety, it just means they haven’t been paying attention to jamal adams, he’s, not the same rangy interception, mohawk machine like earl thomas, is but he’s a playmaker. He was frankly the jets best pass. Rusher last year, i would not be surprised if the seattle seahawks find ways to bring him on blitzes. This upcoming season he’s a tackling machine. He is a force in the run game. He can be a tight end, stopper as well. Yes, the interception numbers are not fantastic. Don’T get caught up in those jamal adams is a true playmaker. He makes a ton of plays happen. He doesn’t miss very many tackles he is going to quickly become a fan favorite. I promise you guys for the seattle seahawks. So give me a one word reaction to the jamal adams trade. What is it sound off in the comments section wow is is was one of the ones right there. Expensive, i think is, is another good one here, because that is a hefty cost. The seahawks have paid as they push all their chips in to win right now with russell wilson and a defense that yeah might still need some pass rush help, but it’s really not going to be for adams this year, barring an extension it’s, really not going to Be that much more expensive than what they were paying bradley mcdougall seriously that’s.

That makes sense from a perspective, but two first round picks plus a third. They get a future fourth round pick back. They got ready, mcdougall that that’s fine. I don’t think mcdougal really drove the the needle at all for seattle. It was those two for the jets. It was a two first round picks at the jets got back in exchange for so no which look they’re, probably gon na, be you know, maybe pick 26 in in in the middle range, maybe it’s of course low as 32.. I don’t see it getting inside the top 20, though for seattle, i feel better about seattle, making the playoffs with jamal adams. You know back there growling on defense, but two first round picks is expensive and i would venture to say because i’ve seen it before in the comments section, maybe one or you or two of you, like you, know what, if you get rid of the the first Round picks means they won’t draft another bust, but for seattle it’s a huge, huge addition getting one of the premier young players. Now one of the players they didn’t give up was bradley. Mcdougall, oh he’s. In the last year of his contract he is a starting caliber. Safety, he is also not jamal adams and i think, for the jets they’re really to take on mcdougall, and it helps them out in the in the intro helps them out right this second, they have marcus. May, though, ashton davis might take a little bit longer to develop and grow given? This is an unusual training camp and lack of preseason that we’re getting this year.

I like mcdougall. He is a quality player. He is not not any stretch of the imagination, nearly as good as jamal adams and with the if, with the seahawks getting adams didn’t have a role for mcdougall, so there was no reason not to throw him into the trade. It frees up some cap space. It makes sense for seattle bring him on for the jets it’s another. You know topping on top of a deal that got them two first round picks got some deals for you guys as well. These awesome seattle stocks, beast mode, t, shirts, yeah marshawn lynch doing a special deal with our friends over at fanatics. Chatsports.Com, beast mode t got a whole bunch of options, a whole bunch of colors i’m sure you guys will appreciate the seahawks style colors at t shirt. Tough three, but it says i’m just here so i don’t get fined. They are all available, plus some more options at, beast mode t that link will be in the comments and it will be in the description for you guys as well, so go check it out. It’S at beast, motif right. The one that’s on screen that blue and green – it simply works for me again. The trade package, jamal adams and a fourth round pick go to the seattle seahawks cowboys fans, some of them in shambles. The jets meanwhile get bradley mcdougall two first round picks that’s the prize of this trade and a 20 21 third rounder.

So who won the trade type n for the new york jets type s for the seattle, seahawks i’ll tell you what i think the jets got. A pretty good haul back two first round picks that’s, really good. That is more. This is significantly more than what the miami dolphins got from the pittsburgh steelers as part of the minka fitzpatrick trade around last year’s nfl trade deadline. So i i think the jets got a really good haul for a clearly disgruntled player. With that said, i, like seattle being aggressive. It was certainly expensive, more expensive than what some of the reports of the jets asking price was, as we mentioned before, that was a leak from the adams camp i’m, not sure how many teams were prepared to give up two first round picks for jamal adams, but Seattle knows they are in the middle of a super bowl window. They have russell wilson. I pray that they let him cook this year. Don’T just run the football. Let you know wilson sling it around back here. Football style works wonders now. They’Ve got. I think the best linebacker in the nfl and bobby wagner and one of, if not the best safeties in the nfl in jamaal adams, the corners that, of course, that’s a concern i if dunbar plays this year, i feel better about it. We’Ll see how the edge rushers fare, but adams is a pretty damn good pass rusher as well. So i i like what seattle is doing here.

They are in their window, they’re being aggressive. Yes, they gave up a lot, but that’s going to be let’s just say it’s with the middle here around pick 26 this year around pick 26 next year. That 2021 third is going to be in the 90s yeah. The fourth they get back is going to be. Like you know, maybe 110 and mcdougal was a not important piece of this defense with jamal adams in town. So for seattle, yes, it is expensive. I understand if some of you are concerned about the price involved there, but i i am here for it. I, like them being aggressive, it is, you are not going to find a jamal adams caliber player in the late first round. In almost all cases, your odds of hitting are minuscule so for seattle. If you think he is the key. The missing piece to that defense. Go after him go for it. I i like the aggressiveness here from john schneider and company. Excuse me now.