I just posted a video um going over my lakers and that uh game and and just like this man, um back hopping and popping so the new york jets have traded jamal adams to the sea. Seattle seahawks for two first rounds under safety, um wow, wow um. First of all, let me say, i think, it’s a great pickup for seattle. Let me let me say this. I think it’s a it’s, a great pickup for seattle, um yeah, i i think it’s definitely upgrading their safety position. Um. You know, after the departure of earl, thomas um, i’m, not quite sure who was to fill in after him, but um it’s a. I definitely think this is a great pickup for seattle. Now, as a cowboy fan, you know there was a plenty of rumors that you know he may be coming to dallas. He wanted to come to dallas and it seemed like that’s always the story right, but it don’t happen. It don’t happen and me personally. I’M. Be honest with you, i didn’t think he was a perfect fit like i wouldn’t i’m, not gon na say, but i didn’t want him. I didn’t want that’s, not the case, but definitely not the case. What i’m saying is, i didn’t know if he was a perfect safety for us, because we need help in a secondary he’s, more of a around the the line of scrimmage type of safety, in my opinion, um, but i’m, not if we were god, he might have Been like yeah, we made this happen.

We got him, you know what i’m saying um so i would have been ha. I wouldn’t act like i was just poo pooed on it, but um, but i will say this man. This is a much um a much drawn out process for jamal adams. Jamal adams has literally been doing everything you could possibly do to get out of new york. I mean he criticized the owner um in my opinion, which was well deserved um. He criticized the the coach that he’s, not the right guy. He said the problems at the top. He asked he called them out on every social media platform. He had he’s done literally done everything to get out of um to get out of out of new york. Um so he’s gone he’s in seattle, now um and let me just say about a team like seattle, man they’re, a team that focuses on defense. So with that being said, with them focusing on defense as much and you know that’s their calling card and they you know, and folk defense and russell wasn’t, pretty much been a calling card – and this is this – this just shows that they’re sticking with what they know And they’re going to continue to push forward with um building that defense um back to what to his prominence, and, i think, it’s, a good step. I mean he’s definitely going to going to play around the line of scrimmage he’s, definitely going to be able to make some big plays and he’s an impact player like it or not.

He’S. Definitely an impact player around the ball. He can get to the ball. He got a great nose for the ball um and he’s what you look for in a safety um. My thing is for as again like i said as a cop as a cowboy fan. I definitely wanted him to be more on uh. I wanted him to be more of a cover safety we’re, going to go that hard for a safety. I want to be more of a cover safety. That was my only thing but i’m not going to again i’m not going to act like if we would have got him. I wouldn’t have been um super excited, but i will say this i’m interested to see the contract they give him because he want a big deal. He definitely want a big deal so uh and see how to cook seattle may come come up and give him the deal he want and he may move forward or because he’s just out of new york, he may be willing to settle for a little more so We’Ll see how all that plays out man, but but um jamal adams is going to seattle, he’s out of new york i’m happy for that man, because that’s what he wanted i’m, not saying the new yorker jess is a bad franchise i’ll.