When i see you hey, yo fist, let me get an autograph i’m. A big fan! You following me on twitter, nah man, not yet right in your face, but anyway check this out. Man i’m, a big fan of jamal adams, the player i don’t, i don’t care. He doesn’t cover that. Well that don’t bother me i’m more so concerned about. Can he guard tight ends which he can do? Can he help in the run game he’s good at that that’s? What i’m concerned with so at the end of the day, jamal adams in seattle makes a lot of sense. You know what i’m saying i think they can put him in a box and he can play that cam chancellor role. Now they want him to play center field like earl, thomas that’s, not gon, na work, that’s, not him he’s, not a center fielder he’s, not that good at covering. He can’t cover that good, but i think he could play center field that he can do now. My whole thing is shout out to seattle for actually making a move. Now seattle was smart, they gon na get cloudy. They bring clownie back. I don’t know why they didn’t bring clowney back in the first place, but if seattle was smart, bring back clowney you got to more adams got bobby wagner. Now you got your nice little core on defense. You got your nice little uh.

You got shaquille griffin out there at the corner.

You got you a nice little setup right there, so it all depends on how they choose to do it, because my whole thing with seattle is you got wrestling? What you got russell wilson? What you waiting on you got russell wilson. This is what this is, how you won your first super bowl with defense. Now, obviously, pete carroll don’t want to let russell wilson off his leash. Obviously he don’t want to let russell wilson go out there and throw the ball 30 times for reasons that i i just don’t get that. But you know it is what it is. So if you want to be a run team – and you don’t want russell wilson, throwing the ball 30 40 times, then you need to have the best defense possible and in order to have the best defense possible, you got to be good at all three levels. So it doesn’t stop with it. Don’T stop with your more adams. You need to go back, get clowney, bring back, clowning, hear him on the defensive line, go and get kj right. I’M, not kj right go ahead and secure the password. You got the secondary, which are more adams. He helps you got bobby in the middle. Now go get clowney to come off the edge. You got dk, metcalf and tyler locket. The wide receivers are fine. You may or may not be able to get antonio brown and you got russell wilson, the second best quarterback in the league, so seattle’s looking good.

I do think they need a tight end. Seattle does not have a tight end. That’S, a problem will dicilly whatever his name is. I don’t know who the titans are see. I don’t even know chris carson is there. I think they brought in on carlos hyde. I don’t know what’s going on with uh rashaar perry. I don’t know what’s going on with him. I think i butchered his name, but whatever um, it is what it is. I, like seattle, they’re trying to compete with the 49ers, and these are the moves you got to make and not only are they trying to compete with 49ers, but they got to compete with jared goff and the rams jared goff in the rams had a bad year. A bad year for them with nine wins so they’ll be fine, ain’t. Nobody think about the cardinals but um that’s, how i feel about it from a seattle perspective. As far as the jets go, many jets are a joke. The gentleman joke, because they didn’t have to do this. This is not the nba, this ain’t, the nba, what players run stuff? This is the nfl. This is the nfl you could have franchised, you could have said either play here or retire. You could have franchised you didn’t have to trade them, you could have paid them, you could have paid them. What are the jets doing everything i don’t get it they? Let there here’s how stupid the jets are.

Let me explain you how stupid the jets are right. So the jets, let their gm, do their free agency signing levy on bell and they did their draft. Who did they take jamal williams or whatever the big defensive, the defensive line over there from alabama? Whatever his name is, then he does the whole draft and a couple weeks later he gets into a fight with adam gates, and they fire adam gates, is not good. Everything that jamal adams said about adam gates, icosan adam gates, is not a good head coach. He only got the job because of peyton manning and when he was in miami, he got the job as a payton man when he was with the jets. He got the job because of peyton mann, didn’t peyton manning call, the gm and the owner of the jets and say he’s, a good guy, so he’s living off of a season with peyton manning and it’s ridiculous bro. It is sad, adam gates is not good. He’S not good what he did. The le’veon bell last year was was a fireable offense. It was a fireball offense bro. So my whole thing is: the jets are a joke i spit on y’all. I laugh at y’all. I give you my anus to kiss because, as a giants fan you laughed at us as a giants fan you said: hi you’re stupid. Oh you passed on sand, donald you to saquon barkley you’re stupid. Remember when we remember when we traded odell remember when we traded odell, so at the end of the day, when we traded odell everybody laughed, oh you traded odell.

Oh you traded all down. You! Let go elena collins! You brought in you drafted daniel jones. The giants of a joke: the jets are the best football team in the city. A year later, bye, bye, jamal adams, le’veon belt only won’t, be there freaking. I spent all that money, cj mosley le’veon bell, yeah y’all wasted money on tremaine adams yeah. I did all that money. You spent all that money on these big time players and y’all bust. At least the giants were getting ready players. They got rid of collins, got rid of odell. We got rid of jpp, we got rid of um janor’s jenkins. The giants are rebuilding we’re supposed to suck jets. Y’All spent money in the offseason bringing in cj mosley from baltimore signing le’veon bell. You drafted same donald. He was supposed to take the second year, leap that that my holmes and watson took and lamar took, but he fell on his face. Daniel jones in 12, games has been better than darnold has been the two years he’s been in the league. So at the end of the day, everybody in new york know what’s up the giants, run new york. We run new york, not the jets. The same thing i say about the the washington football team, the same thing i say about the browns same thing. I say about the lions: certain franchises are cursed, they stink they suck and they always will and there’s nothing. Anybody can do about it.

So i laugh at the jets you just let go of one of the best safeties of football. You just let go of a top five safety. I don’t think he’s the best safety in football because he can’t cover i’m, not gon na, say any any safety that can’t play center field is not the best safety in football, but he’s, one of them he’s one of the five best and you traded him. And you didn’t have to idiot a bunch of idiots. The jets are stupid. I mean for ridiculous stupid, but i ain’t got nothing else to say man that’s, it that’s all follow me on twitter and subscribe to my channels.