Button bell, icon button, share the video and i think pro football focus ranked the sea had a seahawks defensive line at the 30 second uh rate rated line out the league so i’m surprised they gave up so much for jamal adams, knowing that they needed front seven Help but maybe they know something that we don’t know over the years – click favorable career in the injury we also lost uh, frank clark, shout out to the university of michigan: go blue um to kansas city. They traded him, i believe so i’m, not sure who they got in a defensive line that they so high on, but they basically took a necessity pick here because they traded for quadray digs last year. But i’ll talk about that in a minute and adam schaffner breaks down the trade. The jets deal jamal adams in a fourth round pick in 2022 to the seattle in exchange for bradley mcdougall safety. First round pick in 2021 third round pick in 2021, which is next year, draft and first round pick in 2022 sources. Tell espn deal is pending physical, so physical is really really key, especially with the kovid going around as well too so, hopefully, jamar adams can uh pass clear. The physical he’ll be headed to the new york jets, not a jets.

They got some talent le’veon bell, which they’re probably getting rid of him after this year, um a few dudes over there um that uh acquaintance quentin spence smith – i mean williams.

Excuse me from alabama um so i’m, not sure if they’d be able to turn around, but adams is probably one of the three or four best safeties in the league, and now they appearing with quadray digs, which the my stupid detroit lions traded, quadray digs to the Seattle, seahawks and uh i didn’t like it. I think it was like for a fourth round draft pick so uh. You know at the end of the day, quadray and jamal adams be very, very good together to quadratic and covering a nickel adam’s covering a nickel um. They both can hit; they both bring passion, so i think seahawks got the best safety tandem in the league that i could think of right now, man and check my detroit channel support of me over there at motorcycle sports. Talk sports news so shout out to everybody that do support me on both make sure you head over there’s mercy sports talk right here on youtube, but um. You know they gave up a lot for this dude and then they still got to tear up his contract or give him an extension whatever it is. So for a team that’s lacking in the front four um in the team, there’s been some rumors out there they’ve been trying to move on from russell wilson.

They tried to move them uh the year uh baker mayfield was supposed to be the number one pick to cleveland. He also rumors about him passively, getting moved in the near future as well too um so um hey, it is what it is.

They got a young secondary now they got two veterans at safety. Just want to know what’s going to go on per se um in the front seven, you still got the best. You know middle linebacker in the league bobby wagner, but um yeah. At the end of the day, adams is going to be a great player where he going to be at now. Will he have a minkus fitzpatrick’s impact with seattle um? I think he can have that type of impact in the winning culture. Russell wilson is already automatically worth seven or eight wins by himself. I think he is the second best quarterback next to patrick my homeboy in the league, and he gon na have a chance to win. He could be happy. I think it was imperative for jamal adams to go to a team that was going to win and compete for championship and playoff wins and spots and stuff for that nature and divisions in new york. Jess is just its own funky um smog. I i don’t think that coach is pretty good at all adam gates. He got you know he used to be the detroit lions, uh positional culture officer coordinator, or something like that.

I just had never been hired him in miami. You know i ain’t behind him with the jets you know, and he just don’t. He like one of those, probably those coach white coaches, that don’t know how to really much. You know connect with black players and other multicultural players in the league, and they just couldn’t keep them happy, and you just know that organization is not going to win much, especially, i think his his death blow and i think he wanted this death blow to get Out of new york was calling out woody johnson, who was here to johnson johnson products um.

You know about some of the racial things that came out about him. Um, not not. You know basically saying we don’t need black history month and some other racial things that cnn broke, that he said, and you know you see how that didn’t blow up and how white people are not called black people, not calling or white people, not calling first job To be, you know, cut off from the new york jets and being forced to sell the team, but we are jumping on nick cannon, which is you know crazy to me, but hey i think adams is going to go over and see. I don’t do good. I think the seattle just got better just worried about seattle. One thing is always protected russell wilson injuries in the backfield i mean they have injury riddles at tight end they’ve been injured in a running back field.

All last year, chris carson rashad penny uh who’s, starting to really come on. He just worried about them, protecting them the running, backs and also the front four. You know who gon na rush the password pressure next year, you can be. You can have the best secondary. The best safety tandem in the league, which they do very versatile two big big hitters between him and cardrae, guys that got good range can covering man coverage as well. But if you don’t have a push from your front line, then i just really think you can find yourself in a bit of trouble in this league man, so we’ll see what they do.

Man i like this move for seattle, but they did give up a lot, but the thing about seattle. They can give up first round draft picks because they know how to draft in the later rounds and they drafting late regardless. So i don’t think another team is going to give up this, but check us out. Um right here hit that subscribe. Button share the video check out our nfl playlist don’t. Forget me on facebook, instagram twitter reach out.