I heart radio fox sports radio fs1 had dodger baseball last night, yankee march 11th. The nba pulled out sports, pretty much ended second week of march. For us we got through april, we got through. May we got through june it’s july, it’s late july. We have sports back, i i can only say thank you for those who stayed with us. Thank you for those who patronize our sponsors. We really appreciate it. Thank you to our bosses, who, somehow, in the middle of a pandemic, were allowing us to come back to our studio uh. Just thank you to everybody uh. This has been not the easiest stretch, but it’s been a lot harder for other people than me. Uh. I’M. I’M, the lucky one: okay, i got ta talk sports uh, so thank you for coming back uh, our long four month nightmare is over. We have sports i’m crossing my fingers on football. I have good vibes about pro football college. I don’t know it’s a coin flip, but i do think the mba has done a great job on this. I think it looks good, i think the mls bubble and the nba bubble may be the most secure way to do it, there’s a lot of restrictions, but i watched a lot of soccer and a lot of basketball over the last three or four days. I think they’ve done a great job.

Don gerber and adam silver deserve credit. This is hard. Ask the airline industry ask governors, ask restaurants.

This is hard. 2020 is the hardest year of my life, for everybody it’s hard. So if you can get through it and just figure out a way to bulldoze through it tip of the cat from me to you so um, let me talk about support for a second like we all have egos right if you’re successful in life you’re like yeah, I deserve a lot of credit i’m very smart and you probably are if you’ve had a very successful life, but be honest with yourself, you got support. You got help, maybe from your dad, maybe from a boss, maybe from an agent somebody that believed in you. I’Ve worked hard, but man i’ve gotten help and um adam gase got ripped again head coach of the jets by jamal adams. Jamal adams called him out yesterday and he blistered him and he blistered him publicly and jamal adams is a great player and he can say what he wants, but it’s not a good day to be adam gase. Yesterday, jamal adams came out and say i don’t think he’s the right leader for the team to take us to the promised land really bothers me. Doesn’T have a relationship with everybody in the building. He doesn’t address the team. If there’s a problem in the locker room, he lets another coach address it. If we’re playing like crap and we’re losing he doesn’t address the entire team.

As a group at halftime, we walk out of the locker room and let another coach handle it.

He said i’m going to play for my teammates. I am not here to say, adam gase is perfect or that jamal adams is wrong. What i’m here to say is, i trust my nfl sources. I’Ve got a lot of them and i talk to them. Kyle shanahan is thought of as the smartest young coach in the nfl people tell me. Adam gase has a lot of kyle shanahan qualities, really intense can shut people out, occasionally really smart, uh, almost intimidatingly intense, but there’s a difference here. Kyle shanahan has an advisor named mike shanahan top 10 coach in nfl history, mike shanahan watches every practice and kyle shanahan can call his dad and his dad can talk him off the cliff or give him advice. Adam gates, doesn’t. Have that his dad don’t know him was a construction, foreman, fine job, but he doesn’t have mike shanahan to call and then kyle shanahan has maybe the most likable person i’ve ever met in the nfl john lynch, stanford educated played the game as a general manager to Once again bad day, talk him off the cliff adam gase barely knows his gm. He didn’t hire him, nor did he hire his defensive coordinator, greg williams and reportedly williams and adam gase aren’t tight kyle, shanahan’s defensive coordinators, robert sala, excellent young football coach would step in front of a train for his head coach, the owner of the san francisco 49ers Generally well received got a little bumpy with jim tomsula, the owner of the new york jets, to read the stories this week about woody johnson, not great support matters i’m, not saying adam gates is perfect, but his career record is 30 and 34 with two totally dysfunctional Teams, you know what kyle shanahan’s career record is 23 and 25.

. I mean kyle shanahan, because jimmy garoppolo had a bad fourth quarter. You saw those stories come out, they wanted to get rid of garoppolo and they probably called his dad mike or talked to john and i’m, not blaming kyle shanahan. I think he’s, the best young football coach in america, but he’s young he’s lost a couple of big games, but he’s got advisors and an owner and a gm and a defensive coordinator who have his back. Who are there to help him this stuff matters when you’re, young and don’t quite have the trophy yet adam gase has none of that dad wasn’t, a legendary coach defensive coordinator, wants his job owner is constantly in trouble. Nothing but chaos, and now your star player is calling out publicly in the number one media market in the country not saying adam gase is great, but you cannot find me a single great nfl, coach or gm who didn’t have support, go look at belichick’s career. Why do you think he gets emotional on those 30 for 30s when he walks through the halls of new york giant stadium? He knows the support he had from the mara family. Why do you think bill parcells and he, you know, it’s a little prickly when they’re together, because he learned a lot from bill and bill learned a lot from him. You cannot cannot succeed at the highest levels without having somebody there to help you through the bumps kyle’s got him adam doesn’t and i feel bad for him all right.

So i watched the yankee game last night now. Baseball fans that should be noted are traditionalists more than any sport baseball struggled to figure out instant replay little league baseball got it together faster than baseball, that’s, fine they’re into tradition i’m, not a traditional list. I didn’t grow up in that kind of household. I, like the nba i like nfl, their flexibility mls world cup. I like new stuff i’m, not really into tradition, but i do think baseball at its core. Its history is pretty amazing, a lot of it’s memorable, but i watched the yankees last night, a star studded team, in an unbelievable stadium with unbelievable history, but with no fans, no one very interesting. They were in washington. Excuse me, but washington won the world series full of stars yankees full of stars. We got all sorts of history here that game had no juice, that game had no juice. Why? Because, tomorrow fox, who, i think does a much better job on big production fox is going to do baseball and they’re going to have fans. Virtual fans and baseball fans are going to hate it. Oh baseball fans are going to complain and yell and scream baseball fans. Do not like new stuff, they don’t nba fans love it nba players love it. Nfl fans are used to it. Mls fans, soccer fans, like it baseball fans, do not like new stuff. This is not a shot at my former employer that was boring last night that broadcast was crickets.

They kept showing you things validating, nobody was there here’s the empty hotdog stand here are the empty stands and baseball’s unique. They need fans seventh inning stretch. I mean baseball foul balls into the stands, like we’re reminded constantly in baseball of the stands and there’s nobody in them in a game. That’S already incredibly slow, paced and methodical gets really really slow. Without some ambiance, and without some crowd, noise really slow, nats and the yankees, you could argue they have seven of the top 20 players in the sport. You you don’t need ambiance right, you don’t need! No! You do you really really do. I watch the mls. I watch the nba. I don’t really need fans. I don’t really miss them because i’m not reminded when i watch soccer or basketball of the fans very often, but in baseball every foul ball every home run. Oh, the fans are empty. The stands are empty there’s. Nobody there so fox is gon na do something tomorrow and i’ve always thought fox trumps espn on big events super bowls world series. I think they’re really good at it it’s what we do really really well here, but um fans will complain i’m sure i won’t be on it, but i’m sure twitter will be imploding with uh baseball traditionalists, going crazy baseball fan, shh it’s going to be okay. The ratings are going to be great, they were good last night they’re going to be great. We are a television production company, i’ve watched mls and nba fans irrelevance 90 percent of the sport.

It really is. It feels 80 90 percent of the sport, when you could put that many great players in the baseball field and i’m watching that thing last night and i’m, like man, it needs something. Here we got to have some juice man, every foul ball, every home run every shot of the stands. You’Re gon na be okay baseball fans, it’s, just gon na be it’s gon na be a little uncomfortable for you, it’s new stuff. I know you don’t, like new stuff, i get it. I understand it. Baseball fans like their tradition, their mickey mantle talk. I’Ve said this before in sports. Talk? Radio, if you listen to a host, who loves baseball it’s, virtually impossible to do a 15 minute rant on baseball and not talk about something in the rearview mirror i’ve. Never! Once as a football, loving guy talked about red grange, ever autogram, i don’t have to football, is windshield baseball is tied off into windshield and rear view mirror, and this is going to get heavily criticized. It’Ll work it’s going to work. I promise it’ll be okay. We’Re! All going to be okay, eventually coming up next eric carroll’s on the dodgers, when you’re really good and get breaks like the raptors last year, it usually means a title: the dodgers are really good and because of this shortened, season are getting a series of breaks that Play to their advantage from a dh to the schedule to left and right hitters all through their roster and the new bullpen rules, eric carroll’s to discuss it coming up next been a challenging few months.

We all know that summers increasingly challenging for your car. We drive more in the summer we drive from the bottom of california, southern california, to northern california. Maybe you want to go from miami and you want to drive up north get some get some elevation in carolinas you get in your car. You drive up the coast and that is rough.