Each of the last two league mvps, certainly among the favorites, to claim the top spot in the top 100 players of 2020 in the nfl, is voted on by the players themselves. We will discuss that prestigious honor here in just a moment as we welcome you to nfl total access, hello, everybody i’m rett lewis so glad to be here with you and to talk about the big news. First, that screens game on in the nfl for training camp and beyond, as the nfl and nfl pa, have reached agreement on an amended cba all due to the coronavirus pandemic, nflpa’s saying that their board of reps voted to adopt by a count of 29 to 3. The proposed amendments to the 2020 cba to protect our players, health, safety and financial well being shortly thereafter, commissioner, roger goodell, releasing this statement saying the nfl clubs and nfl pa approving an agreement that broadly resolves all outstanding issues relating to the opening of training camps and Start of the 2020 season training camps will begin as scheduled. We have worked collaboratively to develop a comprehensive set of protocols designed to minimize risk for fans, players and club and league personnel statement goes on to say these plans have been guided by the medical directors of the nfl and the nfl pa and have been reviewed and Endorsed by independent medical and public health experts, including the cdc and many state and local public health officials, the season will undoubtedly present new and additional challenges.

But we are committed to playing a safe and complete 2020 season, culminating with the super bowl. And that is great news, as we welcome in our nfl network insider ian rappaport with us of course been following this story so closely here. Ian let’s start with the football side of things and what this new agreement will mean for training camp and what it will make the month of august, look like as the players ramp up to the season. First of all, training camp is going to start on time of all the news today, and there was so so much of it. That is the most football specific news that everybody wants to know. Football is on it’s going to be back and it is going on in facilities all around the country. This is the good news, thanks to the deal that the nfl and the nflpa struck and we’ve seen this play out in ugly fashion for several different sports, including baseball, really was contentious between the owners and their union before they ended up coming to some sort of Kind of deal that was not the case here between the nfl and the nflpa, considering the fact that they just worked out a cba earlier. This offseason cool reds did prevail and based on the relationship between roger goodell, between demora smith, new nfl pa president j.c shredder. They got this deal done in very timely fashion before the texas and chiefs players report for testing on saturday.

As far as what practices are actually going to look like it’s, going to be different. First of all, you’re not going to be able to get a physical until five days in assuming you test negative for the coronavirus. Twice then, about two weeks of strength and conditioning only basically to make sure that the players fully ramp up and are in good enough shape to hit the football field day 16. There is going to be actual football practice, so if you think about it early to mid august, we are finally going to see some football and then day, 21 players are going to be in pads it’s going to take much longer than we are used to. But, of course nothing is normal. This year, 20 21 days puts us around august, 17th or 18th, which would be a much later than we’re used to for seeing players on the field, but good news nonetheless, just to get that out there now there was certainly a financial component to this ian. How did the two sides eventually come to an agreement on how to deal with the revenue shortfalls that we’re facing yeah? There was not a lot of good that was going to come from this agreement, mainly because both sides lose when there is a revenue shortfall. Considering that they end up splitting the pot, so what the nfl and the nfl pa did rather than take the entire hit this year, rather than spread it out over the course of the entire cba, which is what the union wanted.

They basically reached a compromise. The 2021 cap is going to be a minimum of 175 million dollars, so basically 25 million dollars less than the cap is this year, not great, but probably not as bad as it could have been. Then they’re going to spread out the revenue shortfall between 2021 and 2024 if they get more revenue than they’re expecting the cap goes up a little bit but they’re going to deal with it in a short term, but not necessarily the length of the cba, like some Thought the guaranteed money how to deal with that. That was an issue as well, if you’re a player who has fully guaranteed base salaries for this year and the season somehow stops in the middle because of the coronavirus pandemic, you are going to get your money. It just won’t, be this year, guaranteed money will come in the form of next year or, if you’re, a free agent as soon as you are fully out of contract and then finally, there is an opt out. It is two tiers you’re, a high risk individual and it is not safe for you to play. You get a 350 000 salary this year for not playing. If you voluntarily opt out, you get a 150 000 salary. Both sides compromise reese’s agreement. After several weeks of negotiations and yes, we can turn our attention to football, unprecedented to negotiate a brand new cba and then an amended cba in a matter of months.

Good to see both sides come together for this agreement, thanks very much for following it. For us ian rappaport, you saw jamal adams in some of that video. We were showing there some news here from the prez as he calls himself here. Jet safety jamal adams quote tweeting a new york daily news story. Today saying it is the real story of why he asked for a trade in the article he calls out head coach, adam gase’s leadership of the team, saying at the end of the day he doesn’t address the team which adams says includes during halftime of games. Adams also takes aim at gm, joe douglas, who said publicly. He wanted adams to be a jet for life, but adams says didn’t, make good on promises to begin contract extension talks. Now the article does not include comments from either the coach or the gm now gase has said last month quote: yes, i want jamal on. Our team has been effusive in his praise for the safety saying. My relationship with jamal has been good since the time i’ve gotten here. We had a lot of discussion throughout the season trying to figure out ways to win to me, we’ve always gotten along well, and with that we will say hello for the first time today to brian baldinger and david carr. Glad to have both of you guys here with us now david in your experience. This is the team let’s look at the jets last year that started out one in seven, got their quarterback back, figured things out and then ended up winning six of their last eight games.

So in your experience, is that turnaround possible when you have a coach, as adams has said here, that’s not addressing the team and not um, being interactive with the team in those types of scenarios? Does that sound like something that you see? No, absolutely not. I think that you have to realize that coaches are different. Just as players are different, they all have different personalities. Adam gase is an x’s and o’s guy that’s. All he wants to do. He wants to go in get in the lab, try and figure out ways to get first downs, maybe he’s not the most personable guy. Maybe he can’t get up in front of a room and command a group of guys and get jamal atoms who’s. On the other side of the ball and doesn’t really have really any interaction with him other than maybe that team meeting and maybe the occasional passing conversation they have so that’s that’s, just that’s just what jamal is, is he’s just kind of lashing out at this point, Because he wants to be traded, he doesn’t want to be a jet for whatever reason, as he’s laid out multiple times and that’s the difficult thing i’ve been in a situation very similar to this. I was in otas with a player who will remain nameless with an organization same thing, and he wanted the same thing. He wanted a bigger contract. He wanted his role to be increased. He wanted to feel like the team wanted him there and he started lashing out in the meetings he started.

Having conversations on the side, he was being a little bit aggressive in the meeting towards the offensive coordinator. The offensive coordinators had some words back to him. That player ended up walking out of the room, and that was the last time he practiced with that team. They subsequently let him go, and he left so. I i’m just concerned that, maybe maybe that leaks into the situation with jamal he’s going to show up because he doesn’t want to pay the 40 000 a day, fine for not being there so he’s going to go there. He wants to keep his credited season i’m. Just concerned that maybe that leaks in now into the meeting rooms – and it does affect you – know that nice finish that you guys had and the momentum that you had and then you have an issue so hopefully it doesn’t get to that point. Well, baldi i’d love to get your thoughts then, because jamal adams does make it clear that he does plan to report. He wants to play for his teammates this year, as he said. So how do these two sides coexist once they do get in the same building and on the same field here? Well, we don’t know exactly how it’s going to play out. I know jamal is brash, bold and loud. You can hear him every day at practice. He’S not the first player that’s unhappy with his contract or the team, i mean we told jalen ramsey forced his way out of jacksonville last year.

This happens, however, you know after there were trade rumors last year at the trade deadline with jamal adams. He had some of his best games. I mean remember the game against the jets. Last year i mean just taking the ball out of daniel jones hand, running it for a touchdown. It was a difference in the game. I mean he believes in the brotherhood of a team. Greg williams gets that defensive side to play. Well, they they finished. Second, the league against the rush. They were an improved defense jamal led this team in solo tackles two years in a row: he’s the uh he’s. The thing that makes this defense go he’s the the the pump to makes this whole defense go. The players want him, i think he’ll play uh. We got to see just how this all plays out. However, though, because it’s not a guarantee that it’s going to work right now, yeah no question and look, i think we can all agree that we have a ton of respect for the way that jamal adams plays this game. He is one of the best players in the entire nfl, especially on the defensive side. Of the ball also have a ton of respect for a guy. Like frank gore, who’s been around the league for a long time, is a new new york jet and said this to our jim trotter. Earlier this offseason, i got an opportunity to get back with a good friend and a guy that i respect and i’m happy that he wanted me to be on his team.

Talking of jets head coach, adam gase, so there’s, both sides of it we’ll see where they end up once training camp really kicks off there for the new york jets. We’Ll now go from the afc east to the nfc east, where the washington football team head coach ron rivera, has much more on his plate than just head coaching duties, he’s involved with owner dan snyder on the project to rebrand the team announced yesterday as the washington Football team for this season, while they work on a new name and logo and he’s learning the direction of a new culture for the organization as well. Earlier today, he’s stopped by good morning football to talk about the allegations made by upwards of 15 women in the washington post last week and what the team is doing to make change. You know those women that that that were named, unfortunately, didn’t feel empowered enough to step up and and and and file these claims. So something could be done about it and now they’re coming out well, because they’ve come out now, we’ve had to make decisions and and move forward. You know one thing that mr snyder has done is he’s hired a law firm to come in a very prominent one. Here in the dc area to come in and evaluate us and give us suggestions and direction on how we need to do things better, that’s, one thing that we’ve got to make sure we get straight out.

Is our culture we’ve got to create a more inclusive culture. Again, a culture also that does not allow this to not accept this and that’s one of the things that’s going to, i think, help us as a football team is as as we repair and improve, who we want to be and what we want to do. I think that that’s one of the things that that we really have to get right coming up on nfl total access was perfect from prescott. How about them? Cowboys dallas had the number one offense in the league in 2020, but is there defense good enough to make a super bowl run? Brian baldinger and david carr, digging in plus got kittle makes the catch he’s in touchdown san francisco.