So we appreciate you guys and today we’re, going to discuss the crazy trade that went down the nfl today. The seattle seahawks have traded for super star safety from the jets jamal adams. The trade consists of seahawks getting jamal adams and this year’s fourth round pick and the jets are getting starting safety bradley mcdougall a first round pick from this year, a third round pick from this year and a first round pick from next year. Exactly a lot. A lot of trades break down here, a lot of trade capital going down. First, i must say both tyler and i have different opinions on draft picks. Okay, let’s both state it for me personally, i’m. A fan of using your draft pick to draft players in the draft i’d. Rather, instead of trading for a superstar or a household name, i’d rather use my own picks to make a player a superstar or a household name, that’s, just how i roll. What do you think, i think picks are too risky um? The draft is sometimes can be very overrated and first round picture can be very overrated. So if you’re gon na, if you’re gon na, is very unpredictable, while you uh can trade for someone that has proven themselves and the only thing the only um potential bad thing about that is that they might not work in your system.

But that is something that you need to do your research on your team. So i think that you should you: should trade away top picks for proven players, yeah that’s, fair, but one thing that the average fan may be missing from this is jamal adams is on his fifth year contract he’s under contract for one more year, yep, all right.

So, just so, you guys know what a fifth year contract is. Anyone who is drafted in the first round picks one through ten. The team has the opportunity to pick up. What’S called a fifth year option a fifth year option for any player drafted first through tenth overall is the average salary of the top ten highest paid players at that position spot exactly any player who is drafted 11 through 32, their fifth year option will consist of The average salaries of the third through 25th highest paid players in the nfl, so jamal adams is making a lot of money this year, but what’s even bigger, is how much money he’s going to be making next year jamal adams is a multi time all pro multi Time absolute star for the new york giants and 90 more yep, i guess not for the seahawks, and so one thing you have to look at is like i said: he’s got one more year left on his contract. Then he’s going to sign a mega contract. Will it be with the seahawks who knows it might be another gideon clowny situation where he gets it for one year? Yes, what is that guy doing? Nobody knows what he’s doing yeah anyway the highest sign.

Last week i thought dude, who knows what’s going on with debbie and clowny weird, but to break it down. Jamal adams has one year left on his contract. The highest paid defensive back in the nfl.

This year is darius slay, who was set to make 16.7 million dollars this season, you’ve got to think jamal adams is going to want to be the highest paid, not only safety in the nfl, with defensive back, which means he’s, probably going to be asking for at Least, 18 million 20 million 18 to 20 million in his first year, and so you guys know all right, so you guys know for the average fan. If you see somebody sign like a four year, 100 million dollar contract that doesn’t mean they’re, making 25 million every single year, it might mean they make 20, then 24, then 26, then 30., so it rises each year. So why would your team come in exactly and while jamal adams might make 18? If he signs a five year deal and he makes 18 million his first year, he might be making 23 in his fifth. So will this yox be able to pay him and with this draft capital, is it going to be worth it so now i’m going to jump into why the seahawks have done this so and basically justify it and also point out why the jets are in a Good situation as well so i’m a huge shocks, fan and if you know the seahawks, they don’t like to drive first round picks they love to trade to the second round.

They love trading back to love, getting multiple picks and finding trying to find gems in late.

In the late in the draft, like they’ve, been doing pretty well so they’re, it kind of justifies why they gave two first round picks because eventually they’re going to be traded anyway and we’re trading, two picks that aren’t proven for a safety point. The third round pick is: what kills me, though um. I wish that we didn’t have to throw that third round pick in there, because i i do think that um there’s some great value still in the third round and the seahawks have found amazing success, yeah and rounds two through four and we we did. Oh, the chefs did get a fourth run, pick back correct, but obviously that you’re losing 60 more i’m. Sorry, 32, more um picks there yep what’s in between there. So you lose a little bit of value there, but um in the end. You just have to look and see that jamal adams is a top three safety in the league and he’s proved himself, and you could also see why he just did this, because you know bobby and russell aren’t getting any older, so it’s still younger any younger sorry. They are getting much older yep, both both are pushing 30s now and so to look back. People are going to be very disappointed with the ceo if they only win one super bowl in these guys’s era. Obviously they’re super close with the one super bowl.

The patriots don’t want to talk about that run.

The ball dang it. I still people still say that to this day, but um yeah, i mean shoot. So if you get yeah this one, i got one last got something else go for it, it’ll be so disappointing to um, not win another one in these last four, four, four or five years that russell and bobby have them together. So me, as i said earlier, i’m a big fan of using your selection, so here’s where it comes in for me. Obviously they got rid of bradley mcdougall they’re starting yep, the seahawks get rid of bradley mcdougall who started for them for a couple years. Maybe not every game, but i mean he was. He was good for the seahawks he’s got one year left on his contract, which is a thing that you’d need to take into account. He’D need to be resigned after this upcoming season, he’s 29 years old. So he’s definitely older than jamal adams is but here’s here’s, where it comes in all right. They traded their starting safety, bradley mcdougall and in return they got a starting safety. Jamar adams is the is the gap of talent from bradley macdougall to jamal adams. That much more valuable than the talent you’re gon na get in those two first round, picks to where it’s worth the trade and you just have to see when the driver comes around it’s a huge thing. So, in terms of the jets, when you’re looking at this they’re, obviously going to be happy, um jamal adams, wasn’t fitting in with he wanted out, i mean it’s a great deal for the jets.

You have two first round picks you get somebody you’re, gon na have to say and a third round and as an exact starter, somebody got a lot yeah for somebody who was either going to leave in free agency, or you know he just wanted out he’s, probably Going to hold out he’s been talking crap about your head coach, for god knows how long i don’t i mean as much as i don’t like players doing that jamon might be right. I don’t know if adam gases and yeah i mean this isn’t, the first player we’ve heard talking about about adam gase, i mean shoot, he might be one of the worst head. Coaches in the united states might be we’ll see this year, because these next two years mean a lot for the jets they could go from, especially to sam donald’s development, and this is the this is the year that the patriots finally don’t have the conference wrapped up From week one exactly and i mean the division’s open the bills are i mean those are they’re, looking good but shoot. I mean the jets, the dolphins yeah, so i mean the division’s open. I don’t, i don’t want to say open, but it’s more open than it’s been for the past for sure. So really for me, i think the jets won this trade i’m. Obviously gon na take the seahawks yeah and so the the. In my opinion, the jets won. This trade to get two first round picks – i mean it’s, a seahawks they’re, a good, consistently good football team, so it’s going to be mid to late second round um, not the end of the world, still not the end of the world.

Um you’re going to get two mid to late snack or mid to late first round picks, you’re also going to get a third round pick and you’re gon na get a day. One started starter to replace jamal adams and bradley macdougall and they’ve still got marcus. May who’s an up and coming safety great starter, he’s gon na play very well for new york. This upcoming season. He gets a lot more room to work exactly he’s, to take on more of a leadership role. This upcoming season with captain jamal adams gone. So, in my opinion, i think the jets won this trade by a landslide. Not only did they landslide not only. Not only did they get rid of a player who wanted out. Not only did they get rid of a player who was going to ask for a lot of money? Not only did they get rid of her player, who was talking down on their entire coaching staff and front management, but they also got two first round picks of starting safety and a third. And this is why you cannot say that right now, because it depends on who the jets get back. You can’t say this right now and then all of a sudden, the jets pick the um a bust and then like an average player yeah like wow and that’s. The risk that’s the risk that comes with drafting – and you know if the jets i’m taking that trade for sure, but to say that one in the landslide is crazy.

You they did just lose the one of the best safeties in the league i’m. Also, looking at people’s monetary value, we will see, though, in the next great i mean the next two years. Obviously the sea actually feel like they won the trade it’s going to be, but three to four. We will see that’s a good point, but the sucks they don’t pick that first round anyway yeah. So honestly, i think both sides won a lot. They both got better. They both got a bunch. No team got robbed unless, like like, when you look at every trade houston has made a case. Kirsten got robbed in every single trade. They made genevieve clowney deandre hopkins shoot whatever it was, david johnson tonsille, laramie thompson yeah, they get robbed in every single trade. Okay, most trades, both teams get better. No, the texas don’t get better in any of their trades, so i just had to bring that up to to put in put in some perspective, but yeah that’s. Basically, all we have for you guys. Thank you guys for tuning. In if you like, the video leave a like rating, if you enjoy our content, subscribe for us all right, we’re trying to grow we’re trying to push in this upcoming month, we’re going to start getting more equipment to make our videos better we’re, going to try to Get an editing program, a mic to make our videos clear things should start being a little bit smoother here in the future.

So stick around. I promise things are only getting better from us and more content will be being produced on a more often and frequent basis, and we really hope that we have a football season this year, high school college and football just any any sport really in the fall, preferably Football shoot i mean if we don’t get to go to games, i mean if the stadiums have to close it’s, not the end of the world. Let’S just watch it at home. I mean most people do that all 16 games, so yeah thanks for tuning in leave a like subscribe.