Cut ties would be forward, go get joey, boza, he’s, a way better player way, more proof than d ford has been in this league and i think you could get jaquiski tart who’s. He has dropped some interceptions. He is nowhere near jamal adam’s level, but he is the top 10 safety in the league. So if you could retain a top 10 safety on a cheaper deal and then make a trade, possibly next offseason, to get joey bosa instead of being stuck with you know, d4 who’s could only play about 25 of the snaps and then jamal adams. I would rather go get jaquisky, tart and uh a joey bosa interesting. I think i’m agree with leo to a certain extent uh hold off for this year, but for my reasoning, it’s it’s, a couple it’s one it’s hold off on jamal adams, because you’re, probably gon na, have a new defensive coordinator in 2021. So let’s not put someone in atoms because adam’s is, he can he’s a dual threat but overall, i think he’s skewed more towards being a box safety and that’s. What something that loves about, why solo loves having ward and tart is because you can, he can do both with them and it kind of keeps disguising his coverages, which is awesome, and that worked a lot to make the past defense better than it was.

But adams don’t trade for him now don’t, even trade for boso on you’re gon na keep bosa for a year and you’re gon na have to extend them after giving up draft capital.

If anything, if that’s the case, then let’s just trade for adams now because then at least you have them for this year and next year, but then for me it’s just you know: it’s don’t even touch either because then it’s especially adam’s, because then, if he’s his Cost is going to be much higher than it would be for bosa because of, like i said one year left on his deal because he is franchise tagged. But if you do adams that i’m just getting too much too much similarity with what the los angeles rams did and jaylen ramsey, maybe not costing that high of a degree, because i think denyers would even cap themselves, although they did say they did say they were In colomac a couple years ago, so they aren’t known, they should be known that hey when a deal like this emerges, they could be up for it then again that kalomak deal probably was kyle shannon because he likes building from the trenches a safety jamal adams might Be something different but overall move like this. It just feels like it’s too much of the rams. Let’S let’s learn from the rams mistake because and not do that, because if anything you’re right lily tart is not bad let’s, just if you’re gon na do that, but retain him.

But adam’s is so good. So it’s like it’s a little bit i’m torn here, but my my brain and logic is going to tell me just don’t touch.

Atoms don’t touch them because the draft capital is going to come there because you hardly have draft capital anyways to begin with going forward and it’s really a tough sell for me on him. Okay, let me tell you i’m saying: i still think this is going to happen and to me he reminds me of troy, palamalu uh, i don’t know. If you guys remember, you remember, troy come on yeah, you guys ain’t, that young all right, sorry uh! So sorry about that here’s. What i think i mean the jets don’t want to trade him they’re, probably not going to trade him for a while unless they get blown over by a deal, but eventually they will coming down to the trade deadline. They’Re going to have to give him up if he doesn’t want to be there um and the way i see it is uh the 40. I know you leo. You said that they had the super bowl window could extend five six years in the nfl. If it’s open now, you don’t know what’s going to happen down the line and i think uh. If they get jamal adams to me, they become the instant favorites to win the super bowl. You could argue they’re the favorites already, but i don’t think they are.

I think they’re in the conversation they’re top five, but when they get atoms, if they get atoms, they’re right there or, if not above uh, the chiefs, so that’s really important and then finally, we like tart, we like jimmy ward and they both played well last year.

But let’s say what: what do they always? What do we? What do we know them for getting hurt so let’s say jimmy ward gets hurt week, two or jakwaski tart. That creates even more urgency for the 49ers to do this if they, if jimmy ward, breaks his arm or does something where he has to miss two months or three, you got to make this trade, so i think i i already think that i’ve heard that they’re Interested, i know that they’re interested and i think that uh they’re gon na make sure that they’re among the final suitors like they were with khalil mack. But if something happens to one of those starting safeties, i think things could accelerate quickly, that’s it for 45 minutes. Not the jimmy ward, not the jimmy ward, no i’m, just saying good point: it wouldn’t necessarily ramp up anything for for jimmy ward being her fair enough, but you remember last year when, when tart went down what happened to the defense, yeah he’s missed 19 games in Three seasons, that’s important that’s right and the reason he misses games is on him. He often throws his body around like he’ll dive into ankles knees, thighs and he’ll break his forearm separate his shoulder yeah, and you appreciate a strong safety who throws his body around.