What really bothers me is that he doesn’t have a relationship with everybody in the building. At the end of the day, he doesn’t address the team, if there’s a problem in the locker room. He lets another coach address the team, if we’re playing badly and we’re losing he doesn’t address the entire team. As a group at halftime, he’ll walk out of the locker room and let another coach handle it. Oh boy, so there’s that uh so louis. I there’s a lot here and i make no secret again. I sometimes have to recuse myself from these conversations because i’m a lifeline, a lifelong fan of the team. Well, let’s start specifically with the substance of what he’s saying about adam gase. What do you think of a player making those kinds of comments about a head coach, particularly at this point in the calendar, it’s brutal, it’s brutal? Look you hear me oftentimes talk about the three pillars of leadership: credibility, competency, having a positive impact on the people that you’re in charge of well, obviously, i mean adam gates right now, all three of those things are being put into question by the best player on Their football team as a head coach see this is the one. What is one of the things that really bugs me about the head coach selection process? Everyone, like always like right now, i shouldn’t say everyone but it’s in vogue right now to look for good play.

Callers quarterback developers guys who have who put up good stats as far as what their offenses look like when they were offensive coordinators before they become head coaches and not enough.

Emphasis is put on the on the very thing that jamal’s talking about right there, which is how credible, how competent, how positively do they impact the entire football team and everyone that they’re in charge of obviously right now, adam gase, is falling short of that. Otherwise, why would jamal come out and criticize him right now? I know people will say well he’s just exercising an agenda because he’s ticked off about his contract situation, but this is not something that is uh, that is just new to people in football circles. As far as what people’s criticisms of adam gates have been, you know in the past, and i think right now, it’s just another it’s, just another thing that you can just add on top of all the frustration that jamal has felt in recent years. As far as the direction of the new york jets overall, i get it so now, if you’re joe douglas again, who is a a comparatively inexperienced, general manager? What do you have to do? Do you have to trade jamal adams now? Does he has he basically left you with no option? Well, i think you know there’s there’s another layer to this whole situation when you’re talking about joe douglas also look. Obviously there is a trust factor that has really been breached between jamal his representatives and joe douglas.

Also, because of you know, promises that were made to jamal as far as his contract, you know, being renegotiated or being extended back in january, how that kept being pushed off? How they were then questioned surrounding what jamal’s level of commitment to the new york jets was, which is kind of just ludicrous when you think about it on the surface, when you just look at how the guy really commits himself to playing the game and how he Commits himself to his teammates, so i think right now that relationship also seems to be fractured because of the fact that once again, there is no trust, does joe douglas have to trade jamal.

At this point, i think it’d probably be best for them both to kind of go their separate ways because look with some guys it’s. Just once you go down this road and you lie to him, especially what about things concerning money and concerning the business aspect of the game, it’s hard to really repair that kind of thing, unless you just come out of nowhere and give them the kind of contract That really just supersedes what they even were looking for, but in this situation it sounds like for jamal it’s best for him to move on, get to some place where he feels as though he is love that he has wanted, and he can trust people and the Jets can really just do whatever the heck they’re going to do, because, right now they seem rudderless both in terms of management and from the head coach standpoint.

I can’t tell you how awful it is rooting for this team. I i i’m not going to the mike tyson thing, ally i’m, going to continue talking about this for a minute with lewis, because i need help and louis is made the only person. I just can’t tell you how awful it is rooting for this team. Right i mean what you have just described is a complete dysfunctional mess and this isn’t just some fan ranting like me, which i am and i will i have been known – to do and will do again, but this really is just a complete mess in a situation That has been mishandled from the very top and obviously an entirely other story is what’s currently going on with the owner.

It doesn’t have anything to do with this part of it, but it really what you’re describing here really is just a complete mess but see granny that’s where it starts right i mean really the people underneath ownership, really they they take their cues. They get their direction from ownership and really they they need to fall in line with how ownership wants their organization to be viewed to be respected, and if they don’t really see that direction coming from ownership, then they have a hard time really maintaining their own form Of direction in their own, you know in their own way of doing business, unless, of course, they are just so you know fundamentally strong and and very experienced to where they can kind of, say, hey, look.

The ownership is going to do what they need to do, but i i’m gon na you know, conduct business in the way that i best see fit, but hey joe douglas is an inexperienced first time, general manager. So right now he really does seem like he’s kind of grasping at straws, he’s telling jamal one thing and then doing another. The head coach is really not leading the football team in the way in which their best player thinks it needs to be led and that the best player would respect that’s a problem. You can’t be that tone deaf as a head coach to really just tune out. What your players and what the rank and foul are saying you know behind your back and or to your face so you’re right.

This does reek of dysfunction. It does start at the very top, and it sounds like the johnson family needs to really get their arms around this organization and get it pointed in the right direction. Otherwise, it’s just going to be the same old same old, which involves you putting your head down on your desk and going what do i do? I just cannot begin to describe the misery that is caused by rooting for this team. It seems all of the time lewis. Thank you very much for your candor and for trying to help me out here all right today on espn we have an opening day triple header, maybe that’ll cheer me up starts at four o’clock eastern time back to back cy young winner, jacob degrom, pitching for the Mets then you’re going to see christian yelich against the cubs and we cap it off with the great mike trout visiting the a’s.

All three games are on espn and the espn app. Meanwhile coming up. Lebron james spoke about black lives matter.