4. 15. I woke up from my nap to a couple of twitter comments and um. I was very confused to say the least you guys can see on the screen. Two tweets let’s send prayers towards it’s a bullet someone check on it’s a blitz. I was very confused now real quick. Just to recap what the trade was. Jamal adams was traded to the seattle seahawks with a fourth round pick in 2022 for a first round pick in 2021, a first round pick in 2022 and a third round pick in 2021, and so the jets got two first round picks for jamal adams and honestly, I think that this was a really good trade for the jets. Why keep a player that doesn’t want to be here? This player has trashed your coach trashed. Your organization just completely led your fans on this dramatic sequence for months posting his dallas star tattoo, on his leg, saying comments to people in public when he’s driving by i’m, trying in response to getting a trade he’s. He clearly doesn’t want to be here. Clearly, didn’t want to be here, and it was only a matter of time before this happened now. Another thing le’veon bell was so upset because jamal adams was showing fake love to him. Saying you know, i’ll probably be here, and jamal adams was the person who got le’veon bell here. In the first place, people do all the hooting and hollering to get you brought in just to leave lol like people weird yo.

The internet got these dudes doing whatever for attention. Even when they tell you shit, they don’t believe themselves. So jamal adams probably said he was staying and um even he knew that that wasn’t happening he was probably going to report to camp regardless, but i think the jets had all the leverage in the situation and i got to give them credit telling. You know news. Reporters, oh, we have no intentions on trading jamal adams, making teams pay a little bit extra for him and i definitely think that’s why we got so much in return. Yes, they’re, two first round picks and two first round picks – is that gon na help? Yes, we have a lot of holes in this team and that’s what people don’t realize. We need players on our team to fill these positions that we need and jamal adams is like having everything in one spot, especially with the amount of cap he’s gon na take out of the rest of the team. It just wasn’t worth it anymore. For us to hang on to and clearly jamal adams, didn’t want to be here disrespecting the organization, coach and fans the way he did, and people want to talk about draft history and a little bit about that. I just want to recap and go over last couple years, judge drafted in the first round: jamal adams, sam darnold quinn and williams, and makai bechten. I don’t see anything wrong with drafting those players.

Jamal adams. Obviously you can see just went for two first round picks. So obviously that was a good pick. Sam darnold, our potential franchise quarterback. You could talk trash about them all you want, but i’ve seen nothing but progress and improvement and he’s our potential franchise quarterback next quentin williams, Music. Numerous reporters said that this was the best player in that draft. How can people hate on that that makai bechten the most athletic player at that position in the draft? The most athletic tackle in the draft and people are saying that the jets don’t know how to draft the last few years have said otherwise. Obviously, jamal adams didn’t want to be here anymore, and he was our pick. Okay, whatever that’s fine this year, joe douglas drafted, makai bechten, denzel, mims ashton, davis, james morgan, bryce hall, brayden, mann and honestly, people want to say: okay well, joe douglas doesn’t, know how to draft. I think that draft says otherwise. Obviously the james morgan pick very questionable. Bryce hall, a third round player, picked in the fifth round due to injury concerns. I don’t see anything wrong with that. I don’t see anything wrong with that. Take a chance on this player, who can be a star corner on your team? Take a chance. Take a chance mckay back then the most athletic has the most potential in the draft joe douglas took him. I don’t see anything wrong with that ashton. Davis. A guaranteed second round pick locked if he participated in the combine, but he didn’t denzel mims a first round wide receiver talent taken in the second round.

I don’t see anything wrong with these picks, but joe douglas doesn’t know how to draft, and that says otherwise, what have the seahawks done with their first round picks rashad penny lj collier, jermaine, ifetty jermaine eifetti gets like five penalties, a game for offsides false start, whatever It doesn’t matter that player is not good and the seahawks don’t know how to draft. If we’re talking about anyone here, the seahawks definitely do not know how to draft. If that’s, what we’re going to talk about the jets have so much potential with their players. Le’Veon bell was really upset about this. You know who i think is really upset about this greg williams. His whole defensive scheme was around jamal adams playing in the box blitzing. He doesn’t have that anymore. He’S got to think now. What can i do with bradley mcdougall? What can i do with ashton, davis, marcus may? What can i do with those guys now at safety, but that leaves the question: can the jets now get clowny? Can the jets now get jadevion clowny now that they don’t have to worry about paying jamal adams? Now we can pay, you know some more guys when it’s time we can pay marcus. May we can pay sam darnold. We can pay cj mosley. If we have to, we could pay le’veon bell. If we have to again, we can pay makai back then, when his time comes plus we have these first round picks over the next couple years.

We have two first round picks next year and two first round picks the year after that to fill holes on our team. Joe douglas has four years left on his contract to build this team. The way he wants and clearly jamal adams was not in the cars was not in the plan and jamal adams. Didn’T want to be here in return, you can talk trash about our organization. Talk trash about our coach talk trash to the fans say you don’t want to be here, you’re disrespectful to the fans and then, when the fans like snap, back and say stuff back to you, like all those fans are disrespectful, because maybe you shouldn’t have done what You did to us, you told the fans that oh you wanted to be here through thick and thin you’re here. You said that on your twitter post, what happened to that? Your leadership crumbled it’s only a matter of time before the seahawks have to pay you that you don’t get what you want, and then your leadership crumbles again. It just diminishes. Ceo fans will see exactly what we’re talking about in two years when they have to pay him when they franchise tag him and he’s unhappy about that. So he goes on instagram on his story. Posting pictures of his dallas star on his leg, telling fans oh i’m, trying to get traded you’ll see exactly what it’s. Like honestly, this toxicity is gone off. The team motivating our players to be better because someone that doesn’t care about the coach doesn’t care about the fans, doesn’t care about the organization shouldn’t, be on the team in the first place and getting two first round picks in exchange for a disgruntled player that doesn’t Even want to play for you why not obviously greg williams is gon na be very upset, but he’s gon na have to work around it that’s.

Why he’s, a defensive coordinator, learn to work around your players that you have. You have marcus, may ashton, davis and now bradley mcdougall at your disposal, make it work, send ashton davis on those blitzes. He can hit people that’s. All his highlight tape is: is him hitting people make it work, make it work? We got, we got the draft picks. Now to fill holes on the team, there’s plenty of them, obviously you’re not going to see you know first generation top generation talents like jamal adams. Again that doesn’t happen that’s every you know. Five years, you’re gon na see a player like him in the league, his talent, his potential. It is what it is um. I think we got a great hall in return. It is what it is there’s, nothing. You know. Jeff fans can do he didn’t want to play here. What are you gon na do about it? What are you gon na do about it? The jets definitely had some leverage with the new york post article saying: oh jets have no intentions of trading them. I definitely think that got us a little bit extra than we were supposed to get, maybe that third rounder was extra. Maybe bradley mcdougall was extra. I don’t know people said: oh we’re only you’re only gon na get a first at him. We got two first sent a third out of them and that’s fine by me. We don’t have to pay him.

Seahawks have to pay him that’s their problem now, not ours. We have to look on and forward to the future now with our rookies and our future. Rookies with those first round picks, if we train them for a player, so be it so be it.