They punched three receivers to one side: Kelsey set up by himself Smith, knocked down Jamal Adams; completion percentage in the NFL coming over 70; second down in 10 block by Ingram back there by Corman it’s loose and the Jets try to scoop them in and they do With chickens, LeGarrette Blount getting his first touch as a lion and it will be for negative yardage is Jamal Adams quickly got on him in the backfield just 1 for 4 runthrough down tonight on 7 incomplete intended for gallon a hesitation right knowing the division they play. One side and turban didn’t get there look like Jamal Adams may have led the charge from his safety position. Pressure coming pass is deflected and incomplete. You’Ve got a little extra shade over there on that left side to help him out pass deflected and incomplete. It was trim all Adams again, you got ta get to midfield to pick back to fresh down Barclays 3d plenty of time. Brady fires crowd, can’t hold on to it. Second and four Brady sets Brady throws endzone broken up fake to enter. They go down at the files again jet, showing present and everybody’s coming, sadly sure goddamn all Adam six of the games with his McLovin. He was reading there’s the throw and it comes the hands. Third, one James White will get the call and he will find Jamal Adams right on top Jones under pressure on third down fans, but fortunately for the Giants.

This ball bounces right into the hands of sake, whomp, seeing some beautiful snags by 86. Five receptions today, that’s a season high for the rookie Jones scores. Oh my goodness, Jamal Adams, two torn ACLs ladies NFL debut last week, first started a baskets in trouble. Its Duvall Adams, who brings him down and he’s, been doing it for a long time. Second down and six bottle play bar to defensive policy. Here comes Adams.