At the end of the day, he doesn’t address the team. If there’s a problem in the locker room, he lets another coach address the team if we’re, playing and we’re losing he doesn’t address the entire team as a group at halftime, he’ll walk out of the locker room and let another coach handle it all right. Those are some strong words that that jamal adams has made so jacoby. I want to direct this first question at you, given how the jets have handled this and what adam said about gays. Is it time for the jets to just buck up and give him the trade that he wants? Well, i think this is really interesting, and one thing i do is i want to consider the source – and i have not been in the jets locker room at halftime and jamal adams has. However, he does want a trade so i’m, not going to judge adam gates’s leadership on this tweet i’m, not going to judge adam gase’s leadership on that weird press conference when he was announced as the jets head coach. But i am going to judge him on his record, his wins and loss, because a lot of his success happened in that 2016 season. When the dolphins went 10 6, they got the wild card and they lost to the steelers and it seems like the dolphins were organization on the rise.

Oh wait, then they went six and ten. Then they went seven and nine.

Then he lost his job. Then he was hired by the jets, had the weird press conference and then went seven and nine again. You’Ve got le’veon bell and sam darnold you’ve got jamal adams. Who is one of the best defenders in the game? Jamal adams is an absolute destroyer on the football field and he doesn’t want to play for you. I think if i were the jets. They’Ve got a lot of other problems to deal with that i’ll. Let someone else discuss if i were the jets. I would seriously consider keeping jamal adamson losing adam gates. Well, the jets are in trouble and jacobi alluded to it, because if their squad has not been paying attention, their league is majority black, and you know what’s going to happen when the players in the league read with their owner woody johnson, allegedly said what he’s accused Of saying the sexes and the racist comments that he made, plus now a general manager who’s willing to trade, not only the best defensive player on your team, one of the best young stars in the game at a premium position, and then the coach adam gates. If he pulls his hat even further down it’s going to be over his nose – and it lets me know that he’s, probably in over his head. This louis is what leads to frustrating days for people like me, who wonder why i watched eric the enemy run, a football in colorado, and then i saw how great he’s been with kansas city and he can’t get a job.

Can’T get a job. Now, adam gase, you talked about his record david jacoby it’s, not very good and it’s, not very good with the jets. So if you are the jets and you want to keep atoms, you probably got to give them a blank check and or fire your current coach. But i don’t see this now being a team that players throughout the league are going to want to play for until the issues with their owner get ironed out. Look when it comes to head coaches, when it comes to general managers when it comes to ownership, look in all three of those you know entities have to be great leaders. Right player, i mean coaches have to be great leaders. Gyms have to be great leaders. Owners have to be great leaders in order to be a great leader, there’s three things that are just non negotiable right. You have to be credible. You have to be trustworthy, which is what credibility is about. You have to be competent, which means you have to be able to do your job at a high level. You have to have a positive impact on the people around you and right now. Look the the the jets are in a crisis when it comes to being credible, being competent and having a positive impact on others, and jamal adams is speaking to those things when he’s talking about not only adam gase, but also when he’s talking about the general manager And obviously he hasn’t made any comments to my knowledge about ownership.

But obviously you know woody johnson right now is in the crosshairs when it comes to those three things about his credibility, his competency and his positive impact on others, because you know, especially when you’re talking about the kind of allegations that are that are swirling around him. Now does this mean that they need to go ahead and move on with jamal adams? Actually, what it means is that they need to try and figure out why this relationship is so bad with him. Why is it that he doesn’t view them as being credible? Why are they not very good on the football field? Why is adam gays and joe douglas not having the positive impact on this organization and this franchise on and off the football field? The way they need to that’s what they need to be thinking about before you? Even get to the issue of do they need to go ahead and send their best player down the road because look it’s easy to just go ahead, and you know and kind of make this a very you know black and white type issue in terms of disgruntled Player let’s, just trade, him see what we can get back for him and then take this whole fantasy football approach, but it’s bigger than that it’s it’s, more systemic than that with this football team, because this is not something that’s been brought up for the first time With the new york jets and it’s, not something that’s been brought up for the first time with adam gays, so they have you’re right.

They have much deeper seated issues. Would i want to get rid of one of my best players in all pro safety like this? Who i drafted as high as i drafted, and someone who i wanted to build my football team around? No, i wouldn’t want to trade him. I would be trying to fix the issue, but maybe in jamal’s mind it can’t be fixed he’s. Someone who right now at all costs seems like he just wants to get the heck out of there, which, if i’m adam gays and i’m joe douglas and i’m ownership i’m going we’re doing something wrong here. Man, we really are because this guy seems hell bent on getting out of here, and why is that? Why is that? Why does he not trust us? Why does he not believe in us and see there’s a lot of people right now who are just banging on jamal, saying, look he’s just a loud mouth he’s disgruntled? He should toe the line. He has two more years left on his contract and then they could franchise him if he wants, he needs to just shut his mouth and play no. Those days are over. Players are speaking up now, players. You know players know more than anyone whether or not someone has the kind of leadership qualities that they want to buy into jaylen. You know that, and you know a lot of times you know, look when you really when you really dig into it deep players know when someone’s selling them a bunch of bs and when they’re, not when it’s someone who they really want to follow and when they Don’T and so look right now, look i i know it’s easy for people in general to always take the side of management when you’re discussing these kind of things.

But jamal has a legitimate gripe here and he has a legitimate issue and i think it’s something that bears watching and you know maybe that maybe this is one of these situations where they need to just go ahead and and go their separate ways and joe douglas Needs to see what he can get for jamal. You know in terms of a trade in terms of trade compensation because he seems dug in and he seems awful ticked off and quite honestly, there isn’t there hasn’t there hasn’t been enough success on the football field. For the new york jets to claim otherwise – and now you go into a season as you just acknowledge, with jamal adams being unhappy, le’veon bell was hoping to have a bounce back year. Sam darnold had his issues with mono.