I could watch it. I could recite it and just continue to laugh at it over and over and over, even though i know what’s happening, and one of my favorite quotes from the office came from michael scott and he said how the turntables and michael scott was very goofy. He was a very goofy boss, a very goofy manager and what he meant by how the turntables was, how the tables have turned, and that leads us into today, which has been a very busy day for gangrene uh the jets, because they have been it’s just been. This not even a back and forth, but really just a back with jamal adam saying he wants to be traded, jamal adams listing all these different teams. He wanted to be traded too jamal adams calling out leadership, jamal adams just saying this – and that and the third that hey i’m done with the jets thanks. But no thanks i’m ready to move on i’m ready to see what’s next and hey. Maybe the grass is gang greener on the other side, so today he finally got his wish. He finally was traded and he got traded to a really good team, the seattle seahawks, and he makes them that much better. So i know russell wilson uh. Somebody in the comments section, i pinned the comment by the way and thank you all for checking out the video uh about jamal adams, getting traded to the seahawks uh.

I know it wasn’t in a regular setting, because my wife and i we were out on a bike ride. We were riding our bikes for about, i think about two hours: two and a half hours uh, but it’s it’s, always super fun, but anyway um. Somebody said man, russell wilson is just having a great weekend. He just had his baby win and, and now he finds out that um jamal adams is getting traded to the seahawks. So russell wilson is winning in more ways than one, but somebody who didn’t seem to be too happy about the trade when it went down was mr le’veon bell and if you look at le’veon bell’s twitter, when the trade was announced, le’veon bell just put cool and Put a thumbs up emoji and a lot of people responded to it and, of course i mean a lot of these football players and just people period. They do a lot of sub tweeting and what uh le’veon bell the timing of his tweet. We knew what was going down. We knew what it was about because it came out right after jamal adams was announced to be traded to the seahawks and with le’veon bell it’s funny, because just about a week ago, maybe a little more than a week ago. Le’Veon bell was saying that he expect jamal adams to stay with the jets this year. He said he expects him to come to camp and won’t, be any hard feelings and he’ll stay with the jets this year.

So that actually led me to believe that he will stay with the jets this year, especially because i hadn’t heard anything about the jets, possibly trading him. Then, of course, you know one thing led to another and now he’s gone, but then somebody responded to le’veon bell and said: oh he’s, mad, oh he’s, mad and then le’veon bell said i’m, not mad i’m motivated and then it was like. Okay, cool could have left it at that, but no then he had to go in then he had to go in so let’s see how motivated he is by what he said. He followed that up with people do all the hooting and hollering to get you brought in just to leave lol like people weird yo. The internet got these dudes doing whatever for attention. Even when they tell you the stuff, they don’t believe themselves. So le’veon bell, you, you know it’s uh, it’s, very interesting, the the choice of words that he wanted to use. I mean that he did use um because it kind of sounds a little familiar. He says people do all the hooting and hollering to get you brought in just to leave lol like people weird yo. The internet got these dudes doing whatever for attention now. I remember like i don’t got the best memory in the world, but i do remember some brief uh experiences and stories about how it took le’veon bell to get from here to here and it wasn’t this smooth ride.

If you all can recall – and i remember just just even the night when he became a free agent – it was all these rumors about where he could possibly go where he fit in the best, and i remember le’veon bell he he was dropping these little hints. He was dropping all these different clues. He was changing up his profile on twitter, changing the background, colors and stuff, and he was doing a lot of stuff for attention on the internet. But now one of his boys is doing it and it seems to be a problem and even the the night when it was it, was all these rumors about when he was gon na announce his signing when it was gon na be when it was gon na Drop and then it was like, oh uh, everybody was wondering like hold up. Uh le’veon bell said that he had a big announcement tonight, and this was in march during free agency. He was like. Oh, he got a big announcement tonight. Maybe this is gon na where he gon na announce the team and then his uh, his mixtape dropped, whether it’s a mixtape or album. I forget doesn’t matter, but he dropped his music and so many people. They listened to all these songs. They were like man. What team is it going to be, maybe he’ll say the name of the team in a song, so he had all these people weighing up late too waiting for this mixtape to drop.

It dropped about an hour late and then um on the mixtape. It didn’t even say what team he joined but then later on, he announced okay, i’m signing with the jets. So just that alone. But of course there was more le’veon bell also held out, and you know what i didn’t have a problem with him holding out, because i was like hey if you feel you worth something: don’t settle hold out: okay, cool, but you can’t. In my opinion, i i feel like that’s that’s, just so hypocritical with him getting on jamal adams, for everything that he did to get out of new york when he did a lot of the same stuff to get out of pittsburgh. So it’s like. Why are you calling him out for that when just what uh a year ago, just a year ago, because if you look at his twitter it’s it’s when um he got it, he got it as a pin tweet let nyc let’s, do it on march 13th, 2019.. So it’s, like you, you did so you did so much of the same thing. You did a lot of the same stuff and you. Finally, you got out of pittsburgh. They ain’t doing any franchise like they say. You know what okay, let me unveil you, you can go it’s cool, so you got out and and then you did all this attention sink and stuff too. So the him calling out jamal adams i’m.

Just i i don’t get that i don’t get it. People do all the hooting and hollering to get you brought in just to leave now that okay guess he was upset, because maybe he was saying from that jamal adams was like: hey le’veon, come through come to new york, we’re building something here, we’re building something here, Because they signed uh le’veon bell, they also had signed cj mosley. It was looking like okay wait a minute. This defense could be something now and they got le’veon bell as well uh, and then he said they get. They do all the stuff to get you brought in just to leave. People wear yo. The internet got these dudes doing whatever for attention, even when they tell you stuff, they don’t believe themselves. So it is what it is man um good for jamal. He is out of uh the jets and i i’ve seen a lot of chess fans. I’Ve seen comment from a lot of jets fans and a lot of them are very happy. A lot of them are very happy, even though i’m sure some of them that’s like they putting these happy comments in the comments section, but while they typing them tears or rolling down their faces – and i ain’t mad at that – i ain’t mad at that. You got to put on a brave face, cause you want to. You want to be strong, you want to be tough. You want to get through this and you’re like hey.

We fleeced these guys. We finessed the seahawks. We got a first, a third and another first and bradley mcdougall. We got all that and then some seahawks fans, it’s it’s, been the same way with them too. Oh, yes, let’s go. We got jamal adams, which is nice, but then a lot of them too. Like oh man, we gave up all of that Music. They did get a fourth round pick too, but and then i seen some seahawks fans saying well, we don’t draft good in the first round anyway, so we’re not worried about it. So, okay, that’s that’s cool, seem like you’re just trying to trying to put a band aid over the womb because it’s hurting a little bit, but you did get a nice play. You got. You got a great player, ain’t. Even no nice play. You got a great player. Seahawks got a great player in jamal adams like we talked about earlier. This is good for them and seahawks. I guess they they felt like. It was worth it giving up. Those two first round picks in the third round pick you, you got back a fourth, so it doesn’t necessarily cancel out the third round, pick that you gave up, but i mean it kind of balances it out, but you did still give it two first round picks Um, but you get a great player and you are a team that has been there and been close. You’Ve been close like seahawks, always in the playoffs they’re, always in the playoffs.

They live in the playoffs. They are always there. They got one of the best quarterbacks in the game, russell wilson. He continues to do what he does russell wilson is amazing man. He is amazing at what he does.