The time is now to strike, but at what cost, because jamal adams wants a new contract at the moment he hasn’t gotten a new contract, and here is exactly what the jets and the seahawks had to give up. So, according to this report, the seahawks will send safety bradley, mcdougall first round picks in 2021 and 2022 and keep in mind since the seahawks are perennially a winning team. They’Ll be in the later first round and a third round pick in 2021 to new york. In exchange for adams and the jets fourth round pick and 20 22 now, as the notes here, as i mentioned, adams is still seeking a new contract. He has two years remaining on his rookie contract. He is due to make a total of 3.6 million this season and 9.9 million in 2021, so yeah big news there. If you don’t already know by the way the nfl pa and the nfl have agreed to play to proceed with the season. There was a lot of talk about, maybe the players will strike and hey rightfully so, because there weren’t a whole lot of safety protocols in place.

It looks like that’s agreed upon so assuming we at least get a start to the 2020 season. The seahawks are gon na, look pretty damn good the jets they can build for the future, but here’s the problem with the jets. They still got adam gase, who has proven to not be that great of a coach great coordinator, maybe not a great coach.

You still have woody johnson as the owner and look at the end of the day. He’S bankrolling this thing, but if you haven’t already noticed there’s been multiple reports of of him, making racist comments about black history month and black people and granted. Those were documented with him being the british ambassador to the u.s under donald trump still he’s, also the owner of the jets, a team in a league that is predominantly black and, needless to say, i don’t think jamal adams is the only person that is disgruntled with Those comments he was just the only person to put them out there in the jets organization, but yeah, not a good look there and look. I don’t think woody johnson dan snyder the now disgraced, jerry richardson they’re, not alone. I don’t, i don’t think they’re alone. In this – and i think this could be a far bigger scandal for the nfl to look out for in the specific case of the jets look, they got the tools in place, the picks in place to be good, whether there’s dissension with the owner or not.

Now, at the end of the day, when players got to play and uh, you know for bet for better or worse, you know, given all the circumstances and everything going on in the real world going on in their own organization and yeah on paper, they should be A better team going forward, but the problem is again: you got adam gase, you got woody johnson who recently in the last decade or so has not made some great moves, and on top of that, you got this off the field.

These allegedly reprehensible comments which he’s denied he said and and uh yeah it’s it’s the jets. What can i say? But there is some hope, because the gm joe douglas he’s got not one, not two, but three super bowl rings with the ravens with the eagles, and he also spent some time with the bears, as well. He’S only been on the job for a year’s gm with the jets and again on paper. This looks like a great trade for the jets, but until you remember that, no matter who the gm’s been who the head coach has been over the last decade since they last made the playoffs yeah, they haven’t done that great with drafts, especially first round picks. So one would hope, for the sake of all my miserable jets fan friends out there, that they eventually do well, but as for seahawks, some people are saying they got fleeced. Some people are saying: oh, my god.

They gave up way too much and then they’re also gon na have to pay him a ton of money for a new contract. But you know what, as i mentioned before, pete carroll, not getting any younger russell wilson, not getting any younger. That is a damn good team right now. Yes, jamal adams to the mix and who knows they get a legit, be a super bowl contender and with all the other circumstances going on and everything else and john adams is also going to be playing for a new contract.

I mean he’s definitely gon na be motivated, especially in a new contract, so we will see what happens, but i like the seahawks chances and at the end of the day you know what i can’t hate on a team for being aggressive, trying to win right. Freaking now the nfl it’s, not just the national football league it’s, not for long so look if gm douglas has got a plan for a future that’s great. But you know: he’s got to overcome a lot of years of futility, an owner that makes questionable decisions that allegedly made some awful remarks and, of course, adam gates or adam gates.