He wanted out um. I had honestly thought that stuff kind of cooled off a little a little bit for a little while, but then the stuff came out about uh, woody johnson so jamal. He started going again and he said: hey that’s, not he’s, not a good leader um. Then he called out adam gates again, he said he’s, not a good leader. Uh jamal adams had the um the the sit down interview that uh that the uh managed meta from uh the new york jets reporter or the beat writer. I forget exactly what his title is, but he came out with yesterday the day before yesterday, that was sort of like a tell all interview exactly why jamal adams was requesting a trade and why he wanted out of new york. He said that he didn’t have a good relationship with adam gates um. He said that adam gates was sort of like uh. He was a head coach that really didn’t care too much about the players and then, like we said earlier, it was just the icing on the cake when the whole stuff about the jets owner came out with all that going on um, so he finally gets his Wish – and it was one of the teams that was listed uh to be on his wish list – the seattle seahawks now the seattle seahawks they gave up now the jets traded jamal adams in the fourth round pick and the seattle seahawks.

They gave up two first round picks one from this year and next year, bradley mcdougall who’s a safety so jets get to. They replace the safety with the safety um and they gave up a third round pick from this upcoming year, so they gave up a 2021 first and third, the 2022 first and uh bradley mcdougall, so jets gave up. I ain’t think that i mean no seahawks. Excuse me: seahorse gave up that to obtain one jamal adams um, and i did not think that the jets were going to get that much, but it’s almost like man, jets were uh, they did, they did come out and say, though, and i found out yesterday the Day before yesterday that the owner said we will trade, you more adams, if we get the right type of deal um. That is something that i had actually uh forgot about, um or not that i forgot about. I hadn’t heard about because i thought that the jets – the only thing that i had heard about it until like two days ago, was that the jets were standing firm. They weren’t looking to trade, jamal adams uh they may listen or whatever, but they weren’t really. Looking to trade them and i would figured okay le’veon bell just came out and said it too. He said jamal. He expect jamal adams to stay with the jets jamal adams said he was going to show up for like the training camp and all that stuff uh.

But he obviously still wanted to trade and the jets they got a deal that they couldn’t refuse and the seahawks they they get a really. They get a great player. I know seahawks fans, probably so tired of hearing about the legion of boom. Well, some of them probably tired of hearing it – they probably tied at every secondary that they have getting compared to the legion of boom um. But this will make a lot of seahawks fans happy. I’M sure they’ll be very happy, like i don’t think anybody would be mad. I don’t think anybody is going to be mad, that they got uh. They got jamal adams, so you get uh. Can i call them a generational talent? It may be a little too early for that, but you get a great safety uh one of the current best safeties in the nfl um and somebody that’s he gon na come in and ball out for you, man and now, and you get an extra motivated jamal Adams too that’s dangerous, that’s dangerous if he had a rocky relationship like think about this, and pete carroll is known to be a players coach if he had a rocky relationship with um with adam gates, said that adam gates was not a player’s coach, uh, adam gates, Wasn’T for his players and whatnot if these dudes had a rocky relationship – and he said jamal said that it was like that throughout the season. So if their relationship was like that throughout the season – and he played that good, imagine how he’s going to play for pete carroll, somebody who is a player’s coach, who has a good relationship with the players and now he’s on a team that has had a lot Of success over the years a team that’s been consistently successful.

They got their quarterback situation handled, they got some good receivers. Of course they want more receivers, but they got some good receivers right now. They’Re running back situation aside and o line always needs some improvement but you’re in a good situation. Man and then fans the 12s they they’re gon na support jamal adams like crazy. So this dude is gon na, be extra motivated to uh, be successful with seattle and just continue being good man. He’S gon na he’s gon na uh want to continue to be to be good man, so i’m i’m happy for seahawks fans. Of course y’all know me i’m, a ravens fan. I definitely wouldn’t have minded jamal adams coming on board uh, but i just i didn’t think it was gon na happen. I knew there was a chance, but a tiny chance, because he was more of a luxury than a necessity and ravens already paying like 50 different dudes in the second day. But again, this is a really good move, uh for the seahawks. Now what? If the seahawks? What if they make put the icing on top of the cake and they get jadavian clowny too, what if they brought him back, because you know dave and connie got ta, be a little motivated now to come back to seattle, because it’s, like oh y’all, just got Jamal adams and he’s a good pass rusher too. A lot of people forget that he’s, not just a great safety he’s a good pass, rusher too man for this dude to be.

I think he led the league in sex last year as oh and was crawling on me. He led the league in sacks last year as a safety um and seattle. Oh man, it’s gon na be fun watching him man, but now with your davey and clowney. So we starting to scratch some dudes off of our watch list because we had cam newton was on our watch list. He signed with the patriots jamal adams was on our watch list now he’s been traded to the seahawks uh. So now just the two people left on our watch list are davey and county and antonio brown, so antonio brown uh his status is in limbo, right now, jadav and county. Maybe this may motivate him to go back to the seahawks and they’d, be like you know what hey. It was already something special when i was there before.