First, i got to give credit to my co, my podcast co host kyle. He nailed this one. He said uh adams was going to seattle, so give him some credit there uh. Also. I haven’t actually seen what they got yet. I had an idea. I saw that jamal adams got traded and i saw that uh mcdougall was part of the trade but that’s all i’ve seen i haven’t seen like the draft picks yet so i’m gon na. Look it up uh as i’m recording this video. I figured that could be a fun way to do this, so uh i’ll, i’m reading it right now: uh jet steel, jamal adams and fourth round pick in 2022 to seattle, in exchange for bradley mcdougall, uh and also a first round pick in 2021. A third round pick in 2021 and a first round pick in 2022, okay, so two first round picks and a third round pick uh, which is pretty significant, now they’re, also getting a fourth round pick back, but they’re also losing mcdougall. So this is a lot. Seattle is giving up a lot for adams, uh and it’s it’s interesting, because i think that this is going to be a huge benefit to them now now i’m, just going through this, but it’s also just a ton of draft capital. I think this is. I think this is a great trade for jets right off the bat. I think this is great value for the jets, even though uh yes, adams is tremendous, i think they’re getting good value back and if adam wasn’t gon na play, you know getting two first round picks and a third uh.

Basically, you know the third and fourth is kind of a wash, but two first round picks and uh a decent safety back uh that’s, pretty good value for for new york. I think it reminds me a little bit about the uh, the jalen ramsay trade, and you know because he was already gon na leave, but they were able to get a big hole back well. This is kind of the same thing uh, but let’s shift gears a little bit because i actually do think that there is some real value in getting jamal adams, and i think this could make honestly. I think this makes seattle, probably the second best safety uh secondary in the league. I still think baltimore is better, but theirs is probably number two now i would think uh again, i haven’t had time to really think about it too much but it’s. Certainly a top tier safety. Excuse me top tier secondary now, and so what i want to do is i’ve already made a video talking about what adams does so well so i’m, not going to talk about atoms too much in this video. You can check out that video uh, just search jamal adams, jks it’ll, come up i’m sure or film study, jamaal adams uh. If you want to check that one out, but instead of what i’m going to do, is i’m going to just show the seahawks defense and where he would play and how he can be a big upgrade from mcdougall and how his play style could be a big Advantage like one thing about mcdougall is that he plays very conservative.

He plays very cautious and when you compare that to adams, who is definitely anything, but he is very aggressive, uh in for good reason. He very rarely makes mistakes, so he can make those quick decisions because he’s right uh. This is an example of mcdougall being cautious and where adams would be a significantly uh better player on the field. In this moment, where it’s going to be a cover, three zone and that’s a lot of what seattle runs, which is cover three and that’s, another thing i want to talk about is that you know the white circle that’s, where mcdougall is and that’s, where he’s in Charge of covering, so you could argue that you know you’re kind of just going to push adams off to the side like that. But for one thing i highly doubt adam she’s just going to be someone in charge of covering the flat every play. But another thing is that this is still an important role and especially with you know, bobby wagner on one side it’s hard to play on that side of the field. But now, if adam’s on the other, it can be really hard to work. That middle of the field, but what san francisco is going to do here is they are going to you know, go to the as in middle of the field, deep, not necessarily middle of the field in terms of inside the numbers, uh they’re going to go outside The numbers with the receiver going towards the sideline that’s, what they’re trying to do on this play and because of how far off mcdougall plays watch how, when he cuts, he’s, easily able to get open and there’s.

Just a ton of separation and you’re able to get a solid game, get close to the first down on that one, whereas if that was adams, no chance uh they’re, getting that many yards at least no chance there’s that much separation. He would have read it a lot quicker and he doesn’t play as far off, so he probably would have had less separation to begin with uh and that’s. Just one of the many things that adams does well he’s a better uh coverage corner than mcdougall uh and, as we all know, he’s going to be a much better uh. You know strong safety in terms of strong safeties. I don’t think there’s any question he’s the best in the league uh and i think he’s the best in the league period uh, but like a play like this is another good example. It’S going to be a run to the top of the screen and kyle youscheck is going to be blocking bradley, mcdougall here so uh that’s. The way this play is designed to work that’s who’s, designed to block him in a fullback. You know blocking a safety. This is usually good for the offense, but there’s no way even yushek who’s, one of the best fullbacks in the league would be blocking uh jamal adams. There would be somebody, you know, probably an offensive lineman designed to do it or something, because you have to pay him extra attention, but like on this play, you watch how very easily ushek is able to get in great position uh, and at this point mcdougall i Mean he’s not gon na be able to make a play on this one it’s able to be a solid run, and you have to think that those plays will be much more difficult to come by when you have bobby wagner and jamal adams.

To worry about. I mean that’s just two potential hall of famers. I think i think wagner’s a hall of famer and adams. You have to figure he’ll, be a hall of famer. If he continues to play at the level he has been playing at i mean when they’re, not playing nickel, you have bobby wagner, you have kj wright, you’ll have jordan brooks who was the rookie? They just drafted uh this past draft in the first round and then you have jamal adams. I mean good luck working anywhere. You know from the five to 15 yard uh down the field area i mean you’re gon na have to you know. I don’t think you can run the ball too much. I don’t think you’re gon na be able to run the ball too much and you can’t really pass the ball deep because they still do have good corners and quandary digs who’s a very good free safety. So this is again it’s a lot. They give up a lot for sure, but this kind of is gon na make this whole defense work. I mean there’s some mistakes that mcdougall would make that adam. Just won’t make like a play like this it’s a cover two man and what’s gon na happen is that uh there’s, two green bay players, who will be basically just running a pick play uh. The reason why this is so significant and why i’m bringing it up is again look at how far off mcdougall is compared to everybody else.

Adams would probably be playing on the line. He probably would be playing press and the reality is there’s no way. Adams is going to lose in coverage to jimmy graham, but here because of this pick play mcdougal is going to get beat pretty badly and uh. You know there’s plenty of separation right there and that’s, just something that won’t happen with atoms and you know there’s. These plays that develop with mcdougall and again i don’t want to pick on mcdougall too much he’s a fine safety, i kind of feel like uh. The way i would describe him him is that he is the worst safety possible without being considered a bad safety and the fans still won’t hate you, you know like you’re, not mad at mcdougall, but like you’re, not very rarely impressed with mcdougall. I think that’s kind of how i would describe him, maybe uh if 5 out of 10 is serviceable he’s, maybe a 4.5 like he’s slightly below that, but still fine, however, going from that to elite is definitely worth a lot of uh capital and it’s. Putting the seattle seahawks right, you know at the top and potentially a championship contender right here, um, you know. One more thing i want to bring up is that we all know adams has one of the best uh football minds in the game in terms of players. I mean he has just tremendous football iq, he’s, always figuring stuff out pre snap mcdougall didn’t.

You know like a play like this uh it’s gon na be a play. Action to the top of the screen. Adams runs down to the bottom of the screen. Rogers rolls out in that direction he hits atoms. The goal is to get everyone. You know to be fooled and run up to the top of the screen, specifically bradley macdougall, who is the one in the white circle, of course, because you know he’s gon na basically think that it’s gon na be a running play. He may move up and they can sort of pick on him and you know throw it to the bottom of the screen. His job on this play is to make sure nobody gets by him in that direction. This is still your typical cover three zone, so he’s still in charge of you know covering the bottom portion of the field, so he still has to make sure he’s there. But after the ball is snapped, he gets fooled on this fake, pretty hard it’s hard to totally blame him too much. I mean you know getting fooled on fakes. It happens like i’m, not going to get on him too much for that, but at the same time, it’s just something that jamal adams wouldn’t do and, as you see, rogers is able to hit adams, davonte adams, who then runs and picks up a first down. If it was jamal adams covering him, that mistake would not have happened, uh and again, i’m, not blaming uh i’m, not blaming mcdougall too much.

This video isn’t meant to be a criticism of mcdougall because i think mcdougal’s a fine player. I just think mcdougall can be beat in several ways and with adam’s now on the team he’s not going to get beat in very many ways, and you know you have a team now with quentin dunbar and shaquille griffin, who can beat a two uh cornerbacks who Play well and as his own as zone coverage corners, you have quandary digs. Who can definitely be that good free safety? You have atoms who can be a great strong safety and, if you’re, if you’re, not playing nickel, which i fully suspect they’ll play a lot of uh downs with three linebackers with jordan brooks bobby wagner and kj right, i mean that’s, looking pretty good and their d Line’S not bad either, so i mean this is looking like it’s going to be a tough team to play against and this whole narrative that russell wilson never gets any help. Well, there’s your help. I think his defense is going to be very good. They could easily be a top 10 defense in the league and they still have uh what many believe myself included to be the second best quarterback on the other side of the field, so um it’s hard to not get excited if you’re a seahawks fan about this. I would imagine again they give up a lot they’re mortgaging the future to some degree, but listen as we’ve seen after they won their first super bowl.

Sometimes it’s really hard to build a dynasty, and sometimes the best way to do. It is to just go out and try to win a super bowl this next year and yes, they’ve, given up a lot, but at the end of the day, as we all know, the seahawks always seem to draft someone in the first round that no one else Is planning on taking in the first round so maybe they’ll be fine by not having their first round picks after all and they’re getting an elite safety one of the best in the league. I just think this is it’s so fascinating. I think it’s very interesting and i’ll say i like the move from both sides. I think i like it more from the jets perspective, but i still do like it from the seahawks perspective. I think this has made their defense really good.