If you’re new to the channel hit that subscribe button click the bell for all notifications, you can follow me on twitter and tick. Tock gang david1, you can check out my discord server. The link is down in the description below and if you would like to become a member of the gangrene youtube channel, you could either click the join button or the link down in the description below. So the jamal adams era is officially over in new york, as jamal adams has finally got what he wanted and he is now no longer a new york jet. The new york jets have traded jamal adams to the seattle seahawks, along with a 2021 4th round pick for safety bradley mcdougall a 2021 first round pick a 2022 first round pick any 2021 third round pick now let’s kind of get into the trade itself, and i Actually did a live stream on this earlier today, but i was actually shocked at the offer that we got. I was actually blown away and i think this is exactly what joe douglas was looking for now: i’m, not saying that joel douglas wasn’t intending on extending jamal adams. This is a debate that jets hands have had for months, whether or not the jets are going to pay jamal or whether or not they’re going to trade. Mall and joe douglas has always been on the mindset.

Even when jamal wanted to request a trade, joe douglas was on the intention of making jamal jeff for life, and he did want to keep him here as he released in his statement.

But joe douglas also stated that he was willing to listen to offers and that unless he was getting blown away with an offer that he was not going to trade jamal whatsoever. And this is exactly what happened. Joe douglas got blown away with an immense offer and honestly i would have thought that the trade package for jamal adams would have probably been one first round pick or maybe even a first and a third or even a first and a player boy. Did that happen? We pretty much got that plus more. This is compensation. I did not expect to happen whatsoever and there are some jets fans that are upset about jamal being gone, and i completely get that because he’s been our best player for a long time and him being on. The jets would have resulted in any in an enormous form of continuity for our defense going forward, but you look at what jamal’s been causing throughout the last probably good, nine months or so probably going back to the trade deadline. You know he’s been playing all these social media games, he demanded a trade and he was forcing his way out of new york. So at that point jets fans had enough of them, including myself. I had enough of them because i knew like many other jets.

Fans knew that he did not want to be a new york jet anymore, so that’s exactly what happened. Jamal ended up going to a new team to where now he’s, probably going to end up winning a super bowl over there he’s on a playoff team.

That’S, probably one player away from going to a super bowl and jamal adams is probably that one player to fit the seattle seahawks defense. So the seattle seahawks got a phenomenal player, um he’s, a very versatile athlete who can play hybrid linebacker. You can play off the edge he’s great man to man coverage as well, and he can also hit pretty hard as well. So you could cut if you’re a seattle, seahawks fan, you could kind of have those cam chancellor vibes back, because this is kind of who he reminds me of a little bit with his hard hitting his man, man coverage and his play off the edge. So the seattle seahawks got a very good player on a team that is ready to win now. The new york jets, however, got a lot of value back and it was value back that we really weren’t expecting at all and i’ve said this in previous videos that unless the new york jets were willing were going to get monumental compensation for jamal adams – and there Was no reason to trade them whatsoever, and this is exactly what happened. The new york jets got monumental compensation for a player that doesn’t really play a premium position, he’s a safety at the end of the day, and i know he’s a very good player.

But the jets were not winning games with jamal adams whatsoever. And why bother? Keeping a player who really doesn’t want to be here all he would have been doing is just continue to be that disgruntled player that was going to cause controversy on social media and try to force his way out of new york for all.

We knew he could have pulled something that jalen ramsey pulled. He could have probably faked injuries or something whatever the case may be, so jamal ended up getting what he wanted and the jets got a massive haul back to bill for their future going forward, because, as of right now, the new york jets really aren’t built, like A playoff contender this year anyway, with the schedule they have coming up and unfortunately, we’re still stuck with this clown, adam gaze as our head coach whatsoever, so by training jamal adams. I think this signifies as a possible rebuilding move going forward because joe douglas wants to build his way, and that is through the draft. He values, draft, picks and he’s willing to do anything. He could to get draft compensation for him, so he could build this team going forward and this is exactly what he got with jamal. He got two first round picks which are incredibly vital, and people are talking about. Oh, but you know they’re going to be late. First round picks anyway, not necessarily true, i mean i know, they’re late first round picks, but any draft pick even in the first round is incredibly valuable.

It is incredibly valuable to have and not a lot of successful players in the national football league come from the top five anyway. So the new york jets got more draft capital in exchange for a safety who really didn’t want to be here anymore, and i think this is now going to be joe douglas’s plan going forward is to build through his regime and he wants to build his way.

He wants to use draft capital to get his guys in here, because remember douglas came into a very, very bad situation. Last year after the previous general manager got fired after spending an entire free agency period and a draft, so joe doug was pretty much got stuck with a lot of mike mccagnan draft picks and while jamal adams wasn’t really one. I wanted to trade away joe douglas. Simply got blown away with an offer which was monumental compensation and he took the offer and ran with it. So now going forward. Joe douglas is going to utilize those draft picks, hopefully to the best of his advantage and hope to god that we can finally get some legitimate playmakers, especially around sam darnold, on this new york jets football team. We can finally improve the offense whatsoever, so i wish jamal nothing but the best you know phenomenal player overall. But you know this was a move that probably was needed to be done: i’m, not thrilled by the move, because i personally wanted to keep jamal adams, but the fact that we got monumental compensation for a player that did not want to be a new york jet Anymore is probably just made this a whole lot better, so that’s pretty much my opinion on that, and also one other thing i wanted to touch on before i um end.

The video was that levion bell took to twitter and pretty much just took a direct shot at jamal and i’m.

If you guys want to read the tweet i’ll put the link to the tweet in the description below and le’veon bell. Pretty much spoke like a true leader on this football team, especially since him and jamal were supposed boys. Jamal was pretty much one of the big reasons as to why le’veon bell even became a new york jet in the first place and le’veon bell had a lot of things to say on twitter. He was not happy about that and levion bell was pretty much trying to voice himself as a true new york jets leader through his tweets so credit to levion bell, where it’s, due for pretty much being a vocal leader for this new york jets team and voicing Your opinion, because that this is something that levion bell has been since he came to the new york jets, and that was a legitimate leader on this offense, but anyway, that’s gon na. Do it for this video thanks for watching. Let me know in the comment section what you guys think about this whole jamal adams, trade and what levion bell said about it.