The new york daily news report in douglas is now told adams. The team is open to trading him adams confirming that story. When speaking to the paper and calling out head coach, adam gase, he had this to say regarding coach quote, i don’t feel like he’s the right leader for this organization to reach the promised land as a leader. What really bothers me is that he doesn’t have a relationship with everybody in the building. At the end of the day, he doesn’t address the team, if there’s a problem in the locker room. He lets another coach address: the team, if we’re playing poorly i’ll, say and we’re losing he doesn’t address the entire team as a group at halftime, he’ll walk out of the locker room and let another coach handle it. Jeff darlington lewis, riddick back with us jeff strong comments from the jet safety, but with two years left on his rookie deal what’s the likelihood of the jets moving adams i’m skeptical. At this point, and not just because of the comments that he made clearly jamal thinking that, if he’s a distraction, it’ll be more incentive for the team to move him, the problem is he’s only through three years of his contract. And if the team is going to find a suitor it’s going to require a lot of draft compensation and a lot of money from that team to promise to jamal so i i’m skeptical at this point, they’ll find the suitor even if they decided they did want To trade him because of what they’re going to expect in return, if in fact they put him on the market louis, how are you handling this if you’re, the in the jets front office, i’m really i’m, taking a deep breath, i’m sitting back and i’m looking inside? Meaning i’m looking internally and i’m going.

How did we get to this point? What did i do as the general manager as the head coach as the owner? Quite frankly, to really have our star player, be this ticked off and have this much of a lack of trust and a lack of confidence in everything that we’re trying to build here, because obviously you’re you have someone here who came out of college who we thought Was a high character? Individual thought was a team first individual who also had tremendous athletic ability and tremendous football playing ability now basically say i want nothing to do with you. I don’t trust any of you. I don’t trust you. I don’t trust ownership. I don’t trust the general manager i don’t believe the head coach is is the right leader for this football team. How have we gotten to this point? That’S the first thing, i’d be trying to do i’d, be trying to repair this relationship because, obviously i’m culpable as the general manager. As far as the situation that’s created right now and i’m, trying to i’m trying to mend some fences i’m trying to repair some bridges, because you don’t draft players like this to just get rid of them and just send them down the road. And quite honestly, it’d be hard to at this point, as jeff just alluded to because of the draft compensation that would be required and because teams then would want to sign into a long term deal and in this uncertain environment.

That would be hard for them to do so before you even get there, though, i would really take it personal. That jamal is this ticked off at us and i would be trying to figure out what, where we went wrong, where i breached the trust that we were supposed to have between. You know uh players in management and seeing if i could fix that and seeing if there was anything i could do to try and turn this in the right direction as difficult as it would be to move them like you just detailed. Are we to the point where they’re just going to have to do that? I don’t know i don’t i don’t, i don’t know if that’s you know necessarily what they’re going to have to do, but it may ultimately be what they do do because jamal seems dug in right now and it’s, just one of those situations where, when you’re trying To turn a program around it’s hard, it’s, almost impossible when one of your best players, one of your most respected players, does not respect you. Indeed, jeff lewis, we appreciate you keep an eye on it. Thank you, we’ll take. This baseball season will be real different for the toronto blue jays more than anybody else they can’t play in their home country, of course, due to coronavirus concerns they couldn’t secure another major league ballpark for the season so now they’re going to play in buffalo home of Their aaa affiliate, the bisons it’s called sail and field, and it needs some infrastructure modifications, so their home stand their first.

One has already been pushed back to at earliest late july. I think buffalo is our best option. Uh and one we’re excited to move forward with we’re extremely happy to be where we are and feel like it’s going to be a good solution and just move forward a very positive one. So our only thought is, you know, we’re going to be playing in buffalo we’re excited about that we’re going to make that uh a benefit and positive for us as we move forward this year, depending on how soon they can make those modifications it’ll either be july. 31St or august 11th, their first home stand again. These are much different digs, as you can see a sailing field, an outdoor park, natural grass surface compared to the retractable, dome and the artificial turf in toronto. Hannah sportscenter update for you, crazy mets reigning in elsa young winner, jacob, graham taking the hill on opening day and looking sharp early ronald cooney jr in the first inning uh nope uh, matt adams. He knew uh, austin, reilly, foul tips right three, the ground rolling at 9900 freddie, freeman, bye, marcelo, ozuna, no dansby swanson. What you got, what you got nothing man i’m already in cy young form, five shutout innings 8k. One hit one walk. Oh just give me some run support bottom five, no score mets man on first jd davis goes deep, but ender and ciarante says jd. You got nothing unbelievable play at the wall.

Wow, okay, so we’re guessing put them in we’re, still got a tie game in the seventh juana’s hesitance doesn’t like tie games. The game is now not tied back and gone, and the crowd goes. Wild Laughter, gon na hear a lot of that. Yeah that’s, where we are right now, bottom: eight, one, nothing we’ll, keep you updated anna and we have baseball coming up top of the hour over on espn. Look at christian yelich. The black lives matter. T shirt, taking his cuts in the cage there. Brewers and cubs should be a great one coming your way top of the hour and on the call for that one is our friend, alex rodriguez, he’s, actually just down the hall here in our bristol studios. He is not at the ballpark, of course, because of covet protocols, so you called the yankees opening win over the nets right here. What was that like doing it? Long distance? I mean it was different, but look we’ve been uh out of it for a long time. So we’re not complaining the fact that baseball’s back the bat, the fact i’m here with maddie just watching the game enjoying the game, the yankees looked outstanding. They have not skipped a beat home, runs great, pitching and a short complete game. For mr gary cole yeah i mean what stood out to you last night, you’re i’m sure we’re looking for the level of play, the quality of competition, even the atmosphere in that opener yeah.

I think a few things. The three giants of the new york yankees stood out. For me, it was garrett cole who was outstanding, erin, judge, being aaron, judge and healthy and, of course, stanton who has not shown up the last few years because of injuries if he can stay healthy in this short season, the sprint and at the marathon in one Scoop he can be the back uh comeback player of the year and the mvp. It would be so great to see him be able to return to form that, as you mentioned, he hasn’t had in a couple years. Maybe the shortened season will be a blessing for him all right, let’s get to the top of the hour, the brewers and the cubs, the nl central i mean alex. There are really as many as four teams that would have a chance in this division. It could be the closest race in all of baseball who’s, your favorite to win the nl central you’re right hannah. You can flip a coin. Any team can win the central but i’m gon na say the cubs. If they can figure out one problem and that’s the one run problem last year, they were 19 and 27 compared to the brewers, 27 and 18. One run. Usually the three things you need is you need clutch hitting. You need a strong bullpen and you need strong managerial decisions, so rossi he’s got a he’s got his challenge right ahead of them, and obviously the back side for the for the cubs is an issue they have to address.

Yeah i mean you mentioned rossi uh. His first year as a manager in the most unusual season in baseball history, so quite an initiation for him. Let me ask you about the blue jays too, because this is such a crazy situation, they’re going to be playing in their minor league ballpark. Obviously, the players wanted a major league field. They couldn’t get it done. What kind of adjustment do you expect this to be for them it’s, a big adjustment for the blue jays? I mean the one advantage is they’re going to be domestic um, maybe a little bit less travel. They got ta address the lights in buffalo i’m. Sure they’re gon na do a great job there, but hannah. This is a year of adjustments. 2020. i’ve said it yesterday. I said it to maddie during the game. Is the team that adjusts the best this year? That will be the world champs. It won’t be the best team it’s going to be a team that adjusts best all right. So the word of the day is flexible right, and i think that applies to possibly your personal situation today, because isn’t it jlo’s birthday and you’re you’re here in bristol calling a game. How did you know that hannah how’s that working alex – i am praying for a quick game, because if it’s not i’m gon na probably be sleeping on the couch tonight happy birthday, jennifer? Oh i get home soon. I promise.

I know you gave her a porsche last year, so i’ll just say the bar is even higher now in terms of the gift, as well. Alex i’m sure you’ve thought of that.