Seattle might want to find a way to meet his financial needs. As the seahawks have to part, with a pair of first round picks a third round pick and safety bradley mcdougall, everyone needs to take a physical except for the future guys, but i mean they should stay physically fit adam schefter. How did this go down throughout the off season? Pro bowl safety, jamal adams kept challenging the jets to move him. First, he challenged the owner woody johnson. Then he moved on to the general manager, joe douglas. Then he took on the head coach, adam gase, but the truth of the matter was the jets already had talks in motion. Well before adam’s comments appeared in friday’s new york, daily news ripping the organization. The jets were well into talks with the seattle seahawks on the trade that went down saturday afternoon. That’Ll send two first round picks a third round pick and bradley mcdougall to the new york jets in exchange for adams. The jets were in those talks with the seahawks. The seahawks are not shy about trading first round pittsburgh players, they’ve done it before with percy harvin and jimmy graham and now jamal adams. Jamal adams gets his wish. The jets get their hole and everybody’s happy adam shefter. An extensive library they’re at 24. uh he’s, the second youngest, all pro ever to be traded only jerome bettis younger from 2011 to 2018.

The seahawks allowed the lowest qbr in the nfl, never ranking outside the top 10 in a single season, but with the legion of boom era over seattle fell the 22nd last season worst ranking since 2010, the first year of the pete carroll era, louis riddick, on board.

Now, to discuss give us some perspective. This is a big time deal. I mean you got a high value player seattle, giving up a ton of assets to get him they’re going to want to get a contract locked up with him real soon. What is the immediate impact of a guy like this on their defense? Well, kenny, it’s tremendous look right down the middle, their defense. Now they have added play, making ability both against the run, which is what they something that they struggled to stop last year. You know, especially when you’re considering you know the average yards that they gave up on first. Second, down the number of times they gave up four plus yards when teams ran the football i mean. This is something that jamal can absolutely cancel out immediately because of how fast and how strong and how good of a tackler he is in the passing game. He’S a guy who’s very proficient as far as covering tight ends and running backs. He can lock down on wide receivers. You know adequately enough if they ask him to do so so he’s, one of those guys who’s a very multi positional type of player.

That will really add a lot of speed and play making ability on the second level, and then i mean on the third level and then lastly, look. Seattle is one of those teams that really struggled russia in the past or now remember this jamal adams is an explosive play, making blitzer from the safety position, so there’s a lot of different ways: they’re going to use them there’s a lot of things he’s going to Have to produce for them in order for them to justify you know giving up this bounty of draft picks that they did in order to acquire them for sure, so the jets, obviously playing for the future they’re loaded for several years with what seattle gave up uh.

Let me ask this as sort of a two part question, because obviously that’s what they’re doing saying we’re going to get a lot of guys for this, but which gm would you rather be? Which side would you rather have been on in this deal? Yeah it’s. Interesting. Look as gm’s and i think all people who kind of like lean to the side of scouting and front office work always say well. I’D love to have a lot of assets to be able to play with and be able to move up and down. In the draft board, you know and really just be able to acquire young talent because of the fact that you’re drafting and developing guys and because of the subsequent effect it has on the salary cap.

As far as lowering the salary cap number, if you’re john schneider, on the other hand, you know that you’re getting this you’re getting an all pro type of player. Now, obviously, you gave up a lot of high value assets in order to get him. But when you look at it in its totality, if john snyder and pete carroll feel the rest of their football team is going to be able to develop at a sufficient pace and jamal was someone who really rounds things out for them. Considering all the success that they’ve had in the past, with secondary players and putting a lot of money in the secondary i’ll allow the legion to boom, then you go ahead and make the move.

I wouldn’t have wanted to give up this much in order to acquire somebody that is a heck of a hall. But if i had confidence in the rest of my program and my coaching staff and my franchise quarterback – and i thought that this was a move that maybe put me over the top that i could then i could see myself doing it. So i know that’s not a direct answer and it kind of plays both sides, but that’s really the way it goes. Yeah it’s an unknown. Well, he certainly isn’t known and seattle’s glad to have him thanks for joining us. As always all right. The next gen kids go involve those craft beer, vinyl record, loving kids with all their stats uh.

This guy adams can cover among safeties adam’s allowed the fourth lowest completion percentage, since debuting in 2017 gave up 17 catches. All last season. No player had more than three catches or 22 yards against him in a single game, and he can rush. No defensive back has created the first pressure on more plays than he got 12 career. Sacks, which is the most db, has had through his first three seasons. Since sax became official back in 1982 and he can stuff it 33 year, career run stuff, that’s a tackle a run play for no gain or a loss. Only landon collins has more among db’s last season. Adams had as many as the entire seahawks secondary combined he’s moving west scrimmaging last night to get ready for the june 33 start: hey russell westbrook back after recovering from covet driving in the middle backwards.

Layup rockets and raptors russ finished with 10 points and nine rebounds good to see him back third quarter, we’re tied at 66. james harden step back three. What else rockets up three all right clock winding down rockets down? One hardened half court showing off the handles a little hesitation drive float float on 24 points, 10 assists, but the rockets lose 94 83 grizzlies 76ers and changes to the sixers lineup ben simmons, starting at the four intercepting a lob attempt from brandon clark running the floor. Going to find burkhard cork miles in the corner, who knocks down to three nice pass nice shot.

Second quarter simmons in transition again remember: he started this game at the four, no look: lobster device harris and simmons nine first half assists from the power four position: here’s thoughts on the virtual fans. They better put some uh boost in there for us, because, if we’re not playing hard, we wan na hear those but that’s that’s uh, you can’t, you can’t put this here and it has the fancy screen and kind of uh replicate six or fans. You know we’re one of a kind that’s true and that you know the motivation, no fans booing you. Yet six is going to win 90 83 thunder and celtics andre roberson not played in the nba game. Since january 27, 2018 gets a standing o as he enters the game. Third quarter driving baseline loses, the ball gets. It back, makes the layup a little later thunder of 10.

roberson 4 3 jumpers wet chris paul pumped for his guy robertson finished. With five points. Thunder win 98 84 pelicans rookie forward zion williamson returned to the nba campus last night. Zion initially left the bubble on july 16, 10 to a family. Medical emergency now enters the nba quarantine period. Before he can rejoin the team. It could be as little as four days since he was tested while away, but nothing official yet from the nba espn nba reporter brian winters joining us now brian. What will zion need to do between now and thursday night in order to play in the pelicans opener against the jazz yeah jay we’ve got good news and bad news here, so the good news is.

Hopefully, everything is resolved with zion’s family emergency and he did get tested every day. He was gone and tested negative, so the nba should under. Unless there are circumstances, we don’t foresee, grant him a four day quarantine as long as he stays healthy. The issue is in talking to some folks with the pelicans they’re, not sure that zion is going to be conditioning wise in a place where he would be able to play in the opener on thursday, because remember during this quarantine, he can’t do anything. He’S got to stay in his room, he’s not going to be able to shoot or do anything like that and he hasn’t played for four months. So i do think this bodes well for the pelicans overall chances to get back into the playoff race and for him to be a big part of it.

I just don’t know about that. First game against the jazz on thursday night. All right, let’s talk russell westbrook. He returned to the bubble earlier this week and played in houston’s scrimmage against the raptors last night. What were your biggest takeaways from watching the rockets? Well, this was remarkable that russ was able to get out there and play in this game just a few days off clearance from covid19, which really gives a lot of people a lot of hope, but i’m talking to some scouts and some coaches that were watching the Game um. They were a little bit worried about the conditioning level of some of their players, including james hard, now harden put up 24 points and 10 assists in this game.

He looked really good at times, but you could see that his conditioning was off and that’s not a surprise. He was away from the team for an extended period as well. The challenge is jay that the rockets play a very high tempo game. Can they get themselves their star player, specifically into the shape that’s going to be needed within two weeks when this everything starts uh, you know meaning for real when we hit towards the playoffs now, probably, but we don’t know and it’s one of those things that’s going To be a huge case study as you handicap the west yeah, the rockets think they can win a title as do the clippers, but la’s been dealing with several players leaving the bubble, including montrez, harold lou williams and patrick beverly what’s.

A talk around the league regarding their title hopes yeah. So when you talk to people in the league, they will give you a straight answer on this. If paul george and kawhi leonard are healthy, when the playoff time comes, they feel like they have a great chance to be the champions. Having said that, this team has had almost zero continuity since last fall and, unfortunately, with three players leaving the bubble. They’Ve had no continuity uh in their run up here, they’ve also had a number of players who have had to stay back in los angeles dealing with various matters, including covet 19 for landry shaman. So they are going to be a team that we are going to have to just watch.

Is continuity gon na matter for teams that have been together for this entire run up or will the clippers show that talent over overall will overcome? This is one of the biggest story lines we’re going to watch as the season. You are appreciated and now the sports – oh yeah – it took until the dog days of summer for us to get back to baseball, but boy. It was worth the wait. As we mentioned.