As information comes in hello and welcome to nfl live on this friday with louis riddick rob nikovich and jeff darlington, i am dan graziano. We have lots to get to and we’re going to start in new york, where the rocky relationship between the jets and safety jamal adams continues. Adams, in case you haven’t heard requested a trade last month because he’s frustrated that the jets have not yet signed him to a long term contract. The jets first round pick in 2017 adams has two years and 13.5 million dollars remaining on his rookie contract. In an interview with the daily news that was published today, adams says jets. Gm joe douglas is still willing to trade him under the right circumstances, but has yet to give adams aside permission to seek out a potential deal regard to douglas tactics during this off season. Adams told the new york daily news. Why would joe come out and say we want to make jamal a jet for life? Why would you say that and then not even give me an offer? Don’T bs me: i’m, a straightforward guy. You don’t have to bs me because i’m going to keep it honest, lewis, obviously straightforward guy and obviously a guy that wants out and is doing everything he can to make that happen, but with two years left on the deal, if you’re the team, how are you Handling this, but the first and foremost dan look i’m, a relationship guy, especially when it comes to professional sports, and the importance of that is something that i have stressed repeatedly on the airwaves here at espn.

So i think you know, first and foremost right now. If i’m joe douglas i’m going to jamal adams and quite honestly, i’m kind of eating some humble pie, or rather i’m just i’m, just kind of taking a step back first and forem and saying this okay, where did this thing go wrong here? Because you’re, a guy who is a franchise pillar, you’re you’re one of our very best, if not our very best player, how did i somehow breach your trust? How did i lose your trust and what can we do to kind of try and patch this thing up and it’s and if jamal isn’t someone who would be, you know willing to do that then obviously i’d be looking to try and see if i could get Fair market value for him, but if not i’m, obviously not just going to give away the asset and give away the player, given how good he is, but i think trying to repair that relationship is something that i would absolutely prioritize because look when players get this Ticked off and someone of jamal adams character, who, when he came out of lsu, no one talked about him being a troublemaker. No one talked about him being a guy who would who quickly would become a malcontent. No one talked about him being a bad locker room. Guy because he’s not that person, so i would really try to figure out. Where did i go wrong and if i’m adam gase and i’m joe douglas together i’m trying to figure out how do we lose the confidence and trust of one of our best players? Why why is one of our best players just dragging us now publicly? Obviously, we’ve done something to really take him off and it’s more than just losing football games there’s something wrong here.

Something wrong here operationally that maybe we need to readjust and reevaluate, because but players just don’t do players like jamal adams just don’t. Do this kind of thing unless they really feel as though they were wronged in some way and if you think the gm was adam’s only target in that interview, you would be wrong because here’s what he had to say about head coach, adam gase quote, i don’t Feel like he’s the right leader for this organization to reach the promised land as a leader. What really bothers me is that he doesn’t have a relationship with everybody in the building. At the end of the day, he doesn’t address the team, if there’s a problem in the locker room, he lets another coach address the team. If we’re playing – hmm shabbily, i think it says and we’re losing he doesn’t address the entire team as a group at halftime. He’Ll walk out of the locker room and let another coach handle it. So rob let’s pretend for a minute that you’re a player on the new york jets, jamal adams teammate with adam gases, your head coach, you’re, all showing up for training camp next week. How is this playing in the locker room a little bit awkward, i mean look. You have two years left under your contract. I understand you’re trying to get a new contract. Um it doesn’t seem the right way about going to get a new contract is to start burning bridges and calling out your head coach in the gm and and how they’re not handling or giving you a contract.

Look, i can understand as a player when you have two years left on a contract, you see other guys from your same draft class right now getting paid substantial amount of money and you’re not getting an offer. I could see how there’d be frustration, but you know calling out the head coach and and guys that that can give you a contract. I don’t know if that’s the best route to go, especially when you’re trying to build something in new york and look. The jets have struggled for a while they’re trying to to change things and be a better team, so calling out the head coach and the gm i don’t think that’s the best route to go if you’re trying to get a new contract that’s for sure. Well, look and i also sort of side with lewis here. I think that there’s a lot of lapses in communication occurring and let’s be very clear about this. Do we really think that this is about adam gase’s leadership? Yes, that might be an issue for jamal adams, but if jamal adams got the contract offer that he believes he covets, you don’t think that he’d be back in that building singing the praises of adam case that’s. What this is about. This is about money. At this point and it’s also about the personal touches that have not occurred from the jet side to sort of mitigate the issues, one thing that needs to be remembered here about jamal adams and i’m, not saying that this has all everything to do with what’s.

Going on here, but jamal’s dad played in the nfl in the early 80s uh george adams and he got drafted by the giants and he never ultimately got paid because he suffered an injury after having a pretty solid season and it was never the same. This is very personal to jamal that he wants to make sure he gets paid because he knows it can all be taken away from you in a second, so there’s, this human element to all this, and i think to louis’s point you really, if you’re the jets Organization need to sit down and say: how do we make this right with the person and not just treat him like a commodity who has two years remaining on his contract? So i don’t know if it’s salvageable, it doesn’t feel like it to be at this point, but i think that there is some work to be done here. So what do you think happens? Do you think if you say it’s not salvageable, do you at this point? Think that he ends up getting traded, i don’t know because here’s again here’s the problem we’ve got two years remaining on his contract it’s, going to take a team, giving up huge compensation to really convince joe douglas and adam gates that it makes sense kind of like What happened with jalen ramsey, with the rams and honestly in retrospect that didn’t make that much sense because they didn’t get the long term deal done with him.

So you’ve got to give up huge draft compensation and also pay him a huge number there’s, not many teams that are willing to do that. So i don’t know how this ends it’s a very uncomfortable situation. It will be very awkward in the locker room and to me it feels like jamal adams is deliberately trying to create a distraction so that he can force his way out. I just think that this jets brass is a little bit too stubborn to go for something like that and see that that’s. The thing that’s very frustrating for me jeff is this. You know when you say that this just brass is too stubborn. I mean like what what kind of cache do they have to be stubborn about anything i mean what have they done and look rob i’ll speak. You know on on your behalf and i don’t mean to speak for you, but look you played for the new england patriots. So look when a team comes at you up from their position from you know and having accomplished what they’ve accomplished, then then players are a lot more likely to kind of sit there and go well. Okay, look! Maybe i need to back down a little bit from some of the kind of demands and kind of the tactics i’m trying to use to get a contract extension from you because look we’ve won. You we’ve done things the right way. Here we have a very linear.

You know organizational structure where people understand how things work. The communication is pretty much straightforward and we understand where you know where we stand in the pecking order at all times in new york, they don’t deserve the benefit of the doubt about anything, nothing, okay. This is a football team that at every level, right now needs to earn their stripes. Quite honestly, and – and i will say this, look jamal doesn’t need to be making any more waves than than he needs to okay. He doesn’t need to be deliberately trying to sabotage anything and i’m, not saying that he is. But what i am saying is this i’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt and say that this is more than just about money and say: look he’s, obviously ticked off about some other things as far as how they do things there organizationally and i Don’T think we should just dismiss that, and we should give the jets a pass on that. There may be other players who also feel as though, while it’s about the money it’s also about the culture and the way in which we do things around here. But that just aren’t conducive to winning and we’re not going to win no matter how much you pay anyone to come here with the way we do things and i think the jets need to look internally at themselves from an organizational standpoint and go hey look. Why is it that we haven’t won anything lately? Why is it that we’re looked at this way? Why is it that we’re considered one of the laughingstocks in the nfl laughingstocks in the nfl? Why can’t we make any headway? Why are we taking off our best player right now? Why is this all surrounding us? It can’t just be because well, you know this is just a player who’s just disgruntled and wants to get money there’s more to it than that lewis.

I i don’t disagree with what you’re saying, but i do understand to play. Devil’S advocate in a sense for the jets here is that the precedent across the league that you set by giving a guy a contract after three years, when you have i mean you, have to take advantage of these rookie deals. It’S almost like, if you draft too well you’re, not going to get the guy for even four years before you’ve got to pay him huge dollars. So i like don’t, we sort of understand it from the jeff’s perspective yeah. I i we do but see jamal also is saying that joe douglas told him that he wants to make him a jet for life and, according to jamal joe said this. This was something that was on the table that they were going, that they wanted to extend him, that he thought it was something that was imminent, because you see you know according to jamal, he never received the contract offer from them. He never received anything and he said joe kept walking it back, walking it back, pushing it back. You know at first it was during free agency. Then it was after the draft. Then then, all kinds of other things came into it. It was like wait a minute. You told me that we were going to make you a jet project now you’re going back on what you told me so yeah they have a right. They have a right to kind of hold him to his contract and kind of see.

If they can, you know milk, the player for as much as they possibly can at a reduced salary. Well then, if that’s, what you’re going to do then don’t tell him that you’re going to redo his contract. Otherwise i don’t know how players get. You know anybody gets you know. If you tell someone you’re going to redo their deal and then you don’t do it. I don’t care, if it’s football, but whatever business is it it is that person is going to be ticked off so we’ll see where this all ends up with training camp coming up in just a couple of days for the jets adams is one of only three.