I want to thank you folks for watching liking and sharing my videos. You people are the absolute best, listen in the description down below there’s, going to be some channels. You’Re going to see down there, a gaming channel, another sports channel, um a reactions channel as well. Please go down there and subscribe to those channels. Turning your notifications, i’m gon na be doing a lot of different things on this platform. Also out of twitch channel down there as well i’ll, be gaming with you folks, having fun talking about stuff talking about the jets talking about life, which also please go, follow and turn in your notifications for all of those channels and all of those links so that, When i start going live and doing my thing on there, you folks will be involved, because i want to talk to you people, but with all that, put behind us again that’s going to be in the description and in the comments as well. Listen it’s time to talk breaking news. Oh yes, oh yes, it is breaking news. The jets just traded jamal adams to the seattle seahawks and you couldn’t find a person more happy than me it’s about time that we made that move, and let me tell you what we got here, so the jets traded jamal and a 20 22 fourth round pick To the seattle seahawks for branley mcdougall, and they got a 20 21 first first round pick and a 20 21 third round pick but here’s the thing that really shocked me: we got a 20 22 first round pick.

We got two first round picks for safety. You can’t tell me that joe douglas ain’t, a boss, you can’t, tell me that you, you can’t, tell me that brother, you can’t tell me that this was a masterful move by joe douglas. The only problem i have with this move is, it should have been done sooner. That was my only problem. It should have been done sooner if we would have had this capital going into this year’s draft. Okay, look. We were a team. We still are a team that was void of weapons right. We went into this year’s draft, saying hey. We need guys to help on offense, we need linemen, we need wide receivers, we need playmakers. We need explosive young offensive talent to help sam get him to that. Next level, we also need a pass rusher. We could have got some help at corner. Well, we walked into this draft because we were hurting particularly offensively. We walked into this draft, which is one of the deepest drafts at wide receiver in nfl history, i’m. Not making that up that analysts were saying that you can get a guy in the third round. That could be a starter, you could get a guy, you know wherever and he can come in and immediately. There was so much wide receiver talent in this draft and we only came out of this draft with one wide receiver in mems, only one wide receiver – and that was one of the things that i talked about and i didn’t i didn’t hate the draft at all.

But i was like man if we could get him out of here. If we were to trade him, you know earlier, i i talked about trading to the cowboys. I talked about getting rid of adams and sending him to dallas. We could have cd lamb. Well, if you get two first round picks for him before the draft and a third round pick my goodness man bro we could have had like, but look i’m, not gon na. You know cry i’m, not you know i like i said i am a little bit dis i’m. More than a little bit disappointed i’ll, be honest with y’all i’m, pretty disappointed that we didn’t do it before the draft because of everything that we had. But we got the job done because if you didn’t move him right now – and i said this all off season, if you did not move him immediately once he started this whole nonsense, that value was going to tank. That value was going to go into the seller. You weren’t going to be able to move him for nothing, especially if we got into the season and he started to play the oh, my lower back. Oh my hamstring game, you don’t want to get involved with that. This was a great move by joe douglas. I committed 100. I didn’t even think that we would get two first round picks i would be. I would have been okay and i said it in the past we’re getting a first rounder and a third rounder.

You know for for a draft and maybe something next year, some mid round people. He got two first round picks for this dude two salute to joe douglas bro, salute to joe douglas i’ll. Tell you what he he did, what he needed to do and he took care of business and he didn’t get fleeced so shout out to joe douglas. I really like this move. I, like this trade and i’m, really looking forward to how we use this capital to better this. Damn football team, because it’s about time and it’s time for us to use this capital and focus on the offense. It is time for us to now pour into the offense and put this team in the in the correct direction. This is an offensively driven league. It is time for us to start offensively producing around here, it’s time for us to surround our franchise quarterback with talent. So that he can be, you know he can go where he needs to go so that he can ascend point blank period, shout out to all my jazz fans out there you adam stanz. I know you’re gon na be in my in my mentions and my comments and let me tell you i’m waiting on you. I cannot wait, i can’t wait. I cannot wait to talk to you, so please everyone get in the comments. Let me know what you think about the trade: what are your thoughts about joe douglas and what he was able to get for jamal adams? How do you feel now that the trade is done and what is your outlook on the jet season? Do you think the jets will make a trade another trade soon and you know try to net themselves, maybe another star offensive star or something like that to kind of help out as well.

Now that we have the capital, i want to know what you folks are thinking about this, because i, for one am extremely excited.