As always so again, breaking news folks, literally adam schefter, just tweeted about it, jamal adams is on the movie and he is headed to the seattle seahawks. So a lot to dive into here what the trade was, the actual pieces involved who won this trade? Who lost this trade let’s get into it? Here? Are the full trade details, the newer jets trade star safety, jamal adams and a fourth round pick in 2022 to the seattle seahawks in exchange for a first round pick in 2021, a third round pick in 2021. Another first round pick in 2022 and safety, bradley mcdougall, so again, two first round picks a third round pick and safety and bradley mcdougall, headed to the jets fort jamal adams and a fourth round pick in 2022. So, right off the bat, like my raw reaction analysis to this trade is i’m leaning towards the jets in terms of who won this trade folks because they got a haul okay, i thought the jets would maybe get a first round pick and uh player um. You know something along those lines, but they got two first round picks and a third round pick and a player. So to me i mean again right off the bat that looks to be a solid, solid return for jamal adams. Now let’s just talk about this trade um in terms of jamal adams and the perspective of that the jets needed to trade this man now folks, because even i initially thought, oh, the jets.

You need to keep jamal adams because you don’t have too many good players. It’S, not a good football team right now and you want to trade away your potentially best player on your team, but even i’ve come around because you know what jamal adams was getting way too toxic for the jets. He’S. Still a good player. Don’T get me wrong, but he wanted out and when you have a player that wants out, you got ta move on. Okay, you got ta move on because you don’t want that type of behavior in terms of having the culture on your roster right, because jamal adams, while he’s a good player. If you want somebody that wants out doesn’t want to be there, you got to move on from him and so he’s calling out adam gays he’s, calling out the jets. It was just getting too toxic, so you had to move on, but at that same time you want to make sure you get something of return. So the jets did that they were able to trade small atoms with state which they should and needed to do, and they actually got a very good haul in return. Folks, because again, a first round pick was the starting point for a trade with jamal adams, and then, after that, you could kind of negotiate. But you’re talking about a two first round picks a third round pick and a player, and all he had to give up was obviously jamal adams, but a fourth round pick.

So to me this is a great trade for the jets because they got everything that they needed out of this. They got rid of jamal adam. So now they cannot have to worry about him anymore and about paying him and just worry about moving forward what they want to do, and they’ve got great draft picks now, folks, first round picks in the nfl, they are very valuable. So to me, the jets absolutely got a great great deal from their perspective. Now let’s talk about the seattle seahawks, real, quick, okay, the seattle seahawks obviously give up a lot right. Two first round picks a third round pick and safety bradley mcdougall well, seahawks are in win now mode. We know that russell wilson is your quarterback you’ve got uh dk metcalf there tyler locket, the seahawks team is in a tough division. But when you have a quarterback like russell wilson, you are trying to win the super bowl every year, so the seahawks are not rebuilding. Like the jets they’re, not a team, that is a few years away, their team that wants to win now and so you’re getting a player that’s gon na help you win now and jamal adam, so that in itself is good. The seahawks are a better team today or right now they were a few hours ago before this trade. Absolutely. But how much better, because does this acquisition of jamal adams put the seahawks above the saints the chiefs, the ravens, you know the 49ers: does it put them above those teams? I wouldn’t say so with conviction.

They absolutely got better, but i don’t think this puts them over the top and so to me the hall was just a little bit too much too rich from the seahawks end. Now, don’t get me wrong this defense. Now you got bobby wagner, kj, right, shaquille griffin. Obviously, jamal adams now quandary digs. You gave up uh bradley mcdougall, but again uh defense is going to be uh more formatible. Now the seahawks secondary was was not very good, or this is not the legion of boom that it was obviously a few years ago. Far from that, so the defense got better for sure folks, but again, at the end of the day, we’re also talking about how much better and compared to the other teams and to me the seahawks did get better, but they still did give up a little too Much now, if it ends up working out for them and they you know, go far or they win a super bowl, this is worth it but again, i’m, not ready to put this eox above those other teams. I still like this team, but again in terms of what they gave up. It seems like a little too much for jamal adams, who is very good, but does he put you over the top that’s uh? What i’m worried about here and again to me on the offensive side of things russell wilson? Still, i would have provided him with a little bit more yeah.

You got dk metcalf, you got tyler lockett, but greg olson had tight end he’s over the top and washed up. He got chris carson. There was okay, nothing great rashad penny, so to me offensively they still need help uh as well, but defensively they did get better. But the seahawks, i believe, give up a little too much. Overall jets won this trade, but the seahawks again it’s not like they got robbed or anything jamal adams is a very, very soft player. So to me, overall jets won this trade. Uh seahawks absolutely did get better, but uh. They did give up a little too much when you talk about the compensation here for their side of things. So those are my thoughts overall on the straightforward. Let me know if you guys agree industry who won and who lost this trade.