I had to eat some dinner after the fact and this trade came out as soon as i started streaming. The new york match game and obviously this is a big big trade in the new york area, not from the team that i cover of course, i’m. A new york giants fan but it’s a big trade nonetheless, and, of course, we’ve heard the rumors as new york sports fans that jamal adams was trying to force his way off. The new york jets, not just this year but last year as well, and the first team that i thought about you know when the rumors recirculated this off season was the dallas cowboys. Of course he comes from the dallas area. I believe he grew up a dallas cowboys fan and their biggest need on that defense is the safety position, so that was the first team that made the most sense to me and, as a giants fan i’m glad that he stays out of the division, although if The cowboys would have had to give up a similar price to what seattle gave up. That may be a lot happier now. I know a lot of new york jets fans may be upset about this. Jamal adams was the face of that football team. A former first round pick, i think he was sixth overall, if i’m not mistaken, and a great football player for the new york jets.

Arguably, the best safety in the league is a giant fan no better than anybody.

I was at the game last year. He ripped the ball out of daniel jones’s hand, brought it back for a touchdown he’s, an immensely talented safety and a very talented player. But the fact remains this one. He was coming up on a contract two. He threatened to leave the new york jets and he spit in the face of the franchise. Now you could say why he did it why he didn’t why he may have done it or not. He was willing to leave the jets to not get a guaranteed contract to plan the same deal that he was complaining about, that he wasn’t getting an extension for okay, so he basically said i don’t want to be a jet anymore. He was forcing his way off. The team – the jets, in my opinion, are not a win now team and they had no leverage in this situation whatsoever and when you look at what the jets got it’s eye opening to me, i think the new york jets absolutely robbed the seattle seahawks. Now that doesn’t mean that the seahawks can’t make out in this deal, if the seahawks win a super bowl, which they very well could it’s worth it at the end of the day, you’re willing to pay anything to win a super bowl, and maybe they feel like They’Re one big playmaker on the defense away from doing that.

After all, they have russell wilson. They have a lot of talent um, but if they do not win a super bowl, they do not.

They do not make an nfc title. Game ceos lost this trade and they overpaid um, as, like. I said especially considering the situation that the new york jets were in and i, as a giants, fan and giants fans should know what the jets are going through right now we traded the guy who was thought to be the face of our team just two years Ago, with odell beckham in a similar trade in which we didn’t even get back as much as the jets are about to get, it was at least comparable because at least peppers was a former first round pick. But i would always take the pick over the player. But let’s jump into some of the details about the trade with jamal adams. Here it is. This is uh uh tweeted out by the new york jets breaking down the exact details of the deal we’ve agreed to a trade with seattle. The new york jets treat it out tweet it out. We receive bradley mcdougall, who is a decent safety. A first round pick of 2021, a third round pick of 2021, a first round pick in 2022. The jets received jamal adams and a fourth round pick at 20. 22., so you figure 2022. Who knows what the jets are going to be by then, but even if it’s, our bad team let’s say the picture close to offsetting.

Even though you have complex in between let’s say, the seahawks are a great team, you’re picking, you know around 90 at that pick and you’re.

You know your fourth pick’s, probably like 110, so it’s, not that big of a difference for then but you’re still getting. Two first round picks a higher pick from the third to the fourth round and a safety to replace jamal adams and who knows where those picks will be they’ll probably be later in the draft. But regardless the fact that the new york jets were able to orchestrate a trade like this and get two first round picks in the situation that they were in with a player, and you also got to keep this in mind. You had a safety who wants pass. Rusher money right, we complained as giants fans with the money that landon collins got with the washington redskins jamal adams wants to be paid as one of the highest paid defensive players in the sport, and i can’t blame the jets for not feeling that they should be Giving that kind of money out to his safety and well he’s, incredibly important and he’s, a very good player, it’s tough, to tie up ten percent of your cap into a safety, and that is what the seattle seahawks will have to do. If they elect to keep him and if they are going to keep him, i mean i’m, i would assume they are going to keep him based on the price tag that they were willing to give up to the jets.

So not only are you giving away those draft assets you’re now allocating a lot of your cap when you’ve already tied up a lot to russell wilson to his safety and, like i said, safety is important but it’s one of the least important positions on a defense.

I think, with all things considered and like i said jet fans may not want to hear it because they love jamal adams and he was a great player for that football team. I think, with all things considered, the new york jets cannot lose this trade and the only way the seattle ceos can win. It is if they win a super bowl. If not, you know within we’ll call it the next two years. Adams, of course, will free agency. I believe after next season, but the jets killed it in this trade. If you were a jets fan – and i would have told you two weeks ago, based on the circumstances if a team was going to come at you with two first round picks and a swap of a third for a fourth and a player to replace your safety, I think you would have been jumping for joy if you’re being completely unbiased and you’re, not just a fan of the player. I don’t see how you’d be upset with this trade of your new york jet fan. I think you absolutely robbed the seattle seahawks and i know that the jets came out and they said that they would have to be blown away to make a trade and they were um and who knows, maybe if they would have held out, maybe they could have Gotten more, i can’t imagine much more um i’m shocked that they got this price tag.

I would never thought they would have gotten two first round picks in the situation that they were in, let alone a swap.

You know moving up from the fourth to the third round: great trade, new york, jets fans. You should be happy, and i know you’re not happy that you lost adams, but all things considered, you have a lot of nice pieces now in the draft to build for your future and you now you’re not overpaying for safety. I got to say, as a giants fan if i’m being completely honest, i like what the new york jets did this offseason they bolted up the offensive line. They added a couple of nice pieces and you know in the receiving game in the draft. They spent a lot in freight on that offensive line, and now they got rid of a player. Who’S basically been a cancer for that team. He’S been talking about wanting to leave that team. Now, for two years you get rid of him and you get more than what he’s probably worth all things considered, especially when you factor in that he’s going to be a free agent in two years and he was forcing his way off the team. I you got ta be happy with joe douglas in his first full year as a new york jets, gm that’s.