All pro safety, jamal adams and in exchange, the seahawks are going to send the jets safety bradley, mcdougall first round picks in 2021 and 2022 third round pick in 2021 and in exchange, the the seahawks are getting all pro safety, jamal adams and the jets 2022. Fourth round draft pick now, if you’re a seattle, seahawks fan, i think you have to be absolutely pumped and ecstatic about this move. The seahawks are getting one of the best young safeties in the game just 24 years old and for a seahawks secondary that you, you can argue, did struggle a bit last season. This is what you love to see the seahawks go and do this off season. They improved the secondary mightily, they went out and made a big trade acquiring quentin dunbar cornerback from the redskins and now going all in on jamal adams. Now jamal adams is coming off of a spectacular 2019 season, which saw him record 75 tackles he had six and a half sacks: seven past breakups and one interception. Now jamal adams has made the pro bowl in his first three seasons and if we look a further dive into the numbers into the stats, his 2018 season was a spectacular year for him. He had 112 tackles and 12 pass breakups, and if we look also guys since entering the league for him in 2017, he ranks in the top five category among all defensive backs in snaps in tackles sacks and force fumbles, and he ranks first in sacks among defensive Backs with 12 sacks in that three year span, and also second, in force fumbles with taking a further look at the analysis of the seahawks secondary.

They also have key andre diggs, so it’s gon na be interesting to continue to see how he continues to do and, like we mentioned mentioned earlier, guys, cornerback quinton, dunbar, big trade acquiring him from the redskins. He has just been absolute dominant force throughout his nfl career. Over there in washington, and now you also got left cornerback shaquille griffin, who had a spectacular year last year, guys coming off of a pro bowl season and then also trey flowers, guys. This is the talent that the seahawks have, who he is a very fun player to watch just 25 years old, and you look at the type of production he put out last year for trey flowers, 76 tackles he had eight past breakups in three interceptions. Trey flowers is just going to get better and better. So, yes, this seahawk secondary is going to be improved and we know what they’re capable of doing with russell wilson at the quarterback position. They can get very creative on that offense. So this is gon na. Be a very competitive, seahawks team and, as we know, you guys, the nfc west is extremely competitive, with my san francisco 49ers coming off of this spectacular year that we had last year and building the foundation that we have built. So, yes, i am so excited for this season. I think that it is going to come down to a dog fight between the 49ers and seahawks, in my opinion, for that nfc west title, and so you love to see this competition just heating up and getting bigger and bigger, and so we’re going to be in.

For a treat you guys going to be a very fun exciting year, coming up before we head out to touch on the jet situation from their perspective of this deal, i think it’s a great fabulous deal for them because things you know kind of simmered between the Relationship in new york with jamal adams, you know things just weren’t going to work out to get a long term contract to have jamal adams stay there, and so, as we know for right now, jamal adams does not have a long term contract with the seahawks. So we will monitor that to see if that gets done in the works. But yes for the jets. You guys they’re getting a ton of draft picks two first round picks in 2021 and 2022. So i think this is the best route for them to go. If you weren’t, going to be able to hold on to jamal adams for the long term, pay him a big contract, then this is what you go. Do you get a team that you know is willing to give up this type of a deal in terms of of moving draft picks, and so you know extremely exciting for the jets and, as we know, sam darnold, there is a very talented young quarterback. So really, you know it’s just about getting the right pieces getting enough weapons to add to that team, and you know they are going to be an exciting team to watch in the next couple years as they’re continuing to build.

So this is going to be a good move for them for the long term direction, and so guys i hope you enjoyed today’s video and if you made it all the way through to the end of this video, be sure to smash up that thumbs up button. I really appreciate the support a lot. You guys it means the absolute world to me and smash that subscriber button and smash the bell button. If you have not done so already, if you would like to be notified when brand new nfl breaking news, we’ll be coming to you, guys live with all the latest. Breaking news story, news stories in the nfl big trades, big free agent, signings all of the good stuff. You guys right here at sf bay area, sports talk, and so let me know down in the comment section. Seattle, seahawks fans want to get your guys thoughts on the big trade for jamal adams. How are you guys feeling going into the season and your chances of you know, making a deep run into the playoffs to try to get to a super bowl would love to get your guys thoughts and perspectives, and, as always, you guys until next time.